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All Natural Lip Masks, The Best Dry Brush, Fancy Razors & More
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The top self care products including natural collagen lip masks that actually work!

“Self care” is all the buzz these days, and I personally couldn’t be happier.  The art of staying in, rather than going out, is celebrated with an emphasis on the small luxuries that make us feel better.  Self care, and in turn self love, is something I am totally on board with, and honestly wish it would have been this much of a thing when I was in my twenties.  I would have spent a lot more nights dabbling in essential oil face masks and a lot less mornings hung over.

Like the rest of my beauty routine, I like to prioritize clean, all natural products as much as possible.  That means a lot of the ingredients include my favorite essential oils and beneficial ingredients like charcoal, jojoba oil, organic sea salt, along with plenty of antioxidants to completely nourish my skin all over.  

Fortunately, I’ve found that it’s easier than it used to be to find products that have all of these things and less of the things we don’t want! Whether you’re looking for an irresistible all natural perfume, a cure-all cold and flu soak, all natural collagen lip masks or the best ever dry brush, look no further.  

I’ve rounded up my current favorite, natural, and just a tad indulgent, self care products here today.  Because if you didn’t know about natural collagen lip masks and 14k gold razors, you haven’t been living.  Truly, MKR

P.S. While these are my current favorites I’m always on the lookout for more, so I’d love to hear your own personal favorite self care products in the comments below!



French Girl Organics Rose Facial Polish

Waiting on Martha Home, $38

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This fine grained facial polish is a wonderful exfoliant that’s rich in antixidants and all natural ingredients.  It’s gentle and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive like mine! 

French Girl Organics Rose/Ylang Sea Spray

Waiting on Martha Home, $26

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Ever longed for those perfect I’ve-been-at-the-beach-all-day waves?! This sea spray is my personal favorite for adding a little texture to my locks with three varieties of organic sea salt and nourishing essential oils. 

KNC Beauty All Natural Collage Infused Lip Mask

Violet Grey, $24.99

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I was so thrilled to stumble across this all natural moisturizing mask for my lips!  It helps hydrate and plump lips with collagen, hyaluronic acid, moisturizing plant extracts and vitamin E.  Bonus points because it’s formulated without fragrance, parabens or mineral oils! 

I apply the masks to my lips for 15-20 minutes two times before a big photoshoot or event. 

Aura Botanica Aromatic Nourishing Oil Blend

Keratese, $58

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The Aura Botanica line by Keratese is made of 99% natural ingredients and it is DIVINE.  This one is a multipurpose oil that nourishes your hair with avocado oil, jojoba oil and rosemary extract.  And the fragrance comes from sweet orange essential oil, which is said to boost your mood!  I’ve never had my hair feel so soft and look so shiny! 

Aura Botanica Essence D'Eclat Moisture Mist

Keratese, $43

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This lightweight hair mist works to nourish the hair while controlling the frizz, which I always need in the summertime in this humidity!  It’s composed of jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and argan oil, along with sweet orange essential oil and Damask rose flower water.  Seriously, you want this in your life!

Merben International Hard Texture Foot Brush

Amazon, $11.99

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I am completely and utterly obsessed with Merben dry brushes these days; in fact, we have them coming to The Well Code collection at the shoppe soon!  They vary in size and texture of bristles, and they are a game-changer in your skincare game.  This hard texture brush is perfect for using on rough calluses on your feet and heels.  You’ll feel like you just left the spa after you use this! 

Smart Ash Teeth Whitener + Detoxifier

Bedrock & Bloom, $30

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The quest for whiter teeth doesn’t have to stop when you go green with your beauty and personal care products, I’m finding.  This nontoxic, all natural and organic teeth whitener is the new addition to my morning and nighttime routine. 

French Girl Organics Ambre Noir Liquid Parfum

Waiting on Martha Home, $55

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French Girl Organics gives us a completely safe and clean perfume in irresistible Ambre Noir. The top notes include essential oils frankincense, cardamom, with heart notes of sandalwood and vanilla. Lastly, the bottom notes are amber, cistus and vetiver.  All of my favorites! 

French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish

Waiting on Martha Home, $15

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I practically have one of these in every hand bag, on my nightstand, and bathroom counter!  I love this all natural and organic rose lip polish that gently exfoliates dry skin and leaves me with the perfect pout. 

C.O. Bigelow Cold & Flu Soak

Nordstrom, $18

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I recently discovered this amazing herbal formula that helps boost immunity and fresh breath, while soothing me whenever I’m feeling a bit congested too.  It’s seriously a cure-all.  Ingredients include revitalizing eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil, along with willow bark, echinacea and ginger. 

Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil

Young Living, $31.75 via The Well Code

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Anything that promises to rid me of cellulite…sign me up! Young Living gives us an all natural, super hydrating massage oil that can’t be anything but good for the skin. It includes pure vegetable oils, vitamin E, and essential oils.  The grapefruit oil improves the appearance of skin texture, while Juniper oil helps cleanse. 

French Girl Organics Jasmine Liquid Parfum

Waiting on Martha Home, $55

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I’ve found recently that I adore the smell of jasmine.  It’s sweet, intoxicating and smells like summer.  That’s why I’ve turned to this all natural perfume by French Girl Organics lately; it’s heavenly. 

Fur Oil

Free People, $44

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It’s not taboo to talk about pubic hair anymore thanks to Fur Oil.  This all natural blend, vegan oil helps soften hair and clear pores, ultimately fighting the possibility of ingrown hairs.  Ingredients include grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and antibacterial essential oils like clary sage, lemon, peppermint, tea tree and more. 

Carrie 14k Gold Razor Set

Oui Shave, $85

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So glam, right?! This gorgeous razor is just as helpful as it is beautiful though.  It’s great for normal to sensitive skin that’s subject to irritation from shaving, and coarse and fast-growing hair.  I especially love the all natural healing shave oil that comes with the razor too. And if you don’t believe the hype read the reviews on the site; 49 reviews and almost everyone is 5 stars! 



SW Basics Oil Serum

Target, $29

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My current silky, nourishing serum on rotation is like a “healthy, balanced diet for your skin.” Ingredients include pure organic avocado, geranium, turmeric, and coffee oils, it has crazy-high levels of essential fatty acids, phytoesterols, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and other super-nutrients.


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  • Jill Kornegay / 05.08.2017

    I am super into all things balms lately. I use Beautycounter Cleansing Balm in the evening to remove makeup and gently cleanse in one step. I use it in the mornings too if I am particularly dry. Then I am OBSESSED with One Love Organics Wonder Balm. Again, used in the evening or 2x daily if I am dry. I also use Beautycounter + 2 Oil under my daytime moisturizer. My skin has never looked so good!

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