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My Blue and White Elevated Basics

Elevated Basics in My Favorite Color Combo, Crisp & Fresh for Spring
May 19, 2016

Light blue trench coat with boyfriend jeansWhite off the shoulder top with blue heels | outfit ideas, Waiting on MarthaBlue and white basics, Waiting on Martha #fashion #style #outfitLoeffler Randall blue and white floral envelope clutch, Waiting on MarthaBlue trench coat and boyfriend jeans, Waiting on MarthaLight blue trench coat and distressed jeans, Waiting on MarthaLight blue striped trench coat and floral envelope clutch, Waiting on MarthaFloral envelope clutch and off the shoulder white top, Waiting on Martha

Lately, I’ve been focused on purchasing and wearing what I like to call elevated basics; dressing up comfortable, yet put together outfits that take me through my day in classic, effortless style. I’ve been so focused on EB’s that I’ve actually been purging my closet and clearing the clutter of outfits I’ll never wear again, and really honing in on what is my “true” style is, and more importantly, what I feel good wearing.  The feel-good part being key, because I’ve found no matter how beautiful an outfit may be, if the person wearing it doesn’t feel comfortable in it, it’ll just come off unappealing and awkward.

For me, I’m finding that my personal EB consists mostly of a black, blue and white color palette and wearable tomboy-esque pieces.  So based on that synopsis, today’s outfit is basically the poster child for my personal everyday EB.  A crisp white off the shoulder top (I cannot get enough of off the shoulder tops right now), my go-to distressed boyfriend jeans, a lightweight, striped trench coat perfect for spring tied together with my new Loeffler Randall floral envelope clutch (on major sale!) and scalloped blue heels.  And I might add…the floral envelope clutch is even more beautiful in person…I am so in love!  

I’ve read that some of the most successful people in the world have as few as 3 outfits to choose from daily.  Take Mark Zuckerberg, for example; his closet is filled with a sea of grey tees, hooded pullovers, numerous pairs of the same jeans, and tennies.  The thought being, with the amount of decisions individuals in highly successful positions have to make on any given day, they don’t want the question of “what to wear?” to be one of them; and that’s how I’m beginning to feel with my whole EB strategy.  While I’ll never be able to commit to only owning a sea of grey t-shirts, knowing that my closet is full of only items I love, and always feel comfortable in, makes pulling something off the hanger to wear for the day so much easier, and I love when something in my day can be easier.  Truly, MKR



Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha


Boho Baby

Indulging my love in all things bohemian with a dress that can carry you from summer to fall
May 16, 2016

Maxi dress and white cross body bag, Waiting on Martha Paisley maxi dress with white purse, Waiting on Martha Boho outfit idea via Waiting on Martha Paisley maxi dress with black platform wedges, Waiting on Martha Boho dress that's perfect for spring to fall, Waiting on Martha Paisley maxi dress with Loeffler Randall black platform wedges via Waiting on Martha Maxi dress with white cross body bag, Waiting on Martha Boho dress with necklace and cross body purse on Waiting on Martha Paisley chiffon maxi dress with black platform wedges, Waiting on Martha

Back in high school I went through a “hippie” phase.  I’m talking hemp in my hair, tie dye, no makeup, so lost-in-teenage-angst-my-mother-hated-every-second-of-it phase I’m thankful was very short lived.  And while the days of hemp and clay bead braids may be gone my deep love for all things bohemian still lives on.  Case in point, this amazing W by Worth boho-esque paisley chiffon maxi dress I picked up a few weeks ago.

Not only is this dress beyond comfortable, but I love the fact that with a quick change of accessories this dress will carry you from summer all the way to fall.  Simply switch up the platform sandals to boots, the white crossbody to a darker say tan one, add a hat and you have an instant-leaves-are-falling, chill-is-in-the-air outfit.

And speaking of platform sandals, these favorites of mine from Loeffler Randall are on major sale.  In fact, so is the white crossbody and just about everything else like these pom pom sandals I’ve been lusting after and my striped platforms last seen here…so now is the time to stock up.  

So tell me Friends, any teenage year moments you look back and laugh on?  Truly, MKR




Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha


Easy Breezy Linen…All Summer Long

An Easy, Breezy Outfit from W by Worth
May 9, 2016

Summer linen matching outfit, Waiting on MarthaLinen pants for summer, Waiting on MarthaSummer outfit inspiration via Waiting on MarthaPanama hat with sunglasses and jean jacketStriped linen outfit via Waiting on MarthaStriped linen outfit for summer, Waiting on MarthaLinen pants and crop top via Waiting on Martha
Now that I’ve had a taste of the shore (and the dreamiest stay on Palmetto Bluff if you saw on Instagram and Snapchat last week), all I want to do is lounge in the breeze. #guiltyascharged 

Can we all just agree that there’s nothing breezier than linen pants?!  But not scratchy-sometimes-itchy linen, I’m talking second skin, light as a feather linen.  And this pair from W by Worth NY, with its wide, cropped leg and striped yarn-dyed linen has all of the above qualities and more, which means quintessential summer on the water (or in the city) for me. When I saw the matching striped linen crop top, I knew it was official; I had found my go-to summer outfit.

The crinkle linen has that earthy (pajama-like) feel, allowing it to be as casual or elegant as I want it to be.  I’ll be dressing the duo down during the day with my Jacks, thrown over my bathing suit, probably with an ice cream cone in hand (or wine, let’s be honest here).  And when it comes time for dinner plans, I’ll throw on a pair of white jeans and these easy leather mules.  Hello summer.  So tell me, do you do linen during the warm weather months? Truly, MKR




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