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One Last Summer Look

Saying goodbye to summer with my staples
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Roller Rabbit Tunic & Tassel BagRoller Rabbit Tunic & Tassel BagRoller Rabbit Tunic & Tassel BagRoller Rabbit Tunic & Tassel BagRoller Rabbit Tunic & Tassel Bag Roller Rabbit Tunic & Tassel Bag Roller Rabbit Tunic & Tassel BagRoller Rabbit Tunic & Tassel Bag Roller Rabbit Tunic & Tassel Bag

If there’s anyone who’s ready to say goodbye to summer, trust me, it’s me. Don’t get me wrong, I like summer.  Like being the operative word. I’m just not good with the extreme Southern heat, I never have been.  So unlike many of you who want to stretch summer days out indefinitely, I’m ready to embrace all things fall.

But before I pull out the chunky knits, jewel tone suedes, and all things faux fur I figured I’d embrace one more outfit post with a few of my everyday staples.  Some of the pieces are summer to the core, and a few are more everyday pieces like my grey jeans because my white jeans were already packed away.

Almost all of these clothing pieces in today’s post are older or re-buys.  Older meaning they’ve lasted and I’ve been able to wear them season after season. Re-buys meaning I buy the same type of piece or brand each season in a different print or pattern. And the good thing about talking about these favorites of mine now is you can score many of them on sale! Win, win.

The older staples: my Madewell high waisted jeans, my Balenciaga wedges (going on 4 summers now), and my Celine sunnies

I’ve tried a lot of jeans in my life, but Madewell jeans seem to be the winner.  They’re comfortable, they last forever, and the price point won’t break the bank.  I’m wearing the black high rise here, but I also have these ones and these ones.

My Balenciaga wedges are probably the most comfortable shoes I own, but sadly they don’t make them anymore.  When they discontinued this particular style I bought 2 additional pairs because I love them that much.  But they’ve held up so well, I haven’t even had to wear the backups yet. I did link a few similar styles below, I’m particularly fond of these ones.  

And then rounding out my older staple pieces would have to be my Celine sunnies.  I typically have issues with sunglasses because while it may not look it I actually have a very small head meaning so many sunglasses end up being too big.  And if you’ve ever had a pair of sunglasses stretch out on you then you’ll understand when I say there is nothing more annoying than sunglasses that fall of your head.  Celines and Karen Walkers fit my head perfectly, they last forever and are definitely worth the price point.  I’ve had these Celine’s for almost 3 years now and my Karen Walkers for almost six!

For my re-buys: my Roller Rabbit tunic, Colores Collective tassel bag, and some fun, inexpensive summer earrings and bracelets to add to my collection.

I buy numerous Roller Rabbit pieces each summer because I love their detailing and cotton or gauzy material.  This one is actually a dress that I often wear as an actual dress, but here I tucked it up into my bra to make it a tunic.  Innovative I know.  If you’re a Roller Rabbit fan like I am there are plenty of Roller Rabbit pieces on sale HERERoller Rabbit does tend to run a bit big, but that’s how you want it to fit so keep that in mind when ordering.

Lastly, each season I always like to add inexpensive and fun accessories to the mix. This summer I was all about straw totes like the one here from Colores Collective, and bright light earrings like these and these.  I love that because they’re not an investment I’m not worried if they’ll hold up or I’ll lose them when traveling.

So that’s it. My last post filled with summer vibes.  Thank God.  Bring on the fall my Friends! Truly, MKR


Photography Brittany Leigh

Officially OOO (Out Of Office)

Dressing for the Holiday weekend with Hampden
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Long holiday weekends have always been my favorite kind of weekends.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this. But unlike many, I rarely spend holiday weekends out of town. Instead, I opt for the quiet of the city while everyone is opting for the busyness of the beach.

So what do I do then when a four day weekend arrives?  A whole lot of nothing and everything at the same time.  I don’t really make plans, I just let the wind blow me where it will.  Usually the “wind” ends up blowing me towards a combination of eating, shopping, leisurely strolling, and some sort of home reno project.  

Which means whatever I’m wearing this weekend it has to be comfortable and ready for anything.  For me that means some sort of tennis shoe, shorts, and a cute tee or sweatshirt. All which I recently snagged at one of my favorite boutiques, Hampden Clothing.

If you’ve never heard of Hampden let me just change your shopping life now.  Hampden, a 4,000 square foot speciality clothing and accessories boutiques, resides on historic King Street in Charleston, South Carolina.  Owned by the lovely Stacy Smallwood who has the best eye for up-and-coming, as well as established designers. 

I’m a huge fan of Hampden because I can find truly unique pieces and my favorite staples all in one place. Stacy introduced me to my favorite shoe brand ever, Golden Goose, and all the pieces I’ve gotten from her are some of my most favorite and most unique. Plus I love supporting another small, female run business owner.  Just follow along on Hampden’s Instagram and you’ll quickly see what I mean about Hampden’s selection and Stacy’s passion.  

Today’s outfit is a perfect case study in what I just said.  The Holiday sweatshirt is a new-to-me brand that I’ve quickly fallen in love with.  Also available in pink and t-shirt form, I’ll be wearing Holiday well past the holiday weekend. 

My beyond comfortable shoes are Loeffler Randall, a classic closet staple brand for me. And psst….they’re on sale right now!

Then there’s of course the best part of this outfit; my Stella McCartney shorts. Yes they are a splurge, but so worth it.  These shorts will never go out of style, plus they can easily be styled with heels and a silky blouse or off the shoulder top for a night out, or worn everyday as shown here. 

Lastly, pair all of this with my Truss bag, which is also on sale, and you’ve got a complete ensemble you can wear together or pull apart. An ensemble you’ll likely see me in all weekend long! Happy Memorial Day friends!  Truly, MKR

P.S. Make sure you’re signed up for Hampden’s newsletter so you can see all of my favorite Hampden pieces.



Photography, Kathryn McCrary

The Classics In Greenville

Suiting up in what works for a full day of exploring
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Jacket, Dress (sold out similar HERE HERE, and HERE), Shoes (similar), Bag, Phone Charging Bag Pouf, Phone Case, Earrings, Sunnies, Rings

If I’ve learned anything about fashion in my 37 years it’s that understanding what works for you is really the key to feeling and looking good. I’m not necessarily talking about honing a “signature style,” but more so about knowing what you love to wear that looks good, and reinventing that on the daily to work with your lifestyle.

My most purchased item is hands down a button down shirt.  A great button down, usually striped, is basically my every day uniform.  It’s a classic, that I can dress up or down to my liking, and feel completely comfortable in.  So when I see a button down in dress form I always snag it.  I got this one during Tory’s end of season sale, but I’ve linked a few similar versions above.

Paired with two of my other staples; a great leather jacket and oxfords, this outfit proved perfect while out and about in Greenville recently.

I’ve had these Loeffler and Randall platform oxfords for 2+ years now.  They are literally the most comfortable shoes ever, and I love the little extra height they give me.  Sadly, they are no longer making this particular style, however numerous other brands and versions have popped up as of late.  Personally, I’m considering these ones.

And a leather jacket.  Well I don’t think I need to even explain why a great leather jacket should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.  Especially with all of the new amazing color choices.  I’ve got my eye on this exact one, but in a khaki color. And a high quality leather jacket will just kept better with time.  My All Saints moto is going on it’s 8th year! 

I’d love to know what you consider to be your closet staples? Truly, MKR


Photography, Kathryn Mcrary

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