5 Ways to Detox That Aren’t Dieting

Eliminate Toxins the Right Way
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How to detox without dieting, via @waitingonmartha

Here’s an idea: let’s not talk detox diets this week.  Instead, let’s talk about simple ways to detox that aren’t dieting.  It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of a detox diet that can miraculously get us back on track to good health (and a few less lbs).  But a true detox is achieved by revisiting the daily habits and choices that may be sabotaging our health one day at a time, with all of those unwanted toxins lingering in our body.

Detox is a great way to “renew” your body this month.  It is defined as (n): a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification and (v): abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.  Those toxic or unhealthy substances can be found in your favorite beauty, skincare and household cleaning products.  They also can always be found in the body, which is why hydration is absolutely key to getting them out.  

Check out five easy ways to detox without dieting below.  You’ll find that they’re simple, almost mindless ways to get your mind-body wellness on the right track again after the holidays.  I’d love to know how you’re planning to detox this month!  Cheers, Kat

Stop Using Toxic Chemicals in your Beauty & Skincare Routine

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Welcome a clean beauty and skincare routine to support a lifestyle that doesn’t require a constant detox.  The majority of big-box brands of makeup, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, shave gel, deodorant and more contain harmful substances to your body. The terms ‘fragrance’, ‘perfume’ and ‘flavor’ often mean that there are thousands of toxic ingredients not listed on the label.  

Download the free Think Dirty app to scan your products on your bathroom shelf; you’ll be amazed at the bad ingredients lingering there!  Some of our favorite nontoxic brands include: Young Living (for DIY beauty and skincare), One Love Organics, Beautycounter and French Girl Organics

Get Outside

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Whether it’s through yoga, a walk in the park (or even around the neighborhood), a quick dance in the driveway, or a game of hide & seek in the yard, the simple act of moving around on a daily basis will help your body manage stress, be healthier, and naturally detox. 

Here are five workouts to help inspire your daily sweat. 


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Water is essential for carrying nutrients to our cells, while it also helps us with digestion and flushes our bodies of waste.  Without enough water flowing through our systems, our body can’t properly wash out the toxins. And in particular, if our kidneys don’t get enough water, our health can deteriorate rapidly. 

We love this high-pH water because it hydrates even better than your standard purified water. It uses micro-filtration, UV lighting and reverse osmosis to purify, and has no chlorine or fluoride. 

More great ways to hydrate on the daily basis include: eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, decreasing processed foods, and increasing smoothies, green juices, coconut water and herbal teas. 

Start Dry Brushing

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Dry brushing is an all natural, simple technique that has been used for years.  It helps remove your skin’s dead cells as it makes room for new and fresh skin cells to grow. By doing this, your skin releases stored toxins and can “breathe.”

Besides eliminating waste, the benefits of dry brushing includes: better circulation, stimulated lymph nodes, improved digestion, and an improved appearance of cellulite.

We first heard about dry brushing from an interview with Jennifer Aniston, and joined the dry brush bandwagon thanks to this article on Goop

To dry brush, simply use firm, small strokes towards the heart, all over your body. 

Stop Using Toxic Chemicals in your Household Products

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Just like when you eliminate toxins in your beauty products, you’ll help your body when you do it with your household cleaning products too. 

A lot of popular brands of dish soap, all purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, air fresheners and more contain harmful, harsh ingredients.  

So that’s why we’re now 100% on board with essential oils (Thieves in particular) when it comes to antibacterial and antifungal cleaning. Thieves, combined with lemon essential oil, baking soda and water can make a wonder DIY all purpose cleaner that has none of the harsh effects of the more expensive, toxic alternatives. Young Living also offers ready-to-use Thieves cleaning products (at a discount through The Well Code). 


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