One Room Challenge…Week 2

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Last week I shared my grand plans for completely re-doing the WOM office.  This week I’m sharing a little tendency/habit I have called  procrastination.  I’m a procrastinator.  Always have been, and I’m beginning to accept I probably always will be.  I tell myself it’s because I’m juggling so many things or because I’m at my best when the pressure is on, but really those are just things I, and we all, tell ourselves to make the habits we struggle with seem more acceptable.

To be fair I wasn’t sure which room I was going to work on for the ORC and when I finally did decide on my office to say I was already WAY behind the eight ball was an understatement.  I quickly gathered my thoughts and first took care of the layout and furniture as I knew it would all have to be specially ordered (sharing this next week).  Once that was taken care of I moved on to the “jewelry” of the room, specifically custom drapes for my picture window.  Secretly I had been waiting for this moment as there’s nothing more fun to a designer (at least this designer) than fabric choices.  For me fabrics pull the room together, if not create the feel of the room all together.  

As I headed into the fabric store I knew I wanted to do a neutral drape with a pop of color lining and a tassel to top it all off.  The neutral was easy, but the lining was proving to be more difficult and as I waded through the sea of fabrics I was beginning to think this might not be a feasible reality and then I saw it.  A glorious mango velvet.  It represented orange, my favorite color, but in a much softer way and all of a sudden my color palette and the entire room came together.  Only problem, it was back ordered 8 weeks.  8 weeks!?  The ORC will be over in 8 weeks!  Deflated and a tad sad I headed to the next fabric store.  Luckily there was another velvet in almost the exact same mango shade, the only problem it was twice the cost!  Twice!  And I needed 13 yards of it!  But this was my palette, this was my centerpiece, I had to buy the fabric.  So buy it I did.  Oh and did I mention I have to rush the order with the work room because the standard time frame doesn’t fit into the ORC timeframe.  My procrastination rearing it’s ugly head again.  

But this my friends is the life of design, and more appropriately the life of a procrastinator.  So cheers to embracing all of our habits (both good and bad), to trying to be better everyday, and to spending too much money on drapes that better be fan-freaking-tastic!  Truly, MKR

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  • No worries, I’m part of the “procrastination club” too! But I do hate when it clashes with the “i love a good bargain” club! It will be worth it in the end! 🙂

  • I know all about procrastination – so happy to have a deadline! I tried to order a few important pieces like lighting ahead so it wouldn’t be backordered…so frustrating…

  • You can’t go wrong with that wallpaper as a backdrop…and you have such wonderful taste that I’m not worried….can’t wait to see next week!

  • Already LOVING the neutral drape and the tassels and then to read about the mango liner…BRILLIANT! I’m dying to see these curtains- dying!

  • This is the story of my life – there’s always a snag and compromise in design! If only everything that we wanted was readily available and affordable. It would be a dream! It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job of pulling it all together though, and I’m DYING to see the final product! XO, Sarah

  • Yes, you absolutely had to buy it. Been there. Done that. Oh, what we’ll do (spend) to make a room come together. I can’t wait! It’s going to be luscious. xx

  • Lisa / 10.08.2014

    My name is Lisa and I’m also a procrastinator. It’s so hard to pinpoint why we procrastinate on certain tasks and others not so much. Nice to know, I’m not alone in the struggle.

  • Everyone in my family is a serial procrastinator. I can’t speak for others, but I’m thinking over here we like the adrenaline!

    Your plan is fantastic and of course you should pay $$$ to make it happen : )

    I can’t wait to see the drapes made up and hanging!

  • I love your design plans, looking forward to see those beautiful drapes!


  • Damn….are we sisters? I am the worst at putting things off until the last minute. It sucks when it cost you money but then again….sometimes it has to be done. It will be fabulous for sure.

  • I would still be crying about paying double. I procrastinate all the time. I got through college cramming for exams. This is going to be stunning. Now let’s see that furniture!

  • Awe, this is going to be just perfect. Even for double the money, I love the mango introduction. Can’t wait to actually see it!

    I’m over on my blog picking out bunk beds as a ORC linking participant.

    good luck with week 3

  • love the idea of the pop of color for the lining! Velvet… how interesting. I’ve never done a velvet lining. I bet it will feel super luxe.

  • Dawn / 10.09.2014

    As a fellow procrastinating-designer, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • I totally get you when it comes to procrastination! It will all come together. Sometimes my best ideas are those last minute ones. Love your fabric selection and looking forward to seeing what you ordered furniture wise!

  • I think procrastinating works better for some (me for sure)
    MANGO VELVET !!!!! can’t wait

  • it’s not funny but it’s funny. i totally struggle with the same thing! and it usually bites you somehow, doesn’t it?? but things almost always work out in the end. i’m glad you found your fabric. it sounds fab! ox

  • Mango velvet?! YES! So excited for this 🙂
    And I totally understand working under pressure. This is the life of design, indeed.

  • Half the time I think I create my own pressure by being such a procrastinator, but I’ve also began to accept thats just how I am! xo

  • I’ve found that yes it somehow always seems to work out. And after each project I promise myself I won’t ever wait till the last minute again but here we are. xo

  • I don’t know if it works better because its the only way I know! Ha! xo

  • Thank you Elizabeth! xoxo

  • #thestruggleisreal xoxo

  • It’s a little more difficult to do a velvet lining because you need to worry about bunching, gathering, and weight but it will so be worth it! At least I think it will be worth it! xo

  • Thank you! Good luck with your bunk beds! xo

  • Linda, I am still crying and the only way I studied was 24 hours before all nighters! xo

  • I am the worst, but it all seems to get easier when you acknowledge and accept it. Now when big projects come up I just know I’m going to be stressed to the max and am mostly fine with it. xo

  • Thanks Jessie! xo

  • Thank you Jennifer, I love a lady who understands my self created problems & agrees with the solution of just spending more money instead of planning ahead! Ha!

  • Welcome Lisa, all procrastinators are welcome here! xo

  • I feel so much better knowing how many people are procrastinators like me! Anything to not compromise design right! xo

  • I know my heart sank when they told me 8 weeks! Why!!??? xo

  • Thanks doll, that means a lot coming from such a talent like yourself! xo

  • Thank you Albertina, I can’t wait to see your closet! xoxo

  • This room will come together on a hope and a prayer at this point, but I’m determined!! xo

  • So sad when the two worlds collide right!? But I did save on some other room items and was able to sell my current office furniture set so I feel it all ended up evening out. xo

  • You are preaching to the OG of procrastination over here! It aaaaalways ends up coming together. Can’t wait to see furniture plan next week.

    Side note- I am the only designer I know that is completely overwhelmed by fabric shopping, it’s actually my least favorite thing to source. I’m a freak! I could, however, source wallpaper all day long, but my FAV element is lighting!

  • Really? I love fabric! Though lighting and wallpaper is also a favorite of mine. I mean wallpaper right now seems to be my endless source of inspiration. xoxo

  • Just now getting around to last’s weeks ORC posts. Procrastination nation is what I call the harried land I live in. Always been and always will be a procrastinator extraordinaire. Used to say I did better under pressure but the realz is that I am commitment averse and need a deadline to move my arse along to making decisions. Somehow it all comes together and I am sure your room will do the same. Tanzania paired with drapes in a mango velvet – sublime. Drooling with anticipation. Now if I can pull off my ORC room on time it will be nothing short of a miracle. Sooo waited until last second…

  • Thank you so much and trust me I need some help from the man above to pull this all off and have it photographed for our big reveal! xo

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