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If you’ve been following the blog you may have noticed my slight obsession with Cozamia (last seen HERE & HERE).  So can you imagine my excitement about partnering with Cozamia to bring you all an oh-so AMAZING giveaway?!  Well try to, because it’s happening!

Nancy Ramirez, the genius behind Cozamia, creates the most gorgeous, colorful, and reasonably priced prints that simply bring a space alive.  Not to mention her website is ridiculously fab with each piece styled to perfection.  She makes it so easy to envision any of her pieces in your abode.  I bought THIS on last year and have my eye on THIS little gem as well.  The problem lies in choosing just one!  Though that’s a problem I’m sure most of you would like to have and I’d like to make happen.  Therefore, Waiting On Martha is giving two, that’s right TWO lucky readers any Cozamia print of their choosing, up to 36 x 48″ in size.  Amazing right?!

The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents and will run through Saturday night with a winner announced Monday morning.  We’ll be running this all through Rafflecopter (below) which allows you to earn points for each item completed…the more points you earn the more likely you are to be one of the TWO winners.

Not a bad way to start the week eh?  Happy Monday loves, and good luck! xo

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  • everything is gorgeous!!!!

  • I have been eying a few prints for quite some time for the nursery and our bedroom! I love the Asilah and Wild Herringbone prints!

  • Emma / 03.25.2013

    I love them all! But Night Peonies is especially my favorite!

  • anne / 03.25.2013

    I absolutely adore your blog! I have been reading a lot lately because I just moved into my first place and have been gathering ideas for decorating & styling. I love the ‘Into the Wild’ print! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect print for my new home! 🙂

  • Lindsay / 03.25.2013

    What an incredible giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity. I’m ga-ga over Cozamia and just smitten over everything, hard to pick a favorite but I’ve always loved the peonies and herrinbones.

  • Sarah / 03.25.2013

    I’m absolutely obsessed with all Cozamia prints….but if I had to pick a few, I would go with the Audrey, Poolside, and Wild Herringbone!!! Fingers crossed!!

  • Beautiful art. I’m in the process of adjusting the color palette and style of my Living Room, and I think Lucid Surf may have found a new home there. Thanks for the many chances to win and the exposure to Cozamia art.

  • Carrie / 03.25.2013

    beautiful prints!

  • Ashley / 03.25.2013

    I love Lucid Surf! I really love this artwork – would look great over my mantel!

  • Sarah m / 03.25.2013

    I would definitely choose “Cheer Up in Blue.” I already have “Wild Herringbone” and LOVE IT!

  • Kari B / 03.25.2013

    Any of her prints would loo fabulous in my living room!

  • the into the wild + Asian prints are my favorite!!! thanks for introducing lady! xx

  • I’m a huge fan of cozamia! I especially love the water lilies print

  • shereen / 03.25.2013

    Love Cozamia!

  • Courtney / 03.25.2013

    I love “love spill” and “last summer” and think they’re both fantastic!

  • shuzluva / 03.25.2013

    Great giveaway. I NEED “Into the Wild”. So gorgeous!

  • Ashli / 03.25.2013

    I looove these amazing pieces of art. Into the Wild is my absolute fave. The color pallette is perfect for my living room.

  • COURTNEY / 03.25.2013

    Being a huge fan of Cozamia for a year now, my eye has been on ‘Lucid Surf’ most recently as I moved into a new apartment in Manhattan. This print captures my favorite colors, which would brighten my white walls and go perfectly with the muted gold and nickel frames I currently have hanging. It’s perfection.

  • Carolyn / 03.25.2013

    I love them all, but currently I’d choose Love Spills.

  • Allison / 03.25.2013

    I’m a big fan of Cozamia. Would love to win a print.

  • Kristen / 03.25.2013

    Love the Peonies print!

  • I just adore Cozamia!! I love all of her artwork but if I had to choose I think it would be Last Summer or Love Spill! Fingers crossed I win!!

  • lexi / 03.25.2013

    Found Cozamia on Pinterest and have become obsessed! Would love Night Peonies on Blue but would be thrilled with any!

  • Christine / 03.25.2013

    I love all of Cozamia’s prints, it is so hard to choose just one, but I think Asilah is my ultimate fave. Awesome giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Katelin / 03.25.2013

    I love all of the Cozamia prints, but my current favorite is Love Spill because it would bring a punch of color to my apartment!

  • leslie / 03.25.2013

    obsessed with the flamingo print!

  • I would love Cheer Up in Blue or Last Summer!! Hope I win 🙂

  • Takia / 03.25.2013

    This is really tough…gosh…okay…either Wild Herringbone
    or Darjeeling or Brittle Stars. Gorgeous!! 🙂

    PICK ME … PICK ME…por favor… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Torrey / 03.25.2013

    I have been coveting the “Wild Herringbone”, “Asilah” and “Lucid Surf” prints for months now!

  • Nicole Transue / 03.25.2013

    I love Cozamia! I’ve always loved Lucid Surf and the Herringbone, but I’ve recently fallen in love with Night Peonies. So many fun color pallet’s to work with for my new apartment!

  • Allie / 03.25.2013

    Love “poolside”! Would look fantastic in my bedroom!

  • Allison / 03.25.2013

    So excited! I have been wanting a few prints for what seems like ever!

  • Susan / 03.25.2013

    So many great prints – I love Wild Herringbone in Pink!

  • Love the “waterlilies” print! Would look fantastic in new office space!

  • Lea Anna / 03.25.2013

    Nice prints, I love the colors.

  • Marlo Ricks Williams / 03.25.2013

    I love the Color Migration print and think it would look fabulous in my living room!

  • Christa / 03.25.2013

    Love the “Marilyn Monroses” print!!!!

  • Her prints are so fun! Would love to have one in my house!

  • Lauren / 03.25.2013

    Night Peonies on blue is my favorite!

  • Love them all, but really into Asilah right now.

  • Amy C. / 03.25.2013

    Wild Herringbone would be my pick.

  • So many choices… I want them ALL! I think Night Peonies on Blue will look great in our master bedroom.

  • Loved her prints since I first laid eyes on them. I’d love to win!

  • DanielleMW / 03.25.2013

    I would get the Flamingo Mingle piece!

  • ‘Love Spill’ rocks! and so does its title…

  • Amy Wilson / 03.25.2013

    This is such a great contest! I love the Asilah print by Cozamia. I would especially love this print for my living room! It ties all of the colors together that I have been working into the room over the past few months as I depart from a very neutral palette.

  • I love all of them! I already have 2 in my home and would LOVE another!!! The Dress is beautiful

  • Juliette / 03.25.2013

    Such gorgeous prints. I love ‘The Dress’.

  • Amanda / 03.25.2013

    Hard to choose just one but wild herrgbone in pink is pretty spectacular!

  • Definitely the Water Lillies print!! I just love the colors!

  • Sherry Brownlee / 03.25.2013

    I think the Cozamia prints are beautiful, and would love to have one in my own home!

  • I’ve been loving Cozamia since 2009. I should have started putting pennies in a mason jar back then so I could have one of these gorgeous gorgeous paintings which is the epitome of chic and fabulous art.

  • Thanks for the lovely giveaway! I’ve admired her work for a while as well – she makes such bold and beautiful pieces!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  • When I move (hopefully some point in the next coupla months) I would love to buy a Cozamia print for my new home. If I won one, well, it would brighten me up no end.

  • therese / 03.25.2013

    All our beautiful, my daughter owns two of these gorgeous prints..

  • Great giveaway! I would love the color migration on cream print.

  • Robin Seidel / 03.26.2013

    I have seriously been obsessed with Cozamia for months now!

  • Nicole Villalpando / 03.26.2013

    I would love to win Love Spill or Lucid Surf. Ahhh I hope I win!

  • JesEtte / 03.26.2013

    Really excited about this giveaway!!

  • Jesette / 03.26.2013

    OOPS…Just read instructions…I love several prints but I think my favorite is “Last Summer”.

  • Corbin / 03.26.2013

    Cozamia is one of my favorite artists and I’m so excited for the giveaway!!

  • Corbin / 03.26.2013

    The flamingo print is still my favorite!

  • Erika W. / 03.26.2013

    I love all of the prints…I would probably choose “Flamingo Mingle” if I just haaaad to choose one! 🙂

  • Emily / 03.26.2013

    i would pick the Into the Wild print. I just love them all. FINGERS CROSSED!

  • every piece is absolutely stunning! loving the vibrant colors + pattern.

  • I really love the cheer up in blue 😉

  • Oh, what a fab giveaway! The Flamingo Mingle is one of my all time faves. Love Spill is a fave, too!

  • Shannon / 03.26.2013

    I love Cheer up in Blue – all of her work is amazing. Thanks!

  • great giveaway!

  • angela / 03.27.2013

    I love color migration in blue.

  • Ana silva / 03.27.2013

    Love all this art!

  • love the wild herringbone print!

  • I love the first one in teal and orange. That would look great in my living room.

  • Johanna / 03.27.2013

    I am in LOVE with all of these prints, I too am on a art buying spree and my kids LOVE It, I am eyeing the BRITTLE STARS and THE DRESS !

  • Cate / 03.27.2013

    Night Peonies on Blue! Or Color Migration on Cream!

  • Olga / 03.28.2013

    I love the Cozamia ‘Love spill’! It’s got the best color combo and would match my living room.
    Thank you,
    also pinned an image!

  • I have been wanting a Cozamia print for so long!

  • Mandy / 03.28.2013

    I love the “Love Spill” print!

  • Erin Jackson / 03.28.2013

    I want one for my living room.

  • Kristen / 03.28.2013

    I love these prints…I can’t pick a favorite!

  • Debbie Fechter / 03.28.2013

    I would love to get “Love Spill”

  • Alisa / 03.29.2013

    Absolutely beautiful prints. I would purchase the last print. It would liven up my space so much and I’m trying to collect more artwork. Thanks!!

  • Laura G / 03.29.2013

    Love these!

  • Annie Callister / 03.29.2013

    Thank you for introducing me. I am crazy about these!

  • WendyK / 03.30.2013

    I already own Winged Migration in Cream, and it is a wonderful focal point in my home office. I’ve been wanting to add another Cozamia print to my collection. I’d love to win!

  • KRISTEN / 03.30.2013

    “Into the Wild” is the piece I need to add to my sweet home to make it a little more feisty!

  • angela / 03.30.2013

    LOVING the flamingo print!

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