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2016 Fall One Room Challenge: Week 4

Install in-progress & a few road bumps along the way
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One Room Challenge sneak peek, @waitingonmartha

Week Four is here, and man does it all feel real (wait did I say that last week?  It’s all starting to blend).  But if you’ve been following along, then you know I’ve been busy working away and designing two (yes two) model apartment units. And in the previous One Room Challenge projects, around Week Four I’d be scrambling, finalizing plans and placing last-minute orders (only to hold my breath they’ll arrive in time).  Fortunately this year, I have a strict deadline to adhere to, with everything installed for a walk-through with the AMLI team this Friday. Yes, this Friday!

So this week instead of still waiting for pieces to arrive, I’ve been enjoying perhaps my favorite part of the process; styling and putting the finishing touches on the spaces.  But fair warning, if you know how I design, then you know I’m pretty heavy-handed when it comes to styling.  However, because I wanted to create the perspective where renters are able to envision moving their own life into these spaces, I’ve shown great—and I mean great—restraint when its come to styling each room and vignette.  And I must say, it’s been a breath of fresh air to not over accessorize.      

Anyway, like with any One Room Challenge project, I have hit a few road bumps along the way as I began installing each room. But one thing I’ve learned is that you just have to roll with it.  There’s no way you’re going to get through a design project without something getting damaged or delayed.  I of course had to remind myself of this (maybe over and over) this week as I had late deliveries and items arrive that looked nothing like I had anticipated.
Hurricane Matthew got in the way of a handful of deliveries (among everything else!).  Some vendors on the east coast experienced major delays, causing me to surrender a key piece or two that were in my initial plan.  I also had a few surprises; when I ordered these chairs, they appeared a cool, chambray blue.  This week, they arrived looking a charcoal grey black instead. Thankfully, they still look stunning in the space (!).

I also had one console arrive completely broken.  Shattered.  With less than two weeks to complete the project (even less if you count Friday’s walk-through), I knew I had to improvise and quickly come up with a Plan B. One of my rugs also turned out to be a tad too big…which usually isn’t so bad.  BUT I had planned to use it to define an office space from the combined living room.  Luckily, I was able to make it work with a little more lead-in into the living room. Lastly, I ordered a mirror that looks a little more antiqued than I had originally envisioned it to be.  Again, I’m grateful that it still works in the space.  

It’s a whirlwind, but now we’re down to the grind!  Wish me luck as I put the finishing touches on everything this week.  Stay tuned for next week when we start sharing a few of the rooms in all their final reveal glory.  Truly, MKR


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The One Room Challenge Final Reveal – Part One

A Partial Reveal of my new living room
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First things first; I did not finish my room.  For the first time, in the five One Room Challenges, I’ve participated in I’m turning in an incomplete project.  A beautiful, but incomplete project. That’s why I’ve titled this reveal, “Part One” because I plan to share the room again when it’s truly complete.  It may be awash in Christmas decor, but complete it will be.

So what didn’t get finished? My sectional.  Which is funny considering my sectional is what spurred me to re-design this room.  My current sectional is…tired would be the best word for it.  Which only makes sense since this space is our only “living” space and has been very well lived in.  But as mentioned in a previous post great sectionals are incredibly difficult to find and by the time I found the perfect one there was no way to turn it around in time since it’s made to order.  

The other piece of the puzzle you won’t see today is my console/television area. The reasons for this are numerous and just part of the design process.  No biggie though, I mean we’re not curing cancer here just redesigning a room.

Now that that’s out of the way, lets focus on what’s important…today’s reveal.  Pretty amazing right? I’m not patting myself on the back or anything, but I couldn’t be happier with how this space ended up coming together. 

You see when I first set out to complete this room for the ORC I was skeptical.  I wanted a change, but I didn’t think the change I desired would actually create that much of an impact.  Especially not an impact as big as those typically seen during the ORC.  But if I’ve learned anything during this redesign it’s that a few strategic changes can make a major transformation happen.  The three biggest changes in my space: paint, window treatments, and a rug switch up.   

I’ve always been a person who preferred color on their walls, but between the Blog and the Shoppe my life is always so bright and colorful so I’d been craving a calmer space. The easiest way to accomplish that; paint your walls white.  In my case All White by Farrow & Ball.  It just makes this room so light and bright.  Plus my new Jonathan Adler chandelier looks stunning hanging from the fresh clean ceiling.

Next, the rug.  I’ve been lusting after the “Antelope” rug for as long as I can remember.  Like leopard, I believe the Antelope print is a neutral.  And the one I chose from Karastan is simply jaw dropping, and more reasonably priced to similar options.  Trust me when I say, it’s even better in person, not to mention so much more comfortable than my last rug.  As much as I love vintage and hand knotted rugs they just aren’t as comfortable as a SmartStrand silk woven one like this.

Third, and what I believe had the biggest impact, the draperies.  I just keep standing in my foyer and looking down to the living room at those Stroheim draperies. The Stroheim Palapye fabric is a showstopper.  The embroidered pattern gives the space interest, but doesn’t overpower the room. Hung well above the top trim and flush to the floor, rather than a puddle, the drapes make the room appear even taller than it is. 

Speaking of fabric I also used Stroheim to re-cover my brass X benches. I love investing in great X benches like these ones from Taylor Burke Home because they’ll last forever and you only need about a yard of fabric to recover them. So when you’re ready for a redesign it won’t cost you an arm and leg to get a completely different look.

I also switched out my coffee table, opting for a simpler bright white one from Worlds Away.  I kept the styling simple with a handmade bowl/vase from Jill Rosenwald and a woven tray full of necessities.  Candles, matches, books, etc.

And you know my room wouldn’t be complete without a bar cart.  I just love how this one from Bassett Mirror came together.  With everything anyone needs to mix up a cocktail, including fresh herbs to add some life to both the cart and your cocktail, this cart is as functional as it is beautiful. And the best part, it’s on wheels to allow for easy movement during dinner parties or just family movie night.  Oh, and how fun is my boob bowl full of matchboxes I collect. 

Lastly, the textiles.  I didn’t go as pillow crazy as previously, but I did still want to add a few fun accents. I chose textured neutrals and pale pink leathers from Serena and Lily.  The cool, pale pink was the perfect hint of color and softened the space just enough.  Softening the room was important to me because patterns can sometimes make a space look too intense so soft tones and soft textiles like the sheepskin and wool blankets, plus pillows really help calm it all down.  And calm it makes me feel.

Thank you so much for following along during these seven weeks.  I really am honored to always be a part of this amazing challenge Truly, MKR



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2016 Fall One Room Challenge: Week 2

What you can expect to find in my ORC spaces
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If you’re following along on Snapchat (username WAITINGONMARTHA), you’ll know I started the install process on our two 2016 One Room Challenge spaces late last week.  Which means any lingering giddy feelings that came with week 1 quickly evaporated into the anxious anticipation that comes with week 2 and beyond.  Already there have been obstacles to overcome, and many phone calls made about delivery deadlines.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’ll be sharing more about install and disastrous moments next week.  This week, I’m still feeling a bit on my game, so I thought I’d share five things you’ll find in the spaces this go around.  Truly, MKR

No. 1…Colors, prints and patterns.  While these three items are definitely a signature move of mine, expect to see them executed in a completely different way.  Typically, I showcase bold moments by painting or wallpapering, but as I explained last week that wasn’t an option which meant I had to find another way to bring the fun in.  So rather the wall, this time you’ll find my “go big, or go home” moments on the furniture pieces themselves.

No. 2…A truly edited space.  Editing has never been my strong suit.  Typically, I’m a more-is-more person (proof here).  But in this One Room Challenge, my mission is to create an environment that someone can see themselves living in.  Which means I’ll be aiming to give someone just enough to make them want to scream “sold!” but allow them to envision the space as their home rather than my home.  

No. 3…A mix of materials
.  With an open space concept like the one I’m designing, it’s important to define the space.  While I want everything to feel cohesive, I also want your eye to be pulled to different areas, allowing each part to have it’s own moment.  One of the biggest ways I’m doing that is by utilizing a mix of materials such as glass, brass, lacquer, mirrored, various woods, linens, velvets, rattans, and even a little marble.  Hopefully the end result will be spaces that feel distinct, rather than matchy-matchy.

No. 4…Texture.  Along that same note, textures are a key component to adding interest, depth and warmth; so in these spaces, I’ll be bringing in textures whenever I can.  Be on the lookout for faux python, rugs in varying fabrics such as faux hide, sisal and wool, linen headboards, and plenty of 3D art and textiles.  I’m hoping through the textures, materials, prints and patterns every piece will have a story to tell.

No. 5…Custom Specs.  It’s easy, when you walk into a blank canvas such as these spaces, to feel overwhelmed and instantly become a slave to the space.  But I’m a strong believer that you need to make the room work for you. Don’t be afraid to talk with manufacturers about custom sizing for your bigger pieces.  Rather than take a “one size fits all”, I worked with Roxy at Society Social to create a console table and two sofas that feel like they were made for the space.  And FYI, the custom pricing was surprisingly nominal, and the effect of a perfectly tailored piece was priceless. 


AS PICTURED: Banana leaf pillow | blue pillow (similar) | pineapple print | motel print | lamp | armoir (similar here and here) | headboard (similar) | striped rug | faux hide rug | console table







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