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Have you noticed how the term “wellness” is pretty popular these days?  Every single thing we see and read seems to be about wellness.  Not health, but wellness.  And over the past year this trend has caused us to ask ourselves what “wellness” honestly looked like for us.  You may have noticed the results here on the blog…we’ve delved wellness topics like Ayurveda, all-natural beauty, seasonal eating, superfoods, smudge sticks and even healing crystals.  As a result, that research unearthed a surprisingly true passion for “wellness” and led us to a bigger question…how do we keep our wells full?

Here’s what we came up with.  Our well is full by focusing on what we put both on and in our bodies. It’s full through the mental and physical goals we strive towards, the relationships we cultivate, the careers we work for, and the daily routines we keep.

Sounds good right?  The problem was we knew a lot of you, like us, desired to live a cleaner, calmer, more “all natural solutioned” everyday life.  And you, like us wanted an authentic, yet attainable approach to holistic remedies without getting to “woo-woo.”  And you, like us, wanted a mind, body and soul approach to wellness, not an approach focused on a number on the scale. And, I guarantee you, like us couldn’t find this place.  That is until now.  Welcome to the beginning of our latest venture, The Well Code.

On The Well Code, you’ll find the focus is yes, essential oils.  But, this my friends is just the beginning.  You see our wellness journey really started with oils, so it’s only fitting that that’s where we begin.  It’s also fitting since oils are a huge part of both Kat and I’s daily routine, (don’t even get Kat started on Peppermint Oil).  But as I said, this is just the beginning.  We have plans to launch a complete wellness site early next year, but what that will look like is still taking shape.  So for now, we’ll be sharing everything The Well Code right here on the Blog and TWC’s social channels.

So what will we be sharing?  Don’t worry what you’ve come to love and expect on WOM will not change, I promise this will not become a wellness only site.  In fact, most of you won’t even notice a difference, just a little bit more content with a bit more focus in the wellness category.  Content like DIY’s, essential oil food and beauty recipes, essential oil remedies, cleaning and overall well-being. We’ll also be sharing relevant articles, tips and resources for the lifestyle we want to create.  A life where all of our wells are full.

And with that we are thrilled to welcome you all to The Well Code.  I hope you’ll check out TWC’s main page as well as our FAQ’s page.  The FAQ’s are especially helpful to any of you that are new to oils or are just beginning to dip your toe in the oils water.  And make sure to sign up for our email newsletter and  follow along on Instagram for our latest projects. 

Lastly, to celebrate the exciting launch of The Well Code, we’re giving away* one Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit ($300 value, pictured and discussed in greater length HERE). In the spirit of Small Business Saturday we’re also offering free shipping* (up to $20) to all new members with the purchase of any premium starter kit, this includes the Thieves all natural cleaning kit.  The Thieves Kit is great for anyone who may not be into oils, but loves using all natural, chemical free cleaning products!  

I guess all that’s left is to say is thank you for always supporting WOM and welcome to The Well Code.  We’re so thrilled to have you on this journey with us!  Truly, MKR & Kat 

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Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha

*Please note you must not currently be a member of Young Living to be eligible to for the giveaway or free shipping.  Please note shipping costs will be refunded back to you after purchase.

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  • Courtney / 11.26.2016

    Info on oil blends and how to use them would be really great!!

  • Jacqueline / 11.26.2016

    I would love to see something about using essential oils with children. Thanks 🙂 What a great giveaway!

  • Lizzie Smith / 11.26.2016

    Just getting started with oils and want to learn more!

  • Erica / 11.26.2016

    I’d love to see info on how to use oils to de-stress and lessen anxiety!

  • I’d love to see info on which oils are good for what. Basics that lead into expert tips!

  • Sarah / 11.26.2016

    I would love to learn more about the ways people use essential oils other than diffusing- I have sensitive skin so I’m cautious when I use the more potent oils. More testimonials about how and precisely where oils are applied successfully and for what purpose would be awesome.

  • Macrae / 11.26.2016

    Hi!!!! I am so excited for this launch!! Would love to learn more about preserving hands and finger tips in particular through winter. I feel like I am battling sensitive and cracking finger tips all winter!!

  • I love to read anything about building good habits and stories about how experiences have changed people’s outlook on life.

  • Jenn / 11.26.2016

    So excited for all that you have planned with this topic! Have you checked out the goop crystal kit? Last I checked it was sold out but i’ve got my eye on it.

  • Karin Henderson / 11.26.2016

    I’m totally on board with reducing the chemicals my family is exposed to. I’ve started with oils and hope to springboard from there. Excited to learn more!!

  • So excited about this and for you guys!! xo

  • Amanda / 11.26.2016

    Essential oils are becoming a big part of our day-to-day at home, and I’d love to learn more about the wide variety of uses for them!

  • Taysha Riggs / 11.27.2016

    I’d like to learn about how essential oils work with kids

  • Sharice / 11.27.2016

    Crossing my fingers. I’ve been eyeing the premium starter kit for a minute I’d love to learn more about how to use EO for health

  • Kim Pincombe Cole / 11.27.2016

    I’d like to see The Well Code cover natural inflammatory remedies – I have an IGA immune deficiency & inflammation is a constant battle (joints, skin, etc). And I’d love to learn more about lymphatic massage!

  • Desi / 11.27.2016

    I would love to learn more about using essential oils for skin care. Which oil works best for oily skin? Which oil is good for wrinkles and uneven skin tone?, etc. 🙂

  • So excited for you guys and this adventure!! I know it’s going to be amazing. Mandy – would love to hear more about your years as a vegetarian and the recent change!! I’ve been pescatarian for about 3 years now, and I’m always looking to make sure I’m doing it as healthily as possible!

  • Linda Reynolds / 12.02.2016

    Im loving everything so far and am looking forward to future items.

  • Amanda / 12.02.2016

    Love love love Waiting on Martha!! Its one of my everyday reads! Id love the Well Code to tackle supplements. I feel like there is so much confusion among different types, when to use, why, how they can be beneficial, but also how you can’t just randomly take anyone you want. Hoping to see some good info about it! Thanks!! xoxo

  • Phara Queen / 12.02.2016

    Would love to see something about joint pain.

  • Wow! What a fabulous and generous giveaway!

  • Jayme / 12.02.2016

    This is so exciting! I’ve been toying with the idea of learning more about EO and am so interested in the benefits and uses. I’d love to see a weekly feature that highlights a specific essential oil so that I know how to use it 🙂 Congrats!

  • Julie Bambi / 12.02.2016

    Would love to learn more about headache and muscle relief with essential oils

  • I’m excited about the giveaway and would love to win it. I also would love to read articles related to using essential oils to curb sugar cravings. Thank you and I look forward to upcoming emails and posts about YL essential oils.

  • Alexandra Thornton / 12.02.2016

    I would love to see something about using the oils to destress!

  • Elizabeth W / 12.02.2016

    I would just love to learn more about which oil is best for which issue. For example, I’d love to know what helps sinuses!

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