The Best Way To Dress For Changing Weather When Traveling

A Transitional Outfit That's Stylish & Comfortable
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The struggle is always real when you’re traveling from cold to warmer weather, am I right?!  And especially when packing space is limited in a carry-on suitcase.  But instead of letting this little scenario infringe on your vacay vibes, stick with a few key pieces that will transition you seamlessly in comfort and style. 

Those pieces, for me, always include a light coat that’s easily packable and doesn’t take up too much room. This trench is an absolute must-have when traveling, and it even has removable lining for more warmth if needed.  I also always like to travel with a hat so I don’t have to worry too much about my hair.  I prefer to wear my colder weather wool hat en-flight, while carrying my warm weather panama hat for once I land.  

Since flights are always on the chilly side, I like to cozy up with a cashmere sweater.  I’ve found the ivory color doesn’t make it feel heavy, even when I’m walking off the tarmac in 80-degrees weather.  And because I know I’ll likely ditch the sweater when I de-board I wear a white bodysuit or a tank.  

Along with a pair of ankle jeans, I always like to wear closed toe shoes when traveling, but they can’t feel too heavy or be clunky boots…that’s why I gravitate towards these stylish silver oxfords. While not sandals, I consider them a pair that can be worn all season long.  And they just so happen to be some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve bought.  

And to accessorize, because more is always more on vacation, I just picked up these fun gold bangles that are pool-ready and so fabulous. They’re made from a material that won’t ever fade in color, so you can wear them in the water, plus they are so light!  You can easily nail the arm stack, and major statement effect, without the extra added weight that a ton of bracelets tend to bring.

Lastly, the white luggage totally adds to the warm weather vibes.  Isn’t is so gorgeous?!  But don’t fret; if you’re nervous about investing in white luggage, just know that the white is easily wiped down if you do scuff it.  The cognac leather also protects all of the places that might naturally get dinged up in transit.  Oh and this white tote bag is perfect for day, night, or even the pool…so versatile for your trip!  

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Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha 

As pictured: suitcase c/o | tote bag c/o | trench coat | wool hat | straw hat | sneakers | jeans | sweater | sunglasses

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  • Absolutely love how you are rocking that trench coat look, Martha! Great post, these tips will definitely come in handy if we want to pack light, dress comfy and still look stylish!

    ‪With love from Singapore,‬
    ‪Iann Ethel‬
    ‪ | An Online Space for Travel + Inspiration‬

  • Sarah Brown / 03.27.2017

    Love the direction the blog has taken for health and style! So classic and fabulous. Love following allowing!

  • Fabulous post – dreaming about packing for Italy!

  • Anywhere with a beach! 🙂

  • Christina / 03.27.2017

    i am so obsessed with that luggage. so pretty. dreaming of going somewhere warm!

  • athena graeme / 03.27.2017

    Right now I dream of doing a tour of Europe, I have been traveling through Asia the past 2 years and am so looking forward to trying somewhere new!

  • Kat Olmstead / 03.27.2017

    Ireland sounds lovely right now!

  • Kyra B / 03.27.2017

    Dreaming of an Italian vacation!! This suitcase would be phenomenal to bring along!

  • Currently dreaming of traveling to Colombia for a tropical getaway…

  • I am dreaming aboutgoing to a beach in the Curacaos islands.For now thogh I am just enjoying returning to you great blog site.

  • Christina Z / 03.28.2017

    I would love to go to Hawaii!

  • Mallery Hamill / 03.28.2017

    Love the carry on! So timeless! Wish I had it to travel to Greece! One day 🙂

  • Sarah / 03.28.2017

    Fun tips (and stylish traveler)! I always like to bring some sort of small travel face oil or spray to re-hydrate and refresh during long flights :o) Cheers! ~Sarah

  • Kathleen Gereg / 03.28.2017

    Dreaming of traveling to Fiji!

  • Annmarie W. / 03.28.2017

    I would love to travel to Grand Cayman Island right now!

  • Katt Lewis / 03.28.2017

    My big dream was to someday go to Australia

  • Debbie Dabbs / 03.28.2017

    Love the packing and travel tips. Also, enjoying the green beauty products and suggestions. Please keep them coming!

  • courtney / 03.28.2017

    Planning a trip to Charleston in May!

  • Elisabeth Bender / 03.28.2017

    I’m dreaming of traveling to Bali with this beautiful luggage! 🙂

  • Nicole Zerbini / 03.28.2017

    I am dreaming of Sydney!

  • Kathi Taylor / 03.28.2017

    I ALWAYS dream of traveling to Washington DC
    so much to do, so patriotic

  • Bianca / 03.28.2017

    I have always wanted to go to the Bahamas,

  • KellieRose Wilson / 03.28.2017

    Santorini! A dream that will become a reality! I think this suitcase would look amazing with the white backdrop of the city!

  • Sharon Haas / 03.28.2017

    Whidbey Island WA

  • Kimberly Flickinger / 03.28.2017

    I am dreaming of traveling to North Carolina right now.

  • Samantha / 03.28.2017

    I’m heading to Australia in the summer so all my dreams are filled with places to go when I am there. I am so excited. Gorgeous luggage and I love those shoes!

  • I can’t wait to get to Madison, WI and NYC to visit friends who have gotten engaged in the last couple weeks! But honestly, I just want to go somewhere I can lay on a beach! There’s still snow on the ground here in Providence…

  • Dina Lindquist / 03.28.2017

    I’m dreaming of traveling to France. That suitcase would look incredible with me in France!

  • Amy C. / 03.28.2017

    I would love to go to Hawaii with my family.

  • Gladys / 03.28.2017

    That luggage is beautiful!
    I am dreaming of traveling to a warm place like cancun or punta cana!

  • Paol Trenny / 03.29.2017

    I would love to go to Ibiza.

  • Tina M Bredbury / 03.29.2017

    I’d love to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been and ALWAYS wanted to go!! HOPEFULLY one day!

  • Randi C. / 03.29.2017

    I am dreaming of visiting Australia; it looks so lovely, and picturesque…just dreaming!

  • MJ Moore / 03.29.2017

    I’m dreaming of visiting my grandmother in California!

  • Jayme / 03.30.2017

    Omg, the outfit is seriously TO.DIE.FOR. I clicked through to each and every linked item! Cannot wait to escape to Naples, FL in a few weeks for some sun, great food and time with family over the Easter holiday!

  • ERICA WEAVER / 03.30.2017

    i would love to travel to see my kids in florida or a dream trip to australia

  • Alison / 05.17.2017

    Hey Mandy!
    I’ve been debating whether to purchase white M&G spinner carry-on – it looks beautiful in your pics! It seems like a good deal for the price, but I’m hesitant about the white color, and the fact that M&G doesn’t provide any warranties with their luggage (I’ve had issues with the wheels/handles on other bags before).

    You mentioned it’s easy to clean this bag – is it still holding up nicely? Does the hardware seem sturdy, too? I’ll mostly use this bag as a carry-on vs. checking it, but wanted to get your two cents on whether it’s worth the price.


  • Mandy Kellogg Rye / 05.22.2017

    Hi Alison, yes I’ve had zero issues and I’m not easy on my luggage. It’s been on about 6 trips now and still looks in perfect condition. I would go for it, truthfully!

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