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Waiting on Martha Holiday gift guide: Part I

It’s that time of year, friends, and oh do we have some MAJOR goodness in store for you!  We’re kicking off a round of five, that’s right…FIVE holiday gift guides and giveaways this month to celebrate the season.  

Over the next week we’ll be sharing everything we’re planning on gifting this year; the what, the to who, and the why we’re gifting it, plus we’re giving it all away!! That’s right we’re giving it all away to one lucky winner!  Almost everything you see in this picture, customized in colors, sizes and selects, just for one lucky, lucky winner!  Well technically 5 lucky winners since we’re doing five guides. 

Anyway, check out all the details from Gift Guide Number One below, and of course the giveaway entry form widget.  A big thanks to our generous friends at Simply Framed, Williams-Sonoma, Mark & Graham, Ashley Brooke Designs, Emily Ley, One Love Organics, Thimble Press and Daily Harvest for making all of our giveaway dreams come true!  Without further adieu, I invite you to check out all of the products below (with shoppable links if you just can’t wait until the giveaway is through!). Good luck, good luck and let’s cheers to a great start to gift guide season!   Truly, MKR

Grace, Not Perfection

Emily Ley, $12

Shop Now >

It’s an inspirational book that encourages women to simplify and prioritize. Designed with EL’s stunning signature aesthetic, this book gives us tangible ways to simplify our lives to give space to what matters most. 

We’d gift this to a friend, sister, cousin, or coworker who does it all. 

*Giveaway winner will receive a copy. 

Framed Picture

Simply Framed, $65+

Shop Now >

Simply Framed helps make gifting a whole lot easier this holiday season. Simply send in your art, pick your frame, and receive your custom framed piece, ready to hang on the gallery wall! 

We’d gift art to one of those they’ve-got-everything people on our list!

Receive a 10% discount on your custom framing project with code WAITMARTH10. xo 

Skin Dew & Vitamin E Eye Balm

One Love Organics, $58 and $49

Shop Now >

Easily two of our favorite products by One Love Organics, the Skin Dew and Vitamin E Eye Balm are true essentials for your everyday skincare routine. See the difference of all natural products on your skin and tell us you’re not in love, too!!!

We’d gift these to our beauty-obsessed bestie or mother. 

*Giveaway winner will receive both products. 

Cosmetics Case

Mark & Graham, $79

Shop Now >

An everyday must-have, this gorgeous leather cosmetic case is perfect for keeping makeup, coins and small items in your bag while you run around town…and even better when going wheels-up on your next vacay! 

We’d gift these to a sister, friend (or any jet-setter!). 

*Giveaway winner will receive a customized cosmetic bag with color of their choice. 

Alphabet Cookie Stamp Set

Williams-Sonoma, $19.95

Shop Now >

Customized cookies are perfect for holiday gifting (and noshing!).  This stamp set makes it easy to whip up monograms and festive sayings. 

We’d include these in a gift basket for a coworker, neighbor or relative.

*Giveaway winner will receive one cookie stamp set. 

6 pack Ready-to-Blend Smoothies

Daily Harvest, $47.94

Shop Now >

These irresistibly easy and delicious ready-to-blend smoothies are a freezer staple for Team WOM. Not only do they taste amazing, they’re packed with all the good stuff we need to be fueled for the day. 

We’d gift these to a health-conscious bestie.

*Giveaway winner will receive six smoothies of choice. 

Pima Cotton Pajamas

LAKE, $68-115

Shop Now >

Quite possibly THE softest pajamas around, LAKE gives us reason to stay in bed all day long.  Classic prints in separates, shorts sets and pants sets have us living in LAKE all year ’round. 

We’d gift these to a sister or mother to enjoy our Christmas morning movie marathon!

*Giveaway winner will receive a pajamas set of their choice. 

Mr. Handsome Coffee Mug

Ashley Brooke Designs, $23

Shop Now >

It’s hard to deny just how cute this mug is for the Mr. by our friend Ashley Brooke.  We’d go so far as to say it’ll ensure a smile every morning! 

We’d gift this to our favorite husband!

*Giveaway winner will receive one mug. 

The Day Dreamer

Thimble Press, $48

Shop Now >

This planner is more than just a planner; it’s a place to track ideas, notes, to-do lists, inspiration, and the random things that fill up any day. It’s the the perfect companion for those of us who also use an online calendar to schedule their lives. It’s the perfect place to be creative, plan and explore!

We’d gift this to a fellow dreamer, hustler and shaker. 

*Giveaway winner will receive one planner.

Fancy Pencil Set

Ashley Brooke Designs, $15

Shop Now >

In bright and bold colors with cheeky sayings, these Fancy pencils are a true desk essential.

We’d be sure to gift these to a coworker, friend or teacher. 

*Giveaway winner will receive one set of pencils. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway  


PLEASE NOTE: Giveaway items will be shipped directly from each retailer. xo 

Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

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  • Sj Dc / 12.05.2016

    AJord Wood Watch

  • Colette / 12.05.2016

    Happy Holidays! What a fabulous giveaway! I am hoping to find a Bose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker under my tree. PS – You have amazing style and I especially love your fashion posts!

  • Abby L / 12.05.2016

    I’m hoping to get some Lake pajamas this year! I’ve been wanting them forever! Merry Christmas!

  • lucy / 12.05.2016

    oooh yes yes lake pajamas!

  • Megan Caldwell / 12.05.2016

    I am hoping to find a pair of Tory burch boots under my tree this year!!

  • Margaret / 12.05.2016

    Love those Lake pajamas! Would love to find a pair under the tree!

  • Alexis Caldwell / 12.05.2016

    We are a military family and my husband just got word that he will be deploying in a very short time for 9 months. That will be the longest out of the 3 deployments we have faced together. This will be my first deployment since having children and to say I am nervous is an understatement. This news has really put a damper on my holiday spirit. I am not wanting much under my tree besides happy children on Christmas morning and family memories that will get me through the next year. He will miss next Christmas, so I feel like this one must be good enough for two.

  • Angela / 12.05.2016

    This is a fabulous giveaway! I am hoping to find some jewelry under the tree!

  • Personalized items!

  • I am hoping to find new clothes and shoes under my tree.

  • Cheryl Vieira / 12.05.2016

    What a generous giveaway to make someone’s holiday just a little bit brighter!

  • Molly / 12.05.2016

    What an amazing giveaway!! I’m really hoping Santa brings me some lake pajamas this year!!

  • Laura Lee / 12.05.2016

    I’m hoping for a pair of LAKE pajamas, but wouldn’t hate winning the rest of this giveaway 😉 Thanks for the opportunity, awesome giveaway!

  • Emily R. / 12.05.2016

    A plane ticket for a trip I am going on!!!!

  • Bianca Hammond / 12.05.2016


  • martha / 12.05.2016

    I am hoping to find tickets for a long overdue getaway under the christmas tree this year. Aloha!!!

  • This is such an awesome giveaway! Instead of admiring something under my tree, I’m admiring the roof over my tree’s head 🙂 our new house is all the Christmas gift we need this year!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  • Stephanie / 12.05.2016

    This year I am hoping to find book from my list under the Christmas tree. I am a big time bookworm so the books would make me very happy.

  • Sharon / 12.05.2016

    What a fabulous giveaway!

  • Saundra McKenzie / 12.05.2016

    I am hoping to find a new Kindle under my tree. and maybe some surprises!

  • Erin / 12.05.2016

    Such fun goodies! Fingers crossed!

  • Love this giveaway! I’m hoping to find some new Tory Burch sandals under my tree this year!

  • Kelsey / 12.06.2016

    I am hoping to find a new handbag under the tree this year! 🙂

  • Amy C. / 12.06.2016

    I’m hoping for a new wallet and some jewelry this year!

  • I would love to see the Pima Cotton Pajamas under my tree this year.I want to lounge in their softness.Thank you for the fantastic giveaway and the chance to win.These things are so lovely!! 🙂

  • Betsey / 12.06.2016

    I love the gifts in this selection! Grace not Perfection was recently recommend to me by a friend, the cosmetic bags from Mark and Graham are so cute and I have been wanting to try Daily Harvest since I first saw you snap about them!

  • Elizabeth / 12.06.2016

    Amazing giveaway! Would love to win! xo

  • Kim Hanson / 12.06.2016

    Great giveaway … Merry Christmas!

  • Lisa craig / 12.06.2016

    What a wonderful giveaway selection! I hoping to find lots of surprises under our tree! (And that it goes by slow….world is much too fast). ENJOY THE SEASON!

  • What a fun group of treats and suggestions for gifts. Love discovering the Grace book and want to get that to gift away to all my friends and family. Have never had those Pj’s….they look so pretty! Y’all are amazing—love and read every post! Thank you!

  • Jennie Hawes / 12.06.2016

    This is an amazing giveaway! I love starting each morning reading your blogs – happy holidays!

  • Gretchen / 12.06.2016

    This is an awesome list! Those LAKE pajamas are my fave!!!

  • Marissa Kloess / 12.06.2016

    Hoping to find something shiny under the tree!

  • Kellie / 12.06.2016

    A new Kate Spade purse!

  • Erin / 12.06.2016

    Lovely giveaway! I’m hoping to find a plane ticket to Paris for a trip with the hubs!

  • I really need some new makeup and I am dying to read the book Little Labors!

  • Love all the items, especially the PJs!

  • Heather Hughes / 12.06.2016

    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway! I am hoping to find a Jon Hart weekender bag and some Lake pajamas under the tree this year!

  • Hannah Kleinhans / 12.06.2016

    Im hoping for some new bakeware this year 🙂

  • Jordan / 12.06.2016

    A pair of slippers!

  • Erin / 12.06.2016

    I’m hoping to find some great Mark and Graham swag under my tree this year!

  • Jeanna / 12.06.2016

    What a wonderful giveaway – thank you so much!
    I would love to find silky PJ’s under the tree!

  • Samantha Elmankabady / 12.06.2016

    Happy Holidays!! ☃️❄️I am hoping for some Lake pajamas under my tree!

  • Kelsey M. / 12.06.2016

    What a fun collection of gift ideas! I know so many people who would love numerous items on this list!

  • Callie / 12.06.2016

    I’m hoping to find a Gigi New York crossbody underneath the tree! Happy Holidays!

  • SO fun! I’m hoping to find unopened gifts (because, kids! haha!) but would love to find a comfy thick sweater and a couple new books 😉

  • Christianna Giordano / 12.06.2016

    I am very into edible gifts right now – I am hoping to find some tasty treats! (LOVE THE PJs)

  • Sarah / 12.06.2016

    new pair of LL Bean slippers!

  • Brittani / 12.06.2016

    I want the new Dyson hair dryer. It’s a long shot for sure but who wouldn’t want it?

  • Margaret / 12.06.2016

    My goal next year is to get lean, so I would love to find some free weights under the tree (although how do you wrap that?) 🙂

  • Ryann / 12.06.2016

    Love the pajamas and the planner! Would love to find both under the tree this year!

  • Tara / 12.06.2016

    Your gifts are so unique! You do a great job scouring the internet for us. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

  • Brandie M / 12.06.2016

    I need this Jammies in my life !

  • Gina George / 12.06.2016

    I would LOVE those jambes to wear after baby (so soon!!). I am absolutely sick of maternity wear and this would make be feel so cozy and cute while hanging at home with the new baby.

  • Sarah / 12.06.2016

    Those pajamas look amazing!

  • Laura I / 12.06.2016

    slippers and lulu leggings. #loungelife

  • Caroline / 12.06.2016

    Love those Lake pajamas! They’re reason enough to enter, but it gets better and better!

  • Allison Winter / 12.06.2016

    I like experiences, so a trip to somewhere fun would be great!

  • Liz A / 12.06.2016

    I am hoping to get some new slippers and an iPad this year!

  • Saniya Batts / 12.06.2016

    This is so cool I really hope I win and if not congrats to the winner in this contest that will put a little more pep in your step during the holidays

  • Saniya Batts / 12.06.2016

    Happy Holidays to all families

  • Kate B / 12.06.2016

    Fuzzy new slippers! Thanks for these wonderful gifting suggestions and an amazing giveaway!

  • Morgan / 12.06.2016

    What a great giveaway!

  • Sharon Haas / 12.06.2016

    I love to get books as gifts!

  • There’s a pillow from Anthropologie that I’d love to find under the tree. I’ve visited it a half a dozen times and maybe even drooled on it ha ha.

  • Keri justice / 12.06.2016

    I just hope to find a new pair of tennis shoes for myself this Christmas!

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole / 12.06.2016

    I’m hoping to find anew JCrew Excursion Vest & a Jo Malone perfume sampler set under my tree!

  • Vickie / 12.07.2016

    I like surprises. Anything from my varied vintage collections would please me.
    Orchids always nice.
    I’m intrigued by Ree’s new line of kitchen/dining items..I love anything kitchen and dining.
    Even food gifts.
    New pjs..
    A ninja coffee bar.

  • elizabeth moyer / 12.07.2016

    I would love to have something handmade by one of my boys!

  • Lacy= / 12.07.2016

    I have been wanting to try Lake PJs so would love to win this giveaway!


  • Martha / 12.07.2016

    A puppy – but for my mom not for me!

  • Sarah / 12.07.2016

    Hoping for a planned weekend getaway with the husband! Hopefully a staycation.

  • Allison / 12.07.2016

    I’m hoping for a new laptop/tablet. Great gift ideas, though!

  • Joanna A. / 12.08.2016

    I’m hoping for a new handbag!

  • Susan Olson / 12.08.2016

    I got my present early but I really want an exercise bench for weight lifting.

  • Janice Lacy / 12.08.2016

    I already received the best Christmas gift on November 8 😉

  • Courtney Hinton / 12.08.2016

    I’m hoping to find Emily Ley’s book! As an entrepreneur, Emily’s advice has been so valuable – and as an always-busy, compulsive-overworker who forgets just how great God’s gift of grace really is – I know her book will be the same! Happy Holidays!

  • Jolene S / 12.08.2016

    We decided to have one big family present this year: a trip to Chicago to see Hamilton in January. This sounds corny, but I’m finishing two years of cancer treatment just before Christmas, so all I want is a good report from the Docs!

  • Mary Margaret / 12.08.2016

    This is going to sound so hokey, but I truly just want nothing but wonderful memories this Christmas. It’s my first one as a married woman so I want it to be one we will always remember!

  • Sophie Schrader / 12.08.2016

    I really want a Barbour jacket this year! x

  • Truthfully… With the way our finances are… Hubby being laid off recently! My mom was the usually the person who always made sure I had presents still. She was in a motorcycle accident on September 4th. She’s suffered massive brain damage and undergone multiple brain surgeries. She’s been transferred to a rehabilitation/nursing center. Shes come so far in such a short amount of time but she will most likely never be the same. So this year Christmas is just not as joyful as previous years. So I have no idea… I’m not expecting much. I would love a phone call to my mom and a new phone I could give her that she can relearn to use!

  • Joanna A. / 12.09.2016

    I am hoping for some new books! 🙂

  • Andrea M / 12.09.2016

    Any surprise under the tree would be a good one! Bryr clogs, a little dress, some pretty little stud earrings, a plane ticket to somewhere warm!

  • a pair of Frye boots …my husband got me a lovely pair of boots almost 9 years ago, and they’ve almost worn out!

  • Kelly D / 12.09.2016

    I hope to get a new purse under the tree.

  • Caitlyn Cousino / 12.09.2016

    Everything in all of the give aways are beautiful! This year I am hoping to find a Kitchenaid mixer under the tree!

  • Elena / 12.09.2016

    Hopefully an Apple Watch!

  • ashley e / 12.09.2016

    several things I’ve asked for, but I always love the surprises 🙂

  • Cindy A. / 12.09.2016

    I would love to find a newly adopted kitten under the tree. 🙂

  • Kathleen Kuykendall / 12.09.2016

    I am hoping to find a new mattress or a new recliner chair.

  • Does a new car fit under the tree?

  • Kimberly C / 12.10.2016

    I hope to find new pajamas and clothes under the tree!!

  • Adriane / 12.10.2016

    My mom passed recently, so it’s a sad Christmas… no tree, no family, no gifts. But I’d love if a nice SLR camera mysteriously appeared:)

  • What do I hope to find under the tree this year? This entire list ! some great things here. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Honestly, I’m just excited to travel home and catch up with the people I love!

  • Rust / 12.10.2016

    I am hoping to find a new tablet under the tree.

  • Casi Selph / 12.10.2016

    I would love any green beauty products or Kate Spade

  • Jordan Troublefield / 12.10.2016

    new sheets!

  • Kara / 12.11.2016

    New stud earrings

  • Linda S / 12.11.2016

    Any of the items would be so wonderful under the tree 🙂

  • Ashley S / 12.11.2016

    Hoping to find a new phone under the tree this year since my toddler just shattered mine!

  • I am hoping to find some suede boots under my tree this Christmas! But the real fun is spending time with family this time of year! Recently stumbled across your blog and I’m addicted!


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