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Merry Christmas Eve!!

From my family to yours...
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Jacket, Hat, Mittens, Sweater, Gingham Shirt, SunniesJeans, Boots

I’m writing this post just before midnight Christmas Eve, in between sipping spiked cocoa and wrapping what seems like my 100th gift.  Addison is snoring soundly on her pillow under the tree, my husband is trying not to fall asleep to Christmas Vacation, and my in-laws are tucked warmly in bed.  This season is my favorite.  And my family’s traditions that surround this season are what I hold especially dear.  

I’m thankful for these traditions.  But I’m more thankful for a family that is willing to change them all up, and make new ones all in the spirit of helping me live my dream.  

Tomorrow (or rather today now), Christmas Eve, will be the first that I have a physical brick and mortar shoppe.  So unlike years of past, this Eve looks a bit different.  Instead of  finishing up holiday baking or decorating, I’ll be helping last minute shoppers find the perfect gift. Holiday martinis will be pushed back to evening rather than afternoon. Church will happen via satellite in our living room (thank God for technology). Christmas Day breakfast has been simplified to pastries and mimosas.  And Christmas dinner is now a lunch because of the shoppe’s day after Christmas craziness.  

While it all looks a bit different, what matters is the same; family and the reason for the season, Jesus.  So my Christmas wish for y’all this year is that whatever you’re doing these next few days, I hope you’re surrounded by love, family, and the true meaning of Christmas.  Happy Christmas Friends!! xo, MKR

Photography, Kathryn McCrary

When In The Windy City

An easy dress for traversing the streets of Chicago
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Recently, I made a trip home to Chicago for my bestie’s wedding.  I couldn’t wait to be back walking those windy streets, especially since the temps had begun to drop and snow was on the verge of falling.  I love that in-between; you can almost smell the first snow before it hits.

The problem though, for me is always what to pack? I mean I’m a terrible packer in the best circumstance. But add in bridesmaid dresses, hot to cold temps, and outfits that would have to be comfortable, and warm enough, to walk around plus fabulous enough for wherever the wind may blow me. Enter my go-to combo: long dress, high boots, and a hat.  Warm, comfortable, and almost always a “no fail.”

I love this W by Worth dress for a few different reasons.  First, it’s extremely comfortable.  Second, it’s extremely light which makes it the perfect outfit to take when traveling.  It doesn’t take up too much room, or weight, in my suitcase plus it’s easy to steam if it wrinkles during the journey.

And third, it’s extremely versatile.  Technically it’s an “off the shoulder” dress, and looks completely the part accessorized with heels and something shiny.  But here because I was going for a bit more relaxed look I wore the dress on the shoulders rather than off and paired it with my over the knee boots and favorite Rag & Bone hat. This allowed me to walk around Chicago comfortably during the day, but felt ready for drinks with friends later that evening.

All in all, it was the perfect outfit for what turned out to be the perfect week in Chicago.  Tell me, do you have a go-to outfit when traveling?  Truly, MKR



Location, The Waldorf Astoria Chicago | Photography, Luke Schneider

Seeing Stars

A Versatile Wide Leg Jumpsuit that Transcends Seasons
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Star jumpsuit with leather jacket outfit on waitingonmartha.com

Well, I found another winning piece at J.Crew—shocker, I know—with this wide leg jumpsuit in a fun star print!  I like to think of it as an updated take on your standard polka dot…but way better.  

And not only is this jumpsuit on sale right now, it’s extremely versatile during this transition time of year.  I’ve already paired this easy wide leg jumpsuit with a silk robe because the luxury pajama trend is real and I’m all about it. I’ll definitely be pairing it with my favorite navy leather jacket as seen here, and I’m already dreaming of wrapping a cashmere sweater over it for a dinner date. Because let’s be honest, it’s still hot as all get out in Atlanta and I’m impatiently waiting for it to be sweater weather with each and every day. 

But back to the jumpsuit; I didn’t realize how much I would love the cropped hemline.  It’s extremely comfortable and carefree to wear throughout the entire day, in breathable viscose fabric and a flattering silhouette.  And it looks SO great with heels or sandals, in addition to my favorite pair of suede Manolos.  And if you were wondering, or if I haven’t mentioned it yet, yes Manolos are worth the splurge.  They are hands down my favorite high end heel for both quality and comfort.

For the accessories, I kept it pretty standard with my gold stack of bracelets from the shoppe, one of my go-to pairs of sunnies, and a killer pop of red with this new ZAC Zac Posen bag. I mean can you even handle the pearl and flower strap?!  In interiors, I always mention how important a pop of red is in the overall design.  And I think it rings true for outfits too; it adds the interest an outfit so greatly deserves! Plus red bags seem to be back in a big way! Truly, MKR




Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha

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