5 Truths About Waiting On Martha

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On Tuesday of this week I was tagged by the oh-so fabulous Mary of M.A.S. in her “5 Things” post.  The idea being to share 5 personal truths about yourself and then tag 5 others to do the same.  Here’s the thing, I never write personal posts on the blog.  Like never.  But I’m not one to turn down a challenge, so just for today we’re getting personal with 5 truths…

ONE || I believe there is no problem a good bottle of wine and your girlfriends can’t solve.  And I am so grateful to have the absolute best group of girlfriends to do just that with.  These ladies are my sisters (YA-YA)!  One I’ve known my whole life, one I suffered through two years of  law school just to meet, and the others I experienced college and so much after that with.  We’ve lived in the same house, the same high rise, across state lines, and even continents.  We’ve suffered broken hearts, celebrated marriages, had babies, dealt with loss, and anything else the universe could and will throw at us.  They know exactly who I am (and love me anyway), and I truly wouldn’t be me without them.  The photo above is from a trip some of us took to the Cape last fall and it makes my heart happy.

TWO || I’ve been hesitant about sharing my faith on my blog.  To be fair I very rarely share anything too personal on the blog, but I’ve been especially hesitant about sharing my faith, values, beliefs, etc, and it’s really been weighing on me.  Why not share?  Well for one people are mean and the internet seems to have bred what I think of as a brave-coward.  Someone who will post something awful on a blog or via social media, but would never actually say that same thing to your face.  And second religion is a very touchy, very personal subject.  A subject not everyone agrees on, one not everyone believes in.  But I had an “ah-ha” moment when emailing with Lara Casey this week; I can’t keep who I am out of my business.  And who I am first and foremost is a Christian.  I’m sure some people won’t agree and some people will roll their eyes every time I say blessed or if I quote scripture on Instagram but that’s their problem, not mine.  Faith and belief are the most powerful things we have as humans.  I don’t care if you believe in the Bible, the Torah, The Book of Morman or whatever , it’s not my place to judge.  Just believe in something.  In the words of the great country song by Aaron Tippin “you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

THREE ||  I hate getting ready.  Like hate times infinity.  When you see me on the blog I look like THIS .  But on an everyday basis I look nothing like that.  Nothing.  I work from home most days which means I don’t dry my hair, I don’t wear makeup, and practically live in black leggings and a sweatshirt.  Getting ready takes a lot of effort and a lot of time.  Who’s got time for all that?  Not this gal.

FOUR ||  If one more person asks me when we’re going to have children I might scream.  I know there is no ill will in the asking, but seriously  it never ends.  When you’re single it’s “why don’t you have a boyfriend”, then it’s “when are you going to get married”, and now it’s “when are you going to have children?”  Well the answer is…who knows!!??  I’m not worried about my “biological clock” (a word I also loathe), or “what-ifs”, and “you’re not getting any younger” statements.  I’m loving life right now and our perfect family of three (obviously the third is this little gem).  So that is that, and p.s. no one likes any of those questions ever, like ever.

FIVE ||  I married up.  Not “up” in the sense of wealth and power and all that jazz, but “up” in the sense of a person.  I’m not exactly the warm and fuzzy type.  In fact I’m sure his jaw is dropping at this very moment if he’s reading this and I will in turn deny that I ever wrote it.  And it’s not like the Mr. doesn’t have his faults, because trust me he does.  But the truth remains, my husband is a better person than I.  He is the most pure of heart individual I know and he makes me the best version of myself everyday.  Marriage is work.  It’s the best kind of work if you have the right partner, but nonetheless it’s work.  Anthony keeps me on my path and he keeps us pursuing our path together.  And man it’s been fun so far.  It also doesn’t hurt that he’s an excellent gift giver.

BONUS SIX || Just in case you’re new my name is not Martha (read the whole story HERE).

So there you have it, 5 things about Martha (or rather Mandy).  I’m not sure waxing poetically about myself will become a regular occurrence on the blog, but it was fun (and a tad scary).  And now I pass the torch to Kelly, Gaby, Ashlyn, Ashley, and Anna.  Good luck ladies, xoxo


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  • I love this post and can relate to every single one!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Thank you so much Julie! Your words mean a lot to me! xoxo

  • Amanda W / 03.21.2013

    I personally love when you wax poetically…..loved everything you shared and I’m proud to call you my friend! xoxox

  • Love you too lady!! xoxo

  • Hhaha and then when you finally have one (baby) the question changes to “when are you having the second one?” Is just the never ending question!
    So funny that some people call you Martha! Loved reading this! oh, and I seriously need to think about those 5! 🙂

  • ok you are gem for tagging! & it really can be hard to share your faith in the blog world. so happy to know that you are a Christian! love knowing that there are other Godly women in this big ol blog world. & I hate packing like you hate getting ready, it’s rather pathetic! & so happy to hear that others work at their relationships and marriage. I am not yet married but love is def not easy. My N truly is the better half. He keeps me straight and puts up with all my crap! hahahha

    hope you have a lovely Thursday! xo

  • Linda / 03.21.2013

    Mandy- This is a great post. I truly relate to everything you said! Especially about virally sharing your faith. It is refreshing to know other godly, fashionable ladies out there! I recently became a Mrs. (almost 3 weeks now!) and throughout the entire engagement, I wanted to share the beautiful things He was doing in our lives as we prepare for marriage, but since none of my bridesmaids were Christian and I was so afraid of offending, it made it so difficult!But why?? He is wonderful!!

    And yes, marriage is absolutely the best job I ever got! (so far, haha)

  • I adore this personal post. You’re so wonderful.

  • Thank you friend! And it SO is the never ending question. Can’t wait to read yours! xoxo

  • Thank you friend. I couldn’t agree more about the Godly women and blogging. People like Lara Casey and Jen from Made By Girl have really helped me when it comes to sharing my faith. Can’t wait to read your 5.

    And I SO Hate packing. I’m a big time over packer.

  • Linda, I love hearing all of this. And I totally understand about sharing and offending. I have held back too! But then literally lightbulb God = Freedom. And it is SO much easier to share all of me than pieces of me. God wants all of me, and I want to give all of me in my business which is what I’m going to do. And besides, you can’t make everyone happy. I’m always going to offend someone regardless of what I do.

    Congrats on your wedding…the best advice I’ve ever gotten about marriage was put God first, your spouse second, and yourself third. If both the husband and wife do that it makes the road of life and marriage a lot less turbulent.


  • Thanks friend. At one point I had a whole lot more written about being a brave-coward and being judgmental and down right mean via social media, but I decided best to not to sink to their level. xoxo

  • melissa / 03.21.2013

    Great post Mandy – so proud of you! I of course love this picture!

  • The pic is one of my faves!! Love ya!

  • Mandy –

    Fantastic post. I love knowing the women behind the blogs. This brings you to life, makes you real and allows you to shine.

    While sharing your faith is important, I believe strongly in not judging others by their faith, choices and whether or not they drink coffee (all too important to me). I believe all those individual elements are what defines us and makes us interesting to talk to and share with.

    I’m enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to more online adventures.

    My Five:
    1. I have learned to enjoy my solitude…when my husband and daughters leave for work and school.
    2. I am a creature of habit to a fault.
    3. I don’t like to run out of anything (shampoo, toilet paper, facial product, lip gloss, coffee, anything).
    4. I always feel like a Freshman trying to make friends with a Senior (relative to business, social networking, etc.)
    5. I wish I knew then what I know now.

    Enjoy today!

  • I LOVED this post. I really liked learning so much about you:) I love what you had to say about your faith and your relationship with your husband. Marriage is work, but it’s worth it. Thanks for keeping it real! I’ll have to work on my five truths this weekend. Thanks for giving me a blog post idea. Ha Ha!

  • Lori thank you so much for sharing! I like all of these so much. And I totally feel you on #4.


  • Thanks Ashley! I just read your post, big changes are on the horizon? So exciting, but I’m sure overwhelming at the same time. Thinking of you and can’t wait to see how you bring the sass to Swell Rio!


  • I LOVED this post! It was so personal and straight from the heart. I don’t know why I didn’t take the time to get to you know you when we were in New York for DID a few years ago. I think I am still in that shy mind frame of meeting people in real life but I have enjoyed “getting to know you” through your blog and instagrams ever since. Your support of Melissa on Facebook last week also made me really take notice and hopefully our paths will cross in the future and we’ll get a do over at hanging out in person. And it is nice to hear that I am not the only one who isn’t completely “camera ready” every day. 🙂 Sometimes my hair just doesn’t want to be combed. 🙂

  • Okay finally getting over here to read this and I can’t believe how much we have in common!
    1) I completely get you about faith and religion. There are more cynics than ever but since its such a big part of me it would feel suffocation to keep that part of my heart covered up. I think when it is shared naturally it should be okay. I got chewed out for using the word blessed before but you know what? It kind of fueled my stubborn heart to share more. The world needs so much more love…and that is all Christianity is focused on anyways.
    2) I married up too;) I thank God every day for him. Lets double date soon?
    3) Since I am pregnant with baby number three, now the question is, why are you having a third? You have the perfect family? Oh if they only knew we were just getting started…;) The thing is, “live face to face with God and no one else.” A quote that I hold onto closely.

    Thanks for tagging me! Will definately do one soon!

  • Love all of this Anna, thanks for your constant support and inspiration! Yes on the double date too! I’ll email you next week. xo

  • well I just found your blog now and I’m asking myself what took me so long! I am completely, overly obsess with your blog! All the color, decor and inspiration are truly something else! Love it all! — Soraya

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