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…celebrated the launch of the new and majorly improved Occasions site.  Whoop whoop!  So much eye candy!

…drooled over THESE sandwiches.

…added SO many new arrivals (lighting, snakes, paperweights, Birkins, handstools, etc.) to The Shop.

…prepared for a little collab with Jose Cuervo Tradicional and their History in a Bottle campaign.  Can’t wait to share my custom libation with you all on Monday!  

…read up on standing desks thanks to my gal Meg.

…swooned over Camille Style’s new studio space.  That kitchen!!

…got lost in the new Tulle Mag + loved on our Juleps.

…finally found the perfect passport cover.

…recapped my Bahamas trip which you may be sick of hearing about and yes it was amazing, yes it was relaxing, yes it was breathtaking and all of those things that you think when you think tropical vacation in the Bahamas, but before you stop reading one thing you may not realize is that this trip was a huge milestone for me.  You see for years, and I’m talking years, I suffered from intense panic and anxiety.  It started in my twenties and truly came out of nowhere.  It was debilitating and life changing.  It was something I couldn’t for the life of my Type-A personality control or begin to understand.  And if you suffer, or have ever suffered from panic attacks then you know what I’m talking about.  Everyone’s symptoms and triggers are different.  For me the symptoms were always the same; my throat would close, I ran short of breath and I literally felt like I was dying which led to more then a few nights in the emergency room.  The triggers usually revolved around three different things, one of those being travel.  Anyway, long story short after almost a decade of suffering about two years ago the panic left.  It didn’t leave with medication or anything along those lines I want to be clear about that.  It was truly a few lifestyle changes and a long battle of understanding the beast of panic and rather than running from it embracing it.  Sure I still sometimes feel it creeping in, but it doesn’t consume me like it used to.  And this trip, leaving the country without my travel companion (the Mr.), without easy access to any of my “comforts,” without the routine of a day…well lets just say it felt like the final step in being free.  It felt like a test I passed.  So to all of you (and I know theres a lot of you because I see and hear about your stories) who suffer just know I feel you and I promise there is a light at the sometimes seemingly endless tunnel.  truly, MKR    

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  • It is truly amazing that you were able to overcome such a hard personal obstacle! Congrats on your milestone, and looking forward to more great travel piece from you! xx

  • The Occasions site looks gorgeous! Congrats!!

    x Lily

  • It just goes to show that you never really know what people are going through. My anxiety and infrequent panic episodes showed up after dealing with depression. I can so relate when you say that one has to make a conscious effort to deal with it. Right now mine is taking road trips. I’m doing my best to adopt more positive thinking and will incorporate meditation to see if I can get a handle on it. Thanks for sharing.

  • So proud of you girl! I’m happy that you were able to overcome that hurdle. Congratulations on the new Occassions website. It looks great!! You work so hard!

  • Thank you darling, your love & support means the world!! xo

  • Lisa, a few small lifestyle changes I made that I really do believe helped is I take a 1,000 mg Vitamin D everyday and cut Soy almost completely out of my diet as I’ve read that soy can trigger panic and vitamin d helps combat it. Also as far as embracing it goes what I learned was to try and not give it any thought. For example I used to stress weeks before I had to get on a plane, but the truth is me thinking constantly about it and stressing isn’t going to make me not get on the plane so I’ve tried to adapt the attitude is I’m going to do x, y, or z regardless so I might as well try to enjoy it. By not adding fuel to the spiral that can be panic really really helps. Anyway, good luck and I know you’ll get a handle on it! xo

  • thanks doll! xo

  • thank you so much! It feels great to be on the other side of it, and more travel pieces will be hopefully coming soon! xo

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