Pajamas, A Love Affair + A Plum Pretty Sugar Giveaway

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Plum Pretty Sugar PajamasSleep Mask from Plum Pretty Sugar Morning RitualsCavalier King CharlesThe prettiest pajamas from Plum Pretty SugarGreek Key Robe from Plum Pretty SugarMixed Berries, Waiting On MarthaMorning Rituals, Waiting On Martha

I love pajamas.  Love them.  In fact, on the rare Saturday where I have little or nothing to do you won’t see me out of my pajamas till well into the afternoon.  There’s just something so lovely about sleeping and waking (and lounging all day) in a beautiful pair of pajamas.  And you won’t find pajamas any more beautiful than Plum Pretty Sugar pajamas.

Inspired by the idea of breezy happiness against a backdrop of easy living chic, Charlotte Hale founded Plum Pretty Sugar in 2009.  Charlotte sought to bring cozy comfort, feminine details, and blushing touches to apparel, adornment and interiors.  I would say Charlotte has succeeded.  

I’ve been living (like living) in their robe, romper, and lounge pants and this boyfriend shirt is next on my list.  Well the boyfriend shirt and entire BHLDN + PPS collection.  I mean who can choose, I love them all and I just know you will to.  In fact I’m so sure of it we’re spreading that love and giving WOM readers the chance to win a pair of Plum Pretty Sugar pajamas to call their own.  Whichever set the winner’s heart desires because as Charlotte often says, “we are awake to dream.”  Happy Monday Loves, and good luck!  truly, MKR 

*Robe, Plum Pretty Sugar c/o  ||  Romper, Plum Pretty Sugar c/o  ||  Eye Mask, Plum Pretty Sugar c/o  ||  Nailpolish, Nars  ||  Bedding, Crane & Canopy c/o  ||  Moroccan Pouf, Waiting On Martha  ||  African Juju Hat, Waiting On Martha  ||  Pom Pom Herringbone Throw, Waiting On Martha  ||  Tall Vase, kate spade new york c/o  ||  Small Vase, Dwell Studio  ||  Carafe, Jonathan Adler  ||  Coasters, Waiting On Martha  ||  Muse Candle, Jonathan Adler (also available in gold)  ||  Chandelier, Restoration Hardware  ||  Nightstand, Restoration Hardware  ||  Lamp, Restoration Hardware  ||  Rug, Hayneedle  ||  Throw Pillows, Waiting On Martha (please email for availability)

**Photography, Rustic White  ||  This post is sponsored by Plum Pretty Sugar, a brand I love and adore.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  • This was a beautiful post. I love the ankle length Kimono Robes and I think it is awesome they come in sets of 2 or more. If I had those pajamas, I would “live” in them too – especially being a stay-at-home mom. Super excited!

    Pink Love Poppy is my favorite 🙂

  • Chris / 08.04.2014

    love the Beckoning Creatures

  • Gorgeous!! Love their pieces!

  • Oh I love me some jammies! The Imogen Whisked Afloat shorties set is gorgeous!

  • Love the greek key print mixed with the floral! Totally need this set stat. Newly preggars and spending an unfortunate amount of time laying down! Could certainly use this to look way more chic doing it 😉

  • I have a Plum Pretty Sugar robe that I received a few years ago and I wore it while getting ready for our wedding! It’s my favorite now I practically wear it every morning while I’m getting ready! Crossing my fingers I win!

  • Adore this post! Pork sleeps just like addy does right next to me all cute and snuggled up. That face is just too sweet.

    Xo Jessica

  • Lisa / 08.04.2014

    Loved all the colors in this post. I am sucker for anything with a Greek key print.

  • Michelle / 08.04.2014

    How lovely! I could stay in bed all day in that!!

  • Love the petal shorts! All of the shorties are so luxurious for summer lounging. Great giveaway!!

  • Lacy / 08.04.2014

    I love the Breezy Bloomfall Shortie Set-Silk Road Sweet!

  • Your bedroom is stunning!!! I am a “stay in my pjs all day” kind of girl, so this is great!

  • This is PRECISELY what I need at the hospital when I have visitors. xoxox

  • Sarah Turner / 08.04.2014

    Glad I’m not the only all day pyjamas girl!

  • What a FAB giveaway!! You look beautimous in all of the photos, as per usual. xo

  • Love spending a lazy day in pajamas too… though my pjs are not nearly this pretty!!!

  • Adorable, as always! I really need to ditch my stretch pants and tank tops for these pretties!

  • Tlynn Kozma-Perrin / 08.04.2014

    Beautiful stuff!

  • Elyse G. / 08.04.2014

    I love the Kimono Style Robe and Cami Dress Set. *fingers crossed*

  • Madeline / 08.04.2014

    I love any of the ones in the Pink Love Poppy and Beckoning Creatures prints!

  • Jenna / 08.04.2014

    I LOVE the Fields to Wanderfall set – I’ve always wanted a cute PJ set like those!

  • These PJs look amazing, this entire shoot has me so inspired.

  • Dee Rasmussen / 08.04.2014

    Adorable robe – would love to win! Ciao,Dee

  • Emily / 08.04.2014

    Pink Love Poppy is a big fav!!

  • Jaime W. / 08.04.2014

    I have been looking to update my pj’s and there are so many adorable options! Fingers crossed!

  • I love the Aurelie Maxi Robe!!

  • YES! I have an obsession with matching jammies, so to win this giveaway would make my YEAR.

  • I love pajamas too! These are so cute! 🙂

  • ashley strickland / 08.04.2014

    I love all the PJ sets. All of the shorties are able – and they look like the perfet thing to wear to bed in this AZ summer heat.

  • Carlotta / 08.04.2014

    My “pajamas” have definitely seen better days. I would love a new set.

  • sydney85 / 08.04.2014

    The Fields to Waterfall are perfect pjs.

  • I love the Breezy Bloomfall shortie set! So cute!!

  • Wehaf / 08.04.2014

    I’ve loved PPS for a long time! I especially adore the Breezy Bloomfall Pant Set. Calliope Beneath The Stars.

  • Love these PJ’s… pretty! Think I need an update!

  • Anna / 08.04.2014

    I love the Viviette Encounters Lark!

  • Love the pattern pictured here on the eye mask!! All of them are beautiful though 🙂

  • Emilie / 08.04.2014

    I love all of SPP’s pajamas, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Breezy Bloomfall Pant Set in Beckoning Creatures 🙂

  • Heather S / 08.04.2014

    I love the kimono robes!

  • I loove the Breezy Bloomfall Pant Set! Looks perfect for summer.

  • Kelly Decker / 08.04.2014

    Love the Lilou short robe in Verite!

  • Gretchen / 08.04.2014

    I LOVE this orange robe and was just telling my husband I needed a new one!

  • Leigh hendry / 08.04.2014

    The ones you’re wearing! Love the tangerine color in the robe and the Greek Key pattern. In fact, I used the same pattern/colorway to freshen up our master bedroom earlier this summer. Would die to have these to lounge around in!

  • Love the ones you’re wearing in the pic!

  • Samantha dapper / 08.04.2014

    I need the Aurelie Maxi Robe! It’s too good!

  • I really love your robe! These are such pretty pictures!

  • Kaylee / 08.04.2014

    LOVE all these pieces! Staying in your pjs all day never looked so glamorous!

  • Angela / 08.05.2014

    I love the anouk boyfriend shirts!

  • Laurel wolcott / 08.05.2014

    Ahh! It’s so hard to choose a favorite. I would be lucky to own any, they are all insanely gorgeous and unique, no other prettier than the other. Right now I’m really into the breezy bloom fall pant set with the tank top! It could put a smile on anyone’s face! But I’m dying for a robe…!

  • I’d love the pink rose lounge pants. A perfect way to relax in style! {A}

  • Those pink poppy love lounge pants look so comfy! {A}

  • Monica / 08.05.2014

    Love their sweet love and yonderflies pj set 🙂

  • I love the Breezy Bloomfall Shortie Set; what a fabulous way to lounge!

  • brandie M / 08.05.2014

    I love the breezy bloomfield tank and lounge pants, the eye masks, kimano sleeve robes and pretty much everything! The besboke collection is to die for!! Thank you for introducing me to this line!!

  • Shannon / 08.05.2014

    Love everything from Pretty Plum Sugar and their BHLDN collection is beautiful. I really love the Breezy Bloomfall Pant Set in Viviette Encounters A Lark. GORGEOUS!!

  • I wish I had known about this brand before my wedding! These would have been a perfect bridesmaid gift.

  • Jennie H / 08.05.2014

    Love the new maxi robes!

  • kathy benton / 08.05.2014

    love your blog…something so wonderful about jammie lounging! thanks for the opportunity to win. k


  • I love everything about this! My boyfriend says I have the fastest home to PJ response time. 🙂

  • These robes and pajamas are stunning! I would be so happy to own any of them or give them as gifts! 🙂

  • Amy M. C. / 08.05.2014

    I love the Pretty PJ set! All the prints are beautiful and it would be hard to decide!

  • Laura / 08.05.2014

    I love the breezy bloomfall shorties. So pretty!

  • I absolutely love these pictures! So adorable.

  • Emily R / 08.05.2014

    I would love a robe! The matching sleep sets are also awesome.

  • Shortie set in beckoning creatures!

  • MJ Moore / 08.05.2014

    I love the Breezy Bloomfall Pant Set in Pink Love Poppy!

  • I love the beckoning creatures pj set!


  • Alex T / 08.06.2014

    I love the Breezy Bloomfall Pant Set. Beckoning Creatures!

  • NadiA / 08.06.2014

    One of each please. LOVE!!!

  • I am so in love with the robe – Aurelie Maxi Robe – that you’re wearing. But if I have to pick something else from the site, I have to agree with you that the BHLDN+PPS collection is divine. I especially love Viviette Encounters a Lark robe. And the Breezy Bloomfall Shortie set!

  • Bianca Andrea / 08.06.2014

    Pretty PJ Set. Imogen Whisked Afloat.Is my favorite!

  • Kaitlyn / 08.06.2014

    Seriously, this is the best giveaway EVER! I have a plum pretty sugar robe and I live in mine too! My birthday was on the 1st and I begged my husband for the pajamas, but he “forgot the brand” and bought me target pajamas. Major letdown. Would absolutely love to win…and I think the sweet-love-and-yonderflies would be fantastic OR the pink love poppy to match my robe.

  • CRystal / 08.06.2014

    Love the shorties sets and kimono robes!

  • Ainsley Grimm / 08.06.2014

    After a long day one of the first things I do when I get home is change into my pj’s.

  • Grace Wong / 08.07.2014

    I’m in love with the Fields to Wanderfall Shortie Set!

  • I love all the patterns and colors that you can combine!

  • I would like the pjs, that robe AND your bed, please and thank you! Oh man, that thing looks comfy. How do you EVER get up in the morning?!

  • sAMANTHA pETERSON / 08.07.2014

    Love this post! The pictures are so pretty! My favorites would be the robes and the Breezy Bloomfall Pant Set

  • Rosie / 08.07.2014

    I love the Kimono Style Robe. Ankle Length. Imogen Whisked Afloat!!

  • T Michelle Trump / 08.07.2014

    I love pink poppy love lounge pants.

  • Ashley C / 08.08.2014

    I adore the Breezy Bloomfall Shortie Set in Silk Road Sweet


  • Krystal / 08.08.2014

    This would be a great giveaway to win! I’ve been told…um more than once….that I look like a hobo when it is time for bed. I guess I should start uping the style factor lol!

  • jessica eapen / 08.08.2014

    i really like the Ruffled Pant Set- Anais Ponders a Poet.!

  • Mandy / 08.09.2014

    The robes are my FAVE! I haven’t gotten any of the jambes yet, but everything they do is wonderful.

  • Kim Pincombe Cole / 08.09.2014

    So many beautiful prints! I love the Pretty PJ Set. Sweet Love and Yonderflies…

  • Rust / 08.09.2014

    Love them all! I would choose the Pretty PJ Set. Beckoning Creatures.

  • Kaitlyn / 08.09.2014

    They are all gorgeous, but I love the sweet love and yonderflies!

  • Birdiebee / 08.09.2014

    I love the Silk Lounge Pant. Petal and Dove.

  • Laura p / 08.09.2014

    My favorite is the Ruffled Shortie Set- Anais Ponders a Poet!

  • Amanda Sakovitz / 08.10.2014

    I love the Anais Ponders a Poet pajamas

  • Laura / 08.10.2014

    I love Plum Pretty Sugar- their prints are beautiful and their pieces last forever!

  • I love the robes!

  • natalie / 08.10.2014

    My favorite pair is Bon Bon Elan

  • Obsessed with this! So cool!

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