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The Fall 2017 One Room Challenge: We’re Back!

The start of yet another amazing 6-week design project
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One Room Challenge design reveal

We’re walking down blog memory lane today, reminiscing on past spaces as we gear up for the Fall 2017 One Room Challenge!  I hope you’re as excited as we are, because this one’s going to be one for the books.

If you’re not familiar with the ORC, these 6-week, high energy design projects are INTENSE.  But in an intensely satisfying, instant gratification way too…ha!  Stress runs at an all-time high as we take you through a full room design at record speed in just six short weeks.  Think of it sort of like a reality tv show when we dream big and hit a few hurdles along the way like delays in product shipments, problems with installations and assembly.  Fingers crossed that we’ll be smooth cruisin’ this go around. 

But seriously, these challenges are FUN.  They always introduce us to new friends, connect us with some of our favorite fellow bloggers.  And it’s always the perfect kick in the butt to get going, and finish, a design project.  

So before we share a peek at this round’s space, let’s take a look back.  My first ORC was in 2014 when I redesigned my home office.  I lightened up the space with modern, crisp whites and warm maple woods.  And I anchored the room with pops of orange, mango and all shades of blue plus metallic accents of gold and silver.  I mixed it all up with modern and traditional pieces giving it a more collected and eclectic feel.

In 2015, I styled a fun and quirky space for the upstairs loft in my home. I brought a whole new definition to “gallery wall” with an eclectic mix-and-match approach, TONS of pops of color, and even some 3-D elements. 

Spring 2016, I tackled the WOM office space in ADAC.  It was a big, airy space with an industrial feel, and it posed a challenge of designing and styling a large room with many different “moments” as I like to call them.  I couldn’t have loved the result more; the soft neutrals and feminine feel to the space was just the environment I dreamed of creating for the team. 

Last fall, I got really ambitious as I set out to transform two high-end apartments in the heart of Buckhead.  This ORC brought on a different challenge.  It wasn’t like any of my previous projects.  All of the spaces prior allowed for me to pull my signature go-big-or-go-home moves, whether that was with custom lighting and fixtures, paint or wallpaper.  Decorating these rentals, on the other hand, had me starting with a bright, beautiful and clean slate.  See the final reveals for both spaces here and here.

And finally this year.  This year I’ll be re-decorating the most lived in room in my house, my living room.  While it was once a beautiful space because of the high traffic it’s turned into a bit of a mess in dire need of a facelift.  And while you may think a living room is easy, this one is not.  The layout makes it extra tricky to navigate plus I only have one living room to actually live in. Not a formal living and family room, no downstairs TV room, or even a hearth.  My home has just this one space to kick back and get cozy.  Plus, the living room is truly my husband’s domain so it needs to meet my beauty standards with his comfort and technology desires.  Trust me, this six weeks will provide plenty of challenges.  Truly, MKR



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2016 Fall One Room Challenge: Week 6 Final Reveal, Part II

Transforming a high-end one bedroom apartment in 6 weeks
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Feminine glam dining room, @waitingonmartha one room challenge Bright, bold details in the one room challenge, @waitingonmartha Banana leaf sofa and Worlds Away coffee tables, @waitingonmarthaOrange velvet bar stools, @waitingonmarthaOne Room Challenge, @waitingonmartha Console table with art and gold stools, @waitingonmartha Lips print and white and pink towels, @waitingonmarthaBanana leaf sofa and backgammon, @waitingonmarthaWhite bamboo dresser, round mirror and green lamp, @waitingonmartha Desk and orange chair, One Room Challenge on Colorful cheetah print headboard with pink throws

As promised, we’re sharing the final reveal for our second apartment in this year’s One Room Challenge.  While our space from Reveal One felt most like me now, this space feels most like me about five years ago.  Fun, loud, un-apologetic, and full of show-stopping moments such as our custom banana leaf sectional, a bright cheetah headboard, and lots of deep orange velvet.

But before we can dive into the details of today, let’s do a quick recap again for those just joining us.  As I shared yesterday, I set out to transform two model high end apartment units in the heart of Buckhead, one being a two-bedroom with a young couple in mind.  Today’s space: a one bedroom apartment fit for a single, sassy girl boss.  

While the install had a few complications like any typical design project, it was otherwise smooth sailing working with such a beautiful slate.  Pulling together the large living space was perhaps the most difficult since it was just that…one big space.  I needed to help future tenants visualize fitting the majority of their home into a undefined box.  Which of course, meant defining each area: living, dining and office.  

Starting with the living room, I went big with a custom banana leaf sectional sofa.  The sofa allows great separation of the living/dining room, but because the sectional isn’t tall, it still allows for an open view of the entire space and makes everything feel spacious.  I also chose to again forego a standard coffee table, and instead use two smaller, (moveable) tables.  I talked a little about this in yesterday’s reveal as well; I like to incorporate pieces that can move with your life.  By having two smaller side tables (here’s a similar option from Society Social) rather than one, you can scoot them around to reach guests at opposite ends of that large, glorious sofa.  Lastly, the killer antique mirrored console table with statement stools topped with a smaller collage of framed art from Minted serves as a great piece to house books, the cutest little gold lamp, and most likely a necessary DVR.  

Next, the floor to ceiling windows jut out, creating an enclave just large enough for a major desk and chair moment.  The burl wood and brass desk and orange velvet chair that literally steal the show, become the perfect place for anyone to sit and pen their plans. I kept the desk‘s surface simple by placing a white and gold lamp and easy planted boxwood front and center.  Just about anything would have looked amazing in the foreground of these views, but this combo is one of my personal favorites in the space. 

For the final defining area we come to the dining room.  A room, which if I’m playing favorites, might just be it.  The table alone is EVERYTHING, and paired with these chairs and this abstract print it’s the perfect area to both read the morning paper and celebrate the happiest of gatherings.  Rounding out the room is a small bar cart (obviously) and three orange velvet bar stools that tie together all three spaces.

Lastly, moving into the bedroom, I obviously didn’t hold back with bright, bold and beautiful girly prints.  This custom made headboard plays so well with the colorful throw pillows, cozy throw blankets and the prettiest bedding from Pine Cone Hill.  But the color crush doesn’t end at the bed; I brought the bold green to the bamboo dresser with this gorgeous green lacquer table lamp from Worlds Away. 

And that my friends, wraps up our fourth ORC!  Tell me, would you go bold in a space like this?  I’d love to know in the comments below.  And of course, in the meantime, I’m counting down until WOM’s next One Room Challenge.  A big thanks to Linda, House Beautiful and all of the generous vendors for helping me achieve another design dream.  Be sure to check out all of the product details in the credits below.  Truly, MKR


Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

Living Room

Sofa | Juju Hat | Rug | Abstract art | coffee tables | vase | tray | candle | backgammon

Desk | Chair | Pillow | cache pot | lamp c/o | pencil cup 

Orange stools | vase

Console table | stools | Lamp c/o | gold starburst | mirror | pineapple | Leaf

Dining Nook
Table | Chairs c/o | Starburst statue | Bar Cart | Abstract art | Candleholders

Headboard custom order by WOM | Bedding c/o | throw blanket | Throw pillow | Gold Hand | Bedside Table | Dresser | Lamp | Turtle | Vase | Mirror c/o

Towels c/o | Shower Curtain c/o | Soaps | White Vase | Lips art | pompom basket 






2016 Fall One Room Challenge: Week 1

Sharing This Round's Mission & Revisiting Favorite Shots from Past Rounds
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One Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmarthaOne Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmarthaOne Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmartha One Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmarthaOne Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmarthaOne Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmarthaOne Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmarthaOne Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmarthaOne Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmarthaOne Room Challenge Week 1, @waitingonmartha

It’s that time again, friends!  The 2016 fall One Room Challenge officially starts TODAY. I’m absolutely thrilled to participate, and as an ORC vet, I’m feeling good with a few past projects under my belt (my home office, upstairs loft and the WOM team office).  Though vet or not, I assure you, there are unforeseen disasters that are just waiting to happen during the 6-week whirlwind that is the ORC.  But disaster be damned, I’m betting big and promising to make this my best and by far the biggest ORC challenge I’ve done to date.

So how exactly will this be our biggest?  Because this go around I’ll be taking on not one room, not even one home, but I’ll be designing TWO “homes” (surprise Linda) in just six short weeks.  Our 2016 fall One Room Challenge official mission: make two model apartments feel like home.  The goal: ridding the space of impersonal, nondescript details and bringing in warm, welcoming design full of textures, motifs and decor that anyone would want to call home.

Luckily for me, both apartments are brand-spanking-new with gorgeous fixtures, flooring, and spare no expense kitchen and bath areas.  Plus amazing natural light (hallelujah), with floor-to-ceiling windows.  But this won’t be a cake walk by any means.  Both spaces have extremely tricky floor plans and NO allowance for my standard big statement moves such as wallpaper, dramatic light fixtures, and bold paint.  Remember these beauties are about to be for rent, so it wouldn’t be fair to have tenants fall in love with details they aren’t allowed to implement.  

In true ORC form, I only have six weeks to transform both apartments, and just to clear up any misconceptions, these apartments aren’t even fully completed yet.  So if you think I’ve had months to work on them, you’re wrong.  I’ve only been allowed in to measure and it was a complete construction zone, so when I say we’re doing this in 6 weeks, I mean we’re doing this in 6 weeks!!  And the reason we’re sharing this transformation all in one ORC is while they’re two distinct homes this really is one large project.

Next week, I’ll be sharing my mood and inspiration boards for the spaces, and who exactly I had in mind when I designed them.  But for today, I thought I’d just hit replay on a few of my favorite moments of ORC‘s from the past.  Truly, MKR


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