Waiting on Martha’s Holiday Gift Guide No. Five

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Alright, as if it could get any better…today’s giveaway with some of our favorite holiday gift ideas has landed.  As you know, we’ve shared a handful of MAJOR gift guides + giveaways this past week (One, Two, Three, Four), and we’re ending with a bang with this one, I’d say.  

Like the other days, one lucky winner can win everything shown in the picture above!  Simply enter via the Rafflecopter widget below, but take time to catch the details on the what, the to who, and the why we’re gifting each item this year below.  It’s some GOOD stuff. 

Thanks to our generous friends at Gray Malin, Ashley Brooke Designs, Harding Lane, Sideshow Press, King Bean Coffee, Sea Island Forge, Day Designer and Waiting on Martha Home for all of today’s giveaway goodness.  Good luck friends, and let’s cheers to making this a great holiday season!  Truly, MKR

P.S. Don’t forget to enter No. One HERE, No. Two HERE, No. Three HERE and No. Four HERE. xo 

Top of Aspen Mountain - Small Print, Framed

Gray Malin, $399

Shop Now >

Give the gift of art this year with a framed print from one of our favorites, Gray Malin.  This gorgeous piece celebrates the ski getaways we all hope to plan each winter, and looks great all year ’round when framed on the wall. 

We’d gift this to our favorite ski bum.

*Giveaway winner will receive this small framed print. 

Oyster Knife & Shuck Guard

Sea Island Forge, $120

Shop Now >

This essential culinary tool is just as handsome as it is heirloom-quality. Crafted in food grade stainless steel, the oyster knife has been crafted to make opening raw & cooked oysters a whole lot easier.  The shuck guard is also a must-have, used to protect the hand while shucking. This great gift idea received a runner-up award in the 2016 Garden & Gun Magazine’s Made in the South Awards.

We’d gift this to the host of our next oyster feast!

*Giveaway winner will receive one oyster knife and shuck guard. 

Scruff Beard & Face Oil

Crude, $20

Shop Now >

This fantastic conditioning oil for beard and faces is a must-have for the scruffy guy in your life.  The oil softens and conditions the beard and the skin beneath, soothes razor burn, and combats ingrown hairs.  How, do you ask?  Crude uses an exclusive blend of essential oils that smell woodsy, yet sophisticated, and do the job well. 

We’d gift this to our favorite guy who extended No-Shave-November this year. 

*Giveaway winner will receive one bottle of beard oil. 

Ice Ice Baby Tumbler

Ashley Brooke Designs, $22

Shop Now >

Make light of the freezing temps this winter with this awesome tumbler by our friend Ashley Brooke Designs. You’ll look great sipping on your favorite drink in this insulated to-go cup. 

We’d gift this to the girl always on the go this time of year. 

*Giveaway winner will receive one tumbler. 

Travel Candles

Sideshow Press, $26 for 2

Shop Now >

We love the idea of bringing these hand-poured soy wax candles with us on our next weekend getaway.  Sideshow Press created the perfect travel candles that fit in your carry-on.  They’ve been handcrafted in Charleston, and make the best thoughtful gift! 

We’d gift this to our favorite wanderer. 

*Giveaway winner will receive two travel candles. 

3 Pack of Roasted-to-Order Coffee

King Bean Coffee, $35.99

Shop Now >

Step up your coffee game with King Bean Coffee.  These roasted-to-order packs have the elevated flavor you can taste, and will have you excited to get up in the morning for that cup of jo. 

We’d gift this to our fellow coffee lover. 

*Giveaway winner will receive three packs of coffee. 

Yellow Chiffon & Ginger Soap Dish Set

Waiting on Martha Home, $16

Shop Now >

The perfect ready-to-gift treat, our Yellow Chiffon & Ginger Soap Dish Set smells amazing. The set includes a small silver dipped ceramic tray that can be enjoyed long after the soap bar is finished. 

We’d gift this to anyone on our list that appreciates life’s little luxuries. 

*Giveaway winner will receive one soap dish set. 

Retro Schuss© On Bright Red Hat

Harding Lane, $35

Shop Now >

We live in ball caps all year ’round, and Retro Schuss is the one we reach for during winter.  Like all Harding Lane hats, this one’s needlepoint detailing can’t be beat, and will stand wear like your favorite hat should. 

We’d gift this to the person on our list that knows the power of a good hat on a bad hair day. 

*Giveaway winner will receive one hat. 

2017 Flagship Edition Planner

Day Designer, $59

Shop Now >

It’s a proven fact that one is more excited to #GSD with a gorgeous planner!  This 2017 Day Designer is one of our favorites in the upcoming year; blue and white is one of our favorite color combinations as you know. The great part: there are a TON of beautiful designs for you to pick the perfect one!

We’d gift this to our favorite Girl Boss. 

*Giveaway winner will receive a Day Designer of choice. 

"Live Free" Balsam Pillow

Waiting on Martha Home, $26

Shop Now >

This rustic and cozy little pillow is filled with fresh-smelling needles of a Balsam fir tree!  100% cotton and made in the USA, the “Live Free” pillow makes a great gift to fit in dorm room, drawer, bathroom, car…you name it. 

We’d gift this to someone that enjoys the turn of weather and the feeling of fall. 

*Giveaway winner will receive one pillow. 

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Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

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  • Kelly D / 12.10.2016

    We are going to my parent’s house for our holiday dinner.

  • Abby L / 12.10.2016

    Love the oyster knife!!

  • We’re heading home (bouncing between Kansas City, MO, Topeka and Manhattan, KS) 🙂

  • Janice Lacy / 12.10.2016

    Going to NYC with the family…Tennessee for Christmas… BUT THE BEST….TAMPA! To watch the TIDE ROLL at the National Championship!

  • Abby / 12.10.2016

    My plans this holiday are to spend quality time with friends & family!

  • caitlin / 12.10.2016

    We’re staying home this year! Sad to be missing the fun with our extended families but looking forward to some relaxation and new traditions!

  • Lucy / 12.10.2016

    All the gift guides are wonderful!!

  • Sarah / 12.10.2016

    We will spend Christmas Eve with my family and fly to Texas on Christmas Day to celebrate with the husband’s!

  • Kelsey Shumaker / 12.10.2016

    We will be celebrating Christmas Eve at my mom’s annual party and then we will spend time with both my husband’s and my immediate & extended families on Christmas Day! Busy, but so fun!

  • Susan Christy / 12.10.2016

    Hosting a few friends with no family nearby, taking a Christmas Lights Trolley Tour.

  • Casi Selph / 12.10.2016

    Just running in between my Grandmother’s, my parent’s and in-laws houses to hang out, eat some yummy food and open presents

  • Kathy Blackwell / 12.10.2016

    Just love all these great posts!

  • Joy Jenkins / 12.10.2016

    Love this gift guide! Hope I win!

  • Jordan Troublefield / 12.10.2016

    Staying home and they family is coming to me!

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole / 12.10.2016

    We’re hosting this year! Putting the Christmas menu together right now…

  • Elizabeth Moyer / 12.10.2016

    Today, we did the Rockefeller Tree, School of Rock and the 5th Ave windows. Hosting family from Texas and lots of fun!

  • Kelley Larsen / 12.11.2016

    We are going to my dad’s and then having my family and our little family over in Christmas Day

  • Mary J. / 12.11.2016

    Such an exciting gift giveaway!!

  • Kara / 12.11.2016

    Visiting with family!

  • Amy C. / 12.11.2016

    Our family will enjoy a quiet morning at home and then head over to my parents for the afternoon.

  • Valerie / 12.11.2016

    Looking forward to several parties, cookie exchanges, and 3 days of Christmas fun visiting family.

  • Sophie Schrader / 12.11.2016

    I’m just doing the usual, family & friends catch ups. Can’t wait to have some time off work to relax!

  • Betsey M / 12.11.2016

    Love the varierty here! Already mentally planing who I would gift what.

  • Emily Rabbitt / 12.11.2016

    Laying low and hanging with the family!!!

  • Linda S / 12.11.2016

    Kids home from college/med school. Looking forward to time with them.

  • Traveling to Kansas City!

  • Ashley S / 12.11.2016

    Such an admirer of Gray Malin’s work! And your shop! Having a nice Christmas at home this year 🙂

  • Sharon / 12.11.2016

    Oh my this is the best giveaway. My son would absolutely love all of this (regifting the planner back to mom).

  • Bobbi Jones / 12.11.2016

    Snuggling in with the little fam in what is quite possibly our last holiday season in this home <3

  • What a lovely collection of beautiful products to win! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate.Happy Holidays to you!! 🙂

  • This is my favorite giveaway yet. And my favorite holiday of the year. We have a lovely family dinner Christmas Eve. Christmas Day my hubby and I make bellinis, open presents, make a delicious breakfast, and then watch Oscar movies. On Boxing Day we host a festive dinner with friends. Everyones gifts would improve by winning this giveaway.

  • Laura Wood / 12.11.2016

    Holiday plans consist of staying in Nashville and hanging with family!

  • jenny / 12.11.2016

    The oyster knife is so special !!

  • Katie Payne / 12.12.2016

    Absolutely love these gift guides and would totally freak if I won one!
    I am so looking forward to spending time with family, and any of these gifts would blow their socks off!

  • JoleneS / 12.12.2016

    We plan to celebrate with family, see lots of movies, and bake many cookies and pies!

  • Vickie / 12.12.2016

    Home in Florida for Christmas Day..the big family feast. I’ll start cooking 3 days or so in advance..some of the baking is done. Church Christmas Eve..
    Christmas Day we will all eat too much, nibble too much..nap hummm..correction some will, take a walk..watch football
    Then we will head out to our little place in the mountains near Highland, NC for a week.
    Unless, the fires and smoke get worse.
    Merry Christmas

  • Caitlyn Cousino / 12.12.2016

    This holiday I will be spending time with my friends and family. I spend Christmas Eve at my grandmas, Christmas Day at my boyfriends families house, and New Year’s Eve I’ll be spending with my friends 🙂

  • Our Holiday plans are to visit with daughters….also babysit so the parents of our Grands can sneak away for a much needed night away to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Love being with family and just hanging out together!

  • Colette / 12.12.2016

    I am hoping for lots of snow on Christmas and spending the day relaxing inside by the fire with a cup of tea and enjoying the holiday with my family!

  • Lucy McCloud / 12.12.2016

    Ooh I’m obsessed with that Gray Malin print!!! Would love to win XOXO

  • My sister will be with us! I’m so excited 😀

  • Laura Ieni / 12.12.2016

    Staying local and spending time with family!

  • RUST / 12.12.2016

    CORRECTED LINK – for tweet entry 12/12 – https://twitter.com/rusthawk/status/808504644485804032

  • Joanna A. / 12.12.2016

    Lots of relaxing with family!

  • Christianna Giordano / 12.13.2016

    i love the idea of a travel candle – I travel quite a bit for work and this would be a lovely way to make hotel rooms feels a little more like home!

  • Kellie / 12.13.2016

    Getting ready for the arrival of baby number 3 with the family!

  • Alex T / 12.13.2016

    I’m heading home to my parents’ house!

  • Danielle / 12.13.2016

    Celebrating with my family in TN

  • Elizabeth / 12.14.2016

    Holiday parties and spending time with family!

  • jennifer m / 12.14.2016

    I love that winter gray malin print!!!

  • We will be here in Atlanta for Christmas!

  • Brittani Horton / 12.14.2016

    My holiday plans include alot of cooking and cozying up for Christmas movies. Also we do have a family carriage ride planned to go look at Christmas lights because Christmas is Lit!

  • Kenya F / 12.14.2016

    I usually go away to Europe for the holidays but this year I will be staying home and having dinner with the family

  • Elena / 12.15.2016

    A quick trip to Southern Oregon.

  • Rust / 12.16.2016

    My holiday plans are to travel to the Seattle area to visit family.

  • Hanna Mosca / 12.16.2016

    Pajama party with my mom, grandparents, sisters, and cousins! It’s my favorite Christmas tradition.

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