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Everyday Essential Oils, The Well Code

As you’ve followed WOM over the years, you’ve watched us change, grow and expand.  Hopefully in—what you feel—has been a very authentic and organic way.  And over the past year specifically, it’s probably been hard to miss our growing passion for everyday health and wellness.  We’re not just talking about food and diet; we’re talking about mind, body and spirit wellness.  We realized there were a lot of people like us that were intrigued with simpler, more effective all natural solutions to everyday life, but had no plans of getting “crunchy” or too “woo-woo” about it.  So we wanted an authentic, attainable approach to more holistic based remedies.  When we couldn’t find it, we decided to create it. And with that we give you The Well Code.

So what exactly is The Well Code?  It’s a focus on keeping our “wells full”.  Focusing on what we put both on and in our bodies, through the mental and physical goals we strive towards, the relationships we cultivate, the careers we work for, and the daily routines we keep.  Are we going to give up our favorite chemical-laden pink lipsticks?  Probably not.  But we are making subtle, realistic shifts in our lifestyle where we can.  And those shifts for us began with essential oils.

We’ve been talking about the life-changing (maybe a bit dramatic) effects that essential oils have brought into our lives, so when the opportunity to expand into this realm and get involved with Young Living arrived, it was just the push we needed to make it happen, (read more about why Young Living HERE).

So how have essential oils changed us for the better?  I promise we’ll write a full blog post about it soon, but cliff notes version aside from just loving to diffuse them through our homes they’ve helped support us in digestive issues, migraines, stress, sleep (oh how they’ve helped with sleep), and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There’s still so much that we’re learning, and oils are just the start.  We want to do this with you. After all, you’ve become our family. In 2017, plan to see The Well Code expand into so much more. We’re working out what exactly that looks like, from a very, relatable honest standpoint right now. We promise we won’t get too “out-there” on you!

For now, expect simple, effective DIY recipes for nontoxic beauty, cleaning, general well-being, and of course essential oils.  We’ll also be sharing relevant articles, tips and resources for the lifestyle we want to create and for now until our new site is launched you can find them under under the Everyday category and then The Well Code sub category.  Click here to learn more about starting on this journey with us, and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter and  follow along on Instagram for our latest projects.  Truly, MKR and Kat

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