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Pumpkin Picking with J.McLaughlin

Celebrating My Favorite Time of Year at the Pumpkin Patch in the Perfect Fall Outfit
October 13, 2016

The perfect fall outfit and a trip to the pumpkin patch @waitingonmartha @j.mclaughlin #sponsored #jmclfall #ootd Picking pumpkins with @waitingonmartha @jmclaughlin #spon #fall #pumpkins
The perfect fall outfit and a trip to the pumpkin patch @waitingonmartha @j.mclaughlin #sponsored #jmclfall #ootd Fall necessities with @waitingonmartha @jmclaughlin #spon #fallPicking pumpkins with @waitingonmartha @jmclaughlin #spon #holiday #pumpkinsThe perfect fall outfit and a trip to the pumpkin patch @waitingonmartha @j.mclaughlin #sponsored #jmclfall #ootd
Fall plaid and sweaters at the pumpkin patch, @waitingonmartha @jmclaughlin #spon #ootdPicking pumpkins with @waitingonmartha @jmclaughlin #spon #holiday #pumpkinsFlannel and sweater outfit idea for fall, @waitingonmartha @j.mclaughlin #sponsored #jmclfall #ootd Picking pumpkins with @waitingonmartha @jmclaughlin #spon #holiday #pumpkins
Flannel and sweater outfit idea for fall, @waitingonmartha @j.mclaughlin #sponsored #jmclfall #ootd

Fall is FINALLY here (I know you’re probably sick of us talking about it by now, but it’s my favorite), and you know what that means…a trip to the pumpkin patch was on the top of my to-do list!  I treasure the trip every October, being on a serious mission to pick out the best of the best to spruce up our front door.  And of course the pumpkin patch gives me the perfect excuse to practice my fall #OOTD, which usually looks a lot like today’s perfectly plaid shirt layered under a cozy sweater, with a pair of great jeans, a ball cap, tote and a blanket scarf (because #duh). 

Hands-down the best part about dressing for fall is the layers, am I right?  And here in Atlanta it’s not just stylish, but a necessity since it’s chilly in the mornings and evenings and warmer during the day.   Lately, my favorite keep-it-casual trick when layering is to roll my sweater up halfway, keeping the shirt underneath tight to the wrist.  It creates that extra pop to any outfit, adding interest and layers to the look while keeping it pulled together, but un-fussy.  

And while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about those layers.  I immediately snatched up this plaid shirt and was so pleased to find that it was long enough (which is so important to me, again because I have a long torso).  In a medium, it was the perfect size; not too loose or too tight.  Plus the material is thin, having a natural wrinkle which looks good 100% of the time underneath a sweater or jacket (read: no wrinkles or creases which prevents those weird indents or bulges that can happen when layering). 

When I look at my favorite fall layers, I always love to pull in a little pattern play.  This outfit is no exception; plaid and stripes always pair so perfectly together.  While this sweater would be beautiful dressed up with a nice pair of slacks (ivory on ivory would create an amazing monotone look), it can also mix and match with a casual plaid blouse like I did here.

But what I’m really raving about are these jeans…I was honestly a bit shocked with how good they were!  They’re mid-rise, and fit me in all of the right places especially since I recently realized that I shouldn’t be wearing low-rise jeans with my long torso.  And these jeans are the answer to all of my dressing room woes.  With enough stretch in them, they’re beyond comfortable but they also never lose their stretch on the second day. Believe me, I know the perfect jeans are hard to find, but this pair has earned a solid spot at the top of my list. 

And with that, I had what I consider a perfect fall day and found my go-to fall outfit this year.  Tell me friends, what does your perfect fall day look like?  Truly, MKR

P.S. Next week we’ll be sharing a recipe for one of my favorite fall treats that pairs perfectly with a trip to the pumpkin patch (hint hint: donuts) so stay tuned! xo


Photography, Haley Sheffield for Waiting on Martha | This post is in collaboration with J.McLaughlin, a brand we love and adore.  All opinions are 100% our own. 

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How to Wear a Silk Scarf: 5 Easy Ways To Nail This Trend

Take the guesswork out of rocking this accessory with these five ideas
October 11, 2016

Let’s assume you’re more or less intrigued with the silk scarf/bandana trend like I am.  And let’s also say that you have big plans to wear the thing, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Lucky day for you, I’ve taken some time to figure it out.  I got to the bottom of how to wear a silk scarf, but most importantly, how to wear it without looking too fussy or like you’re trying to hard (because let’s face it: that’s the worst).  I’ve deemed it the perfect 3rd piece fashion rule that makes any outfit immediately more interesting, so I’m determined to find ways to make this trend my own. 

Perhaps my favorite part about this trend is that the silk scarf doesn’t have to be a solid pattern or match your outfit—in fact, it looks better if it’s not!  These five styles show that the scarf will be wrapped, tied and knotted, and the detailed patterns basically almost become more-or-less neutrals instead.  Oh and it’s also pretty awesome whenever a hand-me-down from Mom is on trend.  You’ll find some new ones are pricy (I love this one), but you’ll also find a lot under $100 (need this and this). 

Click through what I’ve found are the five best ways to wear a silk scarf in the slideshow above. Let me know how you’re planning on wearing your silk scarf in the comments below!  Cheers, Kat




Tied Around Your Wrist

Tied Around Your Wrist

This look proves just how chic silk scarf around the wrist can be. Whether you let the scarf hang or tie it tight, the piece takes the place of an arm stack with ease. A simple knot ties it in place.


Tied Long Around Your Neck

Tied Long Around Your Neck

We've seen scarves wrapped around the neck, and tied tightly. But this loose, almost necklace-like approach is just as stylish, and creates an effortlessly cool appeal.


Tied on Your Bag

Tied on Your Bag

A classic move, but it's timeless for a reason. This great way to rock a silk scarf is a nice addition to your everyday uniform.


As a Belt

As a Belt

Don't forget that a silk scarf doubles perfectly as a belt! Look for long, thin options that wrap easily.


Tied Tight around the Neck

Tied Tight around the Neck

Lastly, and most importantly, the look that brought silk scarves back on the scene: a tight tie around the neck. In a bandana-like style, this option is perfect for fashionistas and even the most laid-back gals alike.



Featured image, They All Hate Us

A Blanket Scarf for a Cause with Talbots

Raising Proceeds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
September 29, 2016

Blanket scarf and sunnies, Waiting on MarthaBenefit National Breast Cancer Foundation with @Talbot's blanket scarf. Outfit via @waitingonmartha @ Talbot's blanket scarf benefits National Breast Cancer Foundation. More info on @waitingonmarthaBlanket scarf outfit, waitingonmartha.comBlanket scarf, jeans and pink flats. OOTD by @waitingonmartha Pink blanket scarf with black sweater, @waitingonmarthaBlanket scarf, waitingonmartha.comEasy fall outfit with blanket scarf and flats, waitingonmartha.com Pink blanket scarf from Talbot's, @waitingonmartha

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes.  Two minutes!  That’s a scary statistic that none of us can will away.  With stats like that I can assume we’ve all known someone close to us that’s struggled with breast cancer.  I myself have had two friends (one very young) who have had breast cancer.  Fortunately, they’re both in the clear now, but both fought the fight and had double mastectomies.  

Breast cancer (or any cancer for that matter) does not discriminate by age.  I’m always harrowed by the news of friends, like the one I spoke of above, in their twenties that get the results they never expected.  Self-examinations are key in early detection, and annual visits to doctors can play a huge part in stopping the cancer before it spreads.  Fortunately, women in their mid thirties are now allowed to get preventative mammograms which are generally covered by most insurance.  Having had my first mammogram this year I can attest that there’s no reason to be scared during the exam so please don’t let that be the reason you don’t make an appointment.

But let’s get to today’s post, which I’m sure you’re wondering by know what it has to do with breast cancer?  With October right around the corner I’m thrilled to partner with Talbot’s and the National Breast Cancer Foundation during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Through the entire month of October, Talbot’s is giving 20% of the net proceeds of its Pink/Rum Raisin Blocked-Stripe Blanket Wrap to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help in research for early detection and education.

It may still be blazing hot right now here in the A, but the minute it cools down, I’ll be bringing this blanket scarf out.  Like I mentioned, breast cancer has scary statistics that can’t just be willed away.  Instead, we can join together and support a great cause like Talbot’s campaign with the National Breast Cancer Foundation that enables research and progress to help our sisters, mothers, colleagues and friends.   And besides everyone loves a good blanket scarf!   Truly, MKR


Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha | scarf c/o Talbot’s

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