One Room Challenge…Week 5

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Waiting On Martha's OfficeWaiting On  Martha's OfficeWaiting On Martha's Office Waiting On Martha's Office, Drapery Detail

Oh week five, how did you get here so fast?  This ORC week was filled with high highs, my drapes are in and they are fabulous, and low lows, furniture delays…major furniture delays.  But lets focus on the highs first.  The drapes were installed at 10:00 pm last night and I couldn’t be more in love.  The mango-peach velvet pop of color is what dreams are made of and the tassels, well everything is better with a tassel.  They completely softened the room and elevated my office’s overall look plus they’re the perfect compliment to my modern Thibaut Tanzania wallpaper and horned sconces.  Drapes, done and done.

The second big progression this week was my AllModern Blu Dot Strut Desk which I’m equally loving.  The simple white desk is the perfect size and doesn’t distract from everything else going on.  However, because the desk doesn’t have drawers I did need to purchase a small rolling file cabinet from Ikea.  Also to keep my desktop clutter free I flanked the desk with my favorite Tini Table from Oomph to hold a few necessities.  And on a total side note I’ll be working with Oomph soon to create an exclusive, limited edition Tini Table so if you have any colors or shapes you’re dying to see please holler at me below in the comments!

Okay the bad-I-don’t-think-we’re-going-to-make-deadline-news.  A few of the major pieces of furniture, specifically my table and other shelf has been delayed.  The Knoll Tables are custom made and it looks like we’re a week or so out.  I only have myself and my procrastination to blame.  So next week at the final reveal, we may only get a partial reveal and have to take the ORC to week seven.  Chalk it up to the joys of design!  Truly, MKR

…AS PICTURED…Balloon Dog, Waiting On Martha  ||  Stacked Book Towers, Hayneedle  ||  Brush Stroke Lamp, Jana Bek via Waiting On Martha  ||  Blu Dot Strut Desk, AllModern c/o  ||  Panton Chair, AllModern c/o  ||  Tini Table, Oomph c/o  ||  Blue Acrylic Charm Bowl, Alexandra Von Furstenberg  ||  Acrylic Pencil Holder, Waiting On Martha  ||  Embrace Nude Print, Minted c/o  ||  Skull Print, Made By Girl  ||  Wallpaper, Thibaut Tanzania  ||  Horned Sconces, Waiting On Martha (email for details)  ||  Books; My Greek Island Home by Claire Lloyd, Manners by Kate Spade New York, The Kinfolk Table by Kinfolk, The New York Dog by Rachel Hale McKenna, Summers in France by Kathryn Ireland, In With The Old by Jennifer Boles



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  • I love those sconces. I have had my eye on them and am so glad you are using them. The color of the drapes is magnificent. And the little oomph tables are spectacular! They really add so much with their cute colors and fun shape. I hope you get in everything by next week! I can’t wait to see it all come together.

  • Those CURTAINS!!!! Gah…so so good. And I can’t wait to see your oomph table- I adore them. With of without the few pieces you’re waiting for, this reveal is going to be spectacular!

  • I am in love with your drapes. I may copy them some day. Just love! I am sure that people will come back to see you finish…whenever that is. Do not stress, as I am imagining that you are, over this. It is not the solution for World Peace.

  • If these are just sneak peeks, then we are all in for a huge treat. I know this is hard work, but it is going to be SO worth it! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Omgahhhhh, every detail looks stunning! Can’t wait to see it all together you little tease! XO

  • The curtains are great. Hope it all works out for the reveal.

  • I am dying over every single thing. The wallpaper is amazing and the sconces…perfection!! Can’t wait to see it all together next week!!

  • That is the life of a designer….sometimes things just don’t happen on our schedules:) No worries I am sure we will have enough awesomeness !!!

  • Lookin fab little chica! Love what you have done with the space!xoxo

  • Can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  • THOSE curtains! HUBBA love them! Definitely think I need an Ikea file holder – great move. So excited about your Oomph collab! Even if everything doesn’t arrive your space is going to be killer! xx jana

  • Those drapes are gorgeous! Where from?

  • Naomi / Design manifest / 10.30.2014

    Major major sconce envy. Hubba hubba.

    And bravo on the curtains. Such a pretty, fun detail.

  • Thank you darling! xo

  • I had them custom made, the fabric and tassels are from two local places here in Atlanta, Forsyth and Lewis & Sharon. xo

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you lady!! xoxo

  • Thanks friend, it’s been a process! xo

  • Thanks doll! xo

  • Thank you friend, I was really upset about it all not coming together in time, but sometimes you just gotta say it is what it is and it’ll all work out! xo

  • I hope it will all come together next week, I hope I hope I hope! xo

  • Thanks Love! xo

  • Thank you Jessie, I can’t wait to have it all come together as well! xo

  • Thank you friend, I keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end. xo

  • Ha! World Peace will not be solved by my drapes and office. Ha! I’m still fingers crossed everything will be ready in time. xo

  • Thanks Christine I’m looking forward to having everything come together! xo

  • Thanks friend, I can’t wait to see your reveal!! xo

  • The window treatments are to die for…..everything is looking so good. Fingers crossed everything is in in time but if not, I am sure it will be spectacular!

  • Those drapes are lovely and the perfect foil for the wallpaper. Absolute LOVE.

  • Every single detail so far is killer!! Those drapes, the trim, the wallpaper, I’m LOVING IT ALL! Soooo looking forward to next week!!

  • You’ve done a fabulous job! I LOVE the curtains! The color and the tassels…

  • It looks amazing! Love the desk and brightness of your new office!!

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