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Signs of Spring?

Transitioning seasons with the perfect green, striped dress
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Is the weather this time of year crazy or what? One day it’s spring, the next it’s snowing. Which means trying to predict how to dress is nearly impossible. But I’ve learned over the years the key to dressing through these few months is to have pieces that with a few easy switches of accessories can go whatever way the weather blows. Literally.

Take this green striped dress for instance.  I originally purchased this for my trip down to Sea Island this month. Knowing the weather would be unpredictable I felt this was the perfect option for either a warmer or cooler evening out.

Dressed with neutral heels like so, and a fabulous coat if temps dip, I can easily wear this through these last few weeks of winter. But because of it’s light, breezy material and bright vibrant color I can easily wear this well into those warmer months.

In fact I have this packed for my trip to the Bahamas this week were I plan to pair it with these bright yellow earrings and my favorite studded sandals and bucket bag.

And did I mention how comfortable this dress is?! Just watch out for the slit, it’s a little high and if the wind hits you just right you may be flashing more than you had planned.  Happy weekend Friends! Truly, MKR



Photography, Kathryn McCrary

Day to Night Denim

The Perfect jeans to carry me throughout my day
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I’m an absolute lover of denim.  Recently though, I noticed I tend to only wear two types of denim. Denim that is comfortable, and functional enough to get me through my day…read boyfriend jeans.  And denim that is more on the formal, and on the tighter side, for a night out on the town.  The problem is my hectic schedule doesn’t always allow me to run home and change. So this past week I set out to add a few new jeans to my wardrobe that would carry me easily from day to night.

I of course gravitated towards a brand I’ve been wearing for over a decade now; 7 for all mankind.  I find their jeans always fit me just right, and last forever.  Plus they have the largest variety of styles, and for this particular shopping trip finding a new style outside my comfort zone was key.

I tried on numerous shapes, sizes and styles, but ultimately went with the Ali cropped jeans with a frayed raw edge. I knew if I wanted this jean to truly take me from am to pm I’d have to go with a crop that way I wouldn’t need to worry about the height of heel I would have to wear.

I also chose a lighter shade of denim thinking how this light color would look great with my favorite sneakers, as well as dressed up with my favorite heels.  Plus with spring right around the corner I liked the lighter, not so serious feeling it gave me.  

And the raw edge.  Well that’s just a little bit of flare and my favorite part.  When initially seeing such a dramatic frayed edge as this you might not think it wouldn’t pair well with a more formal look, but it’s that unexpected touch that I feel makes it perfect for a more dressed up look. I mean how fun is all the fraying paired with my favorite ruffled pink mules?!

Lastly, the Ali is super comfortable.  The denim is worn in and soft to the touch, plus they’re a high rise fit which is all I’m wearing right now.  So over the low rise, all about the high rise.

All in all, I’m thrilled with the outcome and haven’t taken these babies off in at least a week!  Truly, MKR




Photography, Kathryn McCrary | This post is sponsored by 7 for all mankind.  A brand I love and adore.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Winter Layers

My Favorite Layering Pieces You'll Wear Season After Season
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Winter LayersWinter Layers Winter Layers Winter Layers Winter Layers

When it comes to my wardrobe, the one thing I’m really great at is layering. I love layering because it’s one of the easiest ways to add interest, and depth to any outfit.  And when done right, and with a few key layering staples, you’re able to make the same pieces feel brand new each time they’re worn. 

This is especially great for me since I find I’m constantly drawn to the same types of clothing: button down shirts, leggings, oversized sweaters, sneakers…basically everything you see in todays outfit.

While every piece of today’s entire outfit can be considered a key layering piece; the gold stars really go to my Spanx Faux Leather Leggings and Striped Shirtdress

The leggings are a win because the faux leather finish is an upgrade from your standard leggings, but can still be dressed up or down, worn alone as pants or layered underneath a skirt or long shirt.  Plus they’re Spanx so they hold me in in all the right places.

The Shirtdress, meant to be worn alone during warmer temps, doubles as a skirt or extra long shirt in this particular look.  Would this outfit have worked with the leggings and sweater; of course.  But how more fun is it with the blue and white striped dress?!  Pro tip…when layering match up tops with different sleeve lengths and neck shapes.  For example, my black sweater has a large cowl neck and shorter arms while the dress can be buttoned up and has the classic long sleeve.  This allows the tops to complement one another rather than fight to be seen. Win win.  Truly, MKR



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