08.08 This Week I…


…welcomed August with kate spade new york and a new 17 month agenda because August is the new January.

…was over the moon for this little get together. 

…calculated happiness.  

…continued my obsession with blue and white.

…daydreamed about Marrakech.

…loved on HGTV’s August color pick, watercolor.  I mean the photo above says it all right?

…started thinking about Halloween.

…couldn’t handle the amazingness of these sweet treats.  Oh pineapple, I heart you.

…seriously considered (for like the tenth time) about  baking my own bread.

…felt Bien.

…celebrated an endless summer with lots of summery Shop arrivals.  If pom poms, stripes, and tassels don’t scream “summer don’t leave” I don’t know what does.

…downloaded some fab free apps thanks to IHOD.   

…swooned over these new towels from The Little Market.

…launched our “Friday Fix.”  Every Friday at 1:00 pm EST I’ll be marking down one, or a collection of highly coveted items in The Shop 30%.  You’ll have till the end of the day or till that item(s) is sold out to take advantage, and the discounted items and code will be emailed out via The Shop’s e-newsletter.  So if you’re not signed up for our emails there’s still time to get this weeks “Friday Fix.”  And trust me you don’t want to miss out because hint, it just might be a little something from everyone’s favorite, Rifle  Paper Co.  TGIF Loves!  truly, MKR

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