Cold Hands Warm Heart…The Clothes

I’m not going to lie, one of the best parts of this whole shoot was being able to dress so many different people.  Well that and who I got to dress them in.  The epitome of cozy, layered and stylish.  The forever classic brand.  Gap and Old Navy.  And while I could go on and on about why I chose what I chose, and how you should never be afraid to mix patterns, especially patterns like camo, gingham and leopard as I consider them more a neutral than a pattern, I think I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.  truly, MKR

P.S. Big, big hugs to Diana Shelton of Stila Cosmetics who got us all camera ready.  I’m still obsessing over the Magnificent Metals you put on my eyes.  Obsessed.

Look 1 (MKR ie. yours truly)…Gap camo jacket  (I’m obsessed with this, it has a faux fur lining that comes out so it can be worn in cold and warmer weather)  ||  Gap sweater  ||  Gap gingham shirt  ||  Gap jeans  ||  Gap suede boots  ||  Gap knit hat  ||  Gap knit gloves  ||  Ray Ban sunnies

Look 2 (Amanda and Aiden from Wonderfully Lost)…Old Navy tweed puffer vest  ||  Gap plaid shirt  ||  Gap jeans  ||  Gap suede boots  ||  Gap knit hat  ||  Gap knit gloves (On Aiden)…Old Navy sweater  ||  Old Navy plaid shirt  ||  Old Navy cords  ||  Old Navy boots  ||  Gap hat

Look 3 (Anna, Gabriel and Veronica from In Honor of Design)…Old Navy jacket  ||  Gap polka dot shirt  ||  Old Navy sweater  ||  Old Navy cords  ||  Old Navy boots (On Gabriel)…Gap sweater  ||  Gap jeans  ||  Gap tennies  ||  Old Navy hat (On Veronica)…Old Navy vest  ||  Old Navy sweater  ||  Old Navy jeans  ||  Old Navy boots  ||  Old Navy hat

Look 4 (Kristin and Chloe from The Hunted Interior)…Old Navy jacket  ||  Old Navy sweater  ||  Old Navy gingham shirt  ||  Old Navy jeans  ||  Old Navy boots  ||  Old Navy heart gloves (On Chloe)…Old Navy jacket  ||  Old Navy peplum sweater  ||  Gap jeans  ||  Gap shoes  ||  Gap hat and mittens 

Concept & Styling, MKR Waiting On Martha

Photography, Rustic White Photography

Location, Bottom’s Tree Farm

Clothing, courtesy of Gap & Old Navy 

Makeup & Hair, Diana Shelton of Stila Cosmetics

Chalkboard Sign, Jessica Garvin

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