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Over the last couple weeks I’ve had the pleasure of dining at quite a few new spots.  Some new to me completely and others while not new, provided a new dining experience if you will.  For lack of droning on and on in 6 different posts I thought I’d give all you loves the Readers Digest version of what I’m loving (or not loving) at 7 Hens, Ra Sushi, Leon’s Full Service, Table & Main, Salt Factory, and Star Provisions.  

The first was completely new to me, and new to Atlanta, 7 Hens7 Hens is a schnitzel shop located in Decatur.  Schnitzel being an age-old technique of thinly pounding the chicken breast, dipping it in egg batter and coating it with seasoned breadcrumbs.  The 7 in 7 Hens refers to the 7 different flavor combinations you can have like the American, Mexican, Indian, etc.  All of their chicken is local and delivered daily, made fresh to order.

Now most of you know I don’t eat meat, so here is the beauty of 7 Hens.  You can get any schnitzel made with tofu.  And having recently moved from Chicago I’ve found that Atlanta is seriously lacking in vegetarian options so I was brimming with excitement to try tofu schnitzel.  Let me tell you it was amazing.  The Mr. had the chicken schnitzel Mexican style and I had the tofu schnitzel Indian style.  So delish!  My only complaint is that 7 Hens isn’t closer to where we live because I would be going there all the time.  Love!


My tofu schnitzel form 7 Hens

Next up is Ra Sushi.  Now Ra isn’t new to me, I’d ate there many times in Chicago, but when they introduced their new summer menu I was intrigued by the idea of Crispy Asian Tacos and “Ra”ckin Shrimp just to name a few.  While the whole menu was pretty good, the starters were definitely the stars.  The Asian tacos, edamame dip,  “Ra”ckin shrimp, and garlic edamame are ridiculous.  I could have ate just those 4 things and been completely happy.

The garlic edamame while it sounds simple has such spectacular seasoning I personally asked what it was and then high tailed it to the spice market to pick some up for myself.  The Asian tacos are genius.  And the edamame dip is like your classic spinach dip only better.   One of the best things is that they have fantastic Happy Hour specials which makes Ra the perfect after work spot.

Ra’s Strawberry Saketini

Crispy Asian Tacos

Sampler of the garlic edamame, “ra”ckin shrimp, and edamame dip

Brunch is my favorite meal.  Whoever came up with brunch deserves a medal.  So now knowing my feelings on brunch, you can understand my elation to discover that Atlanta also loves brunch.  One of the best brunches I’ve had so far has been at Leon’s Full Service.  Last time I was at Leon‘s was simply for cocktails before heading to 246 and then cocktails after dining at 246.  This time I was there for the eggs.  Sadly when we arrived they had just ran out of the egg special for the day, and while my heart was sad it taught me 1. to next time get to Leon’s earlier and 2. everything happens for a reason.  And that reason was so I could have the fried green tomato sandwich.

I’ve decided that fried green tomatoes = heaven.  And the fried green tomato sandwich at Leon’s was probably the best I’ve ever had.  Truth be told it wasn’t just the sandwich it was also the pub fries, zucchini casserole, and sauteed corn & field peas.  Everything just tasted very southern, very cozy, and very much like food my grandma would make but better.  And I wasn’t the only one in comfort food heaven, the Mr. had slow roasted beef brisket with black peppercorn gravy, fried onions, and served open faced.  Not too shabby.


Fried green tomato sandwich and zucchini casserole

The brisket

So I have a problem.  I sometimes forget I have a blog.  Most of the time it slips my mind when amazing food is put down in front of me, and then I tend not to remember until that food is almost gone and the time for pictures has passed.    Which brings me to Table & Main, Salt Factory and Star Provisions.  All amazing, all MUST Eats, and all with no pictures.  Wah Wah.  So I’m going to ask you to please use your imagination while I run quickly down what I’m loving at each.

Star Provisions is that classic lunch spot where you know the food is always going to be good, and if for some reason it’s not the shopping is.  I was joined at Star Provisions by my gal Dina from Deliciously Darling Events for a World Domination meeting, or rather to plot our upcoming Occassions Magazine NYE Photo Shoot at JCT Kitchen.  We paroused the shop, planned a party, solved world hunger, and I ate an amazing felafel pita.   Perfectly crunchy and sauced felafel pita.

Similar story at Salt Factory, same cast of characters same discussions but this time the onion soup.  Never have I had onion soup like this.  Instead of a thin broth with the onions and cheese they blended the onions making it a thicker texture and it was divine.  So good I sent my mother there the following week for the soup and she agreed.  So Loves get the soup.  And can I just say how darling Roswell Square is?!  I feel it’s the perfect place for a brick and mortar Waiting On Martha Shop.  What do ya’ think?

Finally we’re on to Table and Main, also in the darling Roswell Square.  It was a strangely cool (or at least cooler) night in Atlanta and we were joined by our dear friends for quite the perfect evening.  Table and Main’s outdoor seating is superb.  It actually reminded me of Yountville and our many nights in wine country.  Quaint, but not too small, sunken down and hidden just a tad from the street and lush with greenery.  The wine flowed and the food was fantastic.  The Mr.’s tuna was some of the best I’ve ever tried, my scallops were delectable, and all of the southern sides like fried okra, heirloom tomatoes and mac and cheese were the perfect accompaniments.  Again I’m just sad I don’t have any pictures to share with you all.  But I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. 

So Loves, where should I go next?  xoxo

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