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A few weeks ago my friends over at HP embarked on their Joy Caravan.  A 8 city tour across the states to spread joy, and technology, this Holiday season.  And lucky me they happened to stop in the A.  So on a rainy, and unseasonably hot day, I headed down to Centennial Park to check out all the new gadgets and spread some joy of my own.

HP isn’t playing this season.  Between the tablets, home systems, audio, and of course the Chrome Book there’s literally something for everyone on your list.  Personally I’m obsessed with the Google Chrome Book.  It’s perfect for my crazy, travel filled life.  With it’s ability to be online all of the time and ease of use I just throw it in my bag and go.  And because I was so in love HP gave me a Chrome Book ($299 value) to gift one of you this Holiday season!  So…you get a Chrome Book, you get a Chrome Book, you get a Chrome Book.  Okay well really only one lucky reader will get a Chrome Book but shouldn’t everyone feel like Oprah even for only a brief moment?  Legal mumbo jumbo below and Happy Monday Loves!  truly, MKR

P.S. Congrats to the winner, Taunya, of our VIETRI giveaway!

The legal mumbo jumbo...this giveaway is open to US residents and will run through Sunday the 15th with our winner announced Monday the 16th.  We’ll be running this all through Rafflecopter (below) which allows you to earn points for each item completed with a simple click of the button.  The more points you earn the more likely you are to win (and remember you probably already have entry points if you’re a regular reader of the blog).  This post and giveaway is sponsored by HP, but my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • My must have tech device is definitely my phone, with my tablet coming in a close second! Happy Holidays!!

  • Mara Maddox / 12.09.2013

    My must-have tech is my iPhone (of course) and on my Christmas list is some wireless speakers so I can take my sound anywhere!

  • zara / 12.09.2013

    I would love to one of your give a ways. I follow you on everything and love the tips.

  • My husband’s is the Chromebook – he’s just dying for it! Mine, I’m lost without my iMac.

  • zara / 12.09.2013

    Oh ok my must haves is wireless speakers. IPod!! I just love have my music separate from my phone. It saves the battery. And laptop. I love to write so its always in use.

  • ALLI / 12.09.2013

    This would make the perfect birthday/Christmas present for me! 🙂

  • ALLI / 12.09.2013

    My must have is a new phone! Samsung galaxy. I shattered my screen…

  • EVA MCCRACKEN / 12.09.2013

    My must have tech device is definitely a good smartphone. For me, that’s my iPhone. You have a calendar, internet, music, camera & social media all at your little finger tips.

  • Julie / 12.09.2013

    A tablet for my son … the Chrome book would be perfect!

  • Zharlynne / 12.09.2013

    I’d be lost without my laptop or tablet and wireless keyboard. I’m a grad student so I need to be able to work while I’m on the go.

  • eRICA bROWN / 12.09.2013

    my MUST have tech item is definitely my iPhone! DUH! hehe

  • Molly / 12.09.2013

    My must have tech device is my phone paired with my ear buds! Music is always a must.

  • Angela / 12.09.2013

    My iPhone!

  • Julianne / 12.09.2013

    My cell phone!!

  • Melanie simpsOn / 12.09.2013

    Oooh! This looks like a fun addition to my Christmas list!

  • My cell phone never leaves my hands, it’s a problem!

  • Karen / 12.09.2013

    My MUST have tech device is the HP Chrome book 14.

  • I MUST have my phone. MUST must must must must.

  • Alisa / 12.09.2013

    My cell phone, without a doubt!

  • Nicole / 12.09.2013

    I hope that the Chromebook becomes my new favorite thing!

  • Ashley / 12.09.2013

    My must have tech device is my phone!

  • Robbe Dunn / 12.09.2013

    My phone…but it’s too small to do everything efficiently. Would LOVE a chrome book…xoxo

  • Oh my goodness, how awesome. My “must have” tech device is my iPhone, but my laptop is seriously on its way out. I would LOVE a snazzy new Chrome Book to replace it.

  • My must have tech device has to be my phone!

  • Cate / 12.09.2013

    My laptop is struggling these days and I definitely need a tablet to keep up with my work and play!

  • Sarah mateo / 12.09.2013

    I can’t live without my iPhone! I constantly have it with me and it has everything I need at the touch of the finger. I’m an addict!

  • Lily / 12.09.2013

    My must-have it my iPhone! Can’t live without it!

  • Serena / 12.09.2013

    My cell phone for sure! I feel naked without it!

  • Must have tech product is an ipad Mini!

  • My Cell Phone for Sure! I can’t go without it.

  • Holly Storm-Burge / 12.09.2013

    I’d have to say a tablet. It has so many uses, from internet and computer functions to camera and reader. It can replace so many devices. Now if it only had cell phone capabilities….

  • Colleen Boudreau / 12.09.2013

    My cell phone.

  • Elisabeth / 12.09.2013

    Definitely my phone.

  • My iPhone. Obviously 🙂

  • I could really use this Chromebook! Fingers crossed!

  • LUCY / 12.09.2013

    My phone!

  • Jessie C. / 12.09.2013

    A laptop to me.

  • jill / 12.09.2013

    I love my computer — so I can read your blog! A tablet would be handy for when I am not at home or when someone else is hogging the desktop! Thanks for the chance!

  • Thanks for the great giveaway. My must have tech device is my cell because it doubles as my camera!

  • Hilary A. / 12.09.2013

    I just got an iPad and I do not know what I did ‘on-the-go’ before I had one! I also love my MacBook pro – but it just bit the dust after 7 longs years and I would love a new laptop!

  • My must have tech item is definitely my phone!

  • Alex / 12.09.2013

    Definitely my iPhone!

  • Laura Cronin / 12.09.2013

    My must have tech device is my cell phone, it keeps me connected to all my friends and family!

  • My must have tech device is my tablet.

  • Lynda / 12.09.2013

    i must have my laptop. everything else is forgo-able.

  • dawn / 12.09.2013

    Fingers crossed that I’ll get lucky! OMGosh, I have learned more about posting & following on social media in the past 20 mins just trying to enter this contest than I’ve learned in the past few years playing around… Still not sure if I did the Facebook entry right! Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  • dawn / 12.09.2013

    Let’s add “does not follow directions well” to my list of attributes… my must-have techo-device, currently, is my iPhone 5; my must-have FUTURE techno-device is the Chrome Book I’m gonna win on this giveaway (right???)! 🙂 Happy Holidays, Everyone!

  • Hannah / 12.10.2013

    My must have tech device is my laptop although it is starting to get old (about 5 years) I treated it well so it still works amazingly but a new laptop would always be thankfully accepted

  • Noreen fennell / 12.10.2013

    My must have is my phone(Droid RAZR). In a pinch it can stand in for my laptop, phone, address book.

  • Sounds great!

  • Anastasia / 12.10.2013

    My laptop! It can do everything I need and has enough room to store all the files I want 🙂

  • Courtney / 12.10.2013

    I can’t live without my cell phone and my Fitbit 🙂

  • I, like most people, have the standard answer: my phone. No way I could live without that. But a very close second is my iPad. I basically don’t use a computer at home anymore.

  • My phone and my new Withings!!

  • Lisa Brown / 12.10.2013

    my must have device is my tablet

  • Traci / 12.10.2013

    I’d love to have a personal tablet. I still have the old type of computer and can’t take it with me when I go anywhere. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  • Maggie / 12.10.2013

    My phone!

  • nancyhts / 12.10.2013

    I don’t have a cell phone so this would be amazing to win!

  • My must have device is my Bose headphones connected to my laptop. It’s the combo of choice that keeps work working.

  • Danielle F. / 12.10.2013

    My desktop – it has everything on it

  • Must have gadget is anything with a camera!

  • shaunie / 12.10.2013

    my must have device is laptop (or televsion)

  • Amy C. / 12.10.2013

    My laptop is my must-have item!

  • Mike Bratek / 12.10.2013

    I must have the new Kindle Fire HDX!

  • Lisa S. / 12.10.2013

    My must have is my phone. I have an iPhone5 and with a dead personal computer it’s really what keeps me organized and productive at home and on the go

  • D Schmidt / 12.10.2013

    My must have tech item is my laptop because it is essential to my day to day life.

  • Natasha / 12.10.2013

    Definitely my MacBook Pro. I take it everywhere!

  • Katie Contests / 12.10.2013

    My must-have tech device is my iPhone!

  • Marnie / 12.10.2013

    I can really spend a LOT of time on my IPad. It is my must have device now.

  • I’m pretty dependent on my cell phone, but this chromebook is on my wish list! I’m 42 and going back to school in January and really need something portable for class that has a good battery life. Would like to have this for note taking and studying. I’ve heard the chromebooks don’t get viruses! Pretty sweet and I could totally get used to Google Docs, since you can’t download software like MS. I think a chromebook is just what I need. 😀

  • stephanie / 12.11.2013

    i love my phone

  • Elyse G. / 12.11.2013

    I can’t leave home without my iPhone. *fingers crossed*

  • I’m ALWAYS on my laptop for one reason or another: working on my blog, catching up with family via FB and email, etc. A good computer is definitely my tech must have!

  • I think having a tablet would be a must-have.

  • ginette4 / 12.11.2013

    An iPad for myself

  • Maria / 12.11.2013

    Must have technology is my smart phone!

  • Definitely a cell phone

  • My Android phone with its myriad features!

  • Kevin E / 12.12.2013

    My must have device is my smartphone!

  • Def my phone! 🙂

  • Kelly D / 12.12.2013

    My must have device is my cell phone.

  • Courtney / 12.12.2013

    Sad but true, my must have is my iPhone – for using navigation especially!!

  • I’m a simple high-tech girl, so my only tech necessity is my iPhone!

  • Elena / 12.12.2013

    My smartphone

  • Stephanie Gossett / 12.12.2013

    I love my cell phone. It is simple, but I am grateful for it. This would really bless my family. Our computer is on it’s last leg, and I use it to work. Thank you so much for this chance to win. I really appreciate it.

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

  • rayraycartucci / 12.12.2013

    I honestly don’t have much tech stuff. I have a very old cell phone and a desk top my husband rebuilt. I would like to win this for my husband…maybe he could teach me how to use the thing. LOL. When my husband says point to the computer…I point to the moniter….it cracks him up.

  • Andrea / 12.13.2013

    My must have tech device is the kindle. I love to read in my spare time!

  • Penny H / 12.13.2013

    My must have tech device would have to be my smartphone.

  • Jean / 12.13.2013

    I would have to say a smartphone, but a new laptop sure would be nice (mine is on its last legs).

  • Tabathia B / 12.13.2013

    my kindle fire

  • Jammie / 12.13.2013

    My must have tech device is a laptop, I work from home so it makes things easier.

  • Lori / 12.13.2013

    As much as I like my iPad, I couldn’t do without my Galaxy S4.

  • Rhonda G / 12.13.2013

    My iPad. I love it, it is so versatile and compact I can take it with me anywhere.

  • Cassandra Eastman / 12.13.2013

    My phone & a laptop are definite must have’s for me to stay in touch with family and friends. My husband also uses the computer for his dad’s business!

  • Danielle / 12.13.2013

    My must have tech device is my smartphone.

  • My phone. I cannot live without my phone! I didn’t even have to think about that question! This giveaway is so sweet!!
    Xo Sofi http://thegirlinredtights.blogspot.com/

  • Chantal R / 12.13.2013

    My must have device is my iPhone!

  • terry maigi / 12.13.2013

    My must have is my phone!

  • My must-have is a cellphone. It doesn’t have to be a smartphone as long as I can make calls and text!

  • I have to have a computer! I mean, I even do my schooling on it!

  • Courtney wyse / 12.14.2013

    I can’t go anywhere without my phone and my iPad mini!! If I forget either when I leave the house, I am so lost!

  • Anna Christodoulou / 12.14.2013

    my iphone!!

  • Gayle / 12.14.2013

    Definitely a new laptop is my must have this yr!

  • I love my I phone, but thinking a tablet would be perfect for my “old” and near sided eyes!

  • Chelsea W / 12.14.2013

    My “must-have” is a good laptop. Not a gaming laptop, just a really nice “student” laptop

  • Alison King / 12.14.2013

    Right now, my must have is a new laptop, because the “o” key on mine is broken so I have to copy/paste every “o” I type!

  • my chargers! i’m forever running out of battery for my laptop & iphone!

  • Sonya / 12.14.2013

    Would love to get my hands on one of these!

  • Jacob / 12.14.2013

    My laptop – I would be totally lost without being able to use a laptop

  • meredith / 12.14.2013

    My must have tech is definetly my smart phone! I feel naked without it 🙂

  • Pamela C. / 12.14.2013

    Love the ChromeBook! I’ve played with it a bit while at Best Buy & loved it!

  • Shelley / 12.15.2013

    My must have tech device is a laptop and my cell phone!

    seashell210 at gmail dot com

  • Donna / 12.15.2013

    Smart phone! BUT I sometimes think that my Smart phone is SMARTER than ME 🙂

  • Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! Cheers to the holidays!

  • Martha / 12.15.2013

    Love my iPad. My laptop has been very lonely since I got this a year ago!

  • Amanda Sakovitz / 12.15.2013

    a smart phone

  • My must have would have to be my iPhone 5c!

  • Alexia / 12.15.2013

    I can’t live without my phone!

  • My must-have tech device is my phone and then hopefully the google chrome book

  • Dorothy / 12.15.2013

    My must have tech device is my iphone5….it is always with me.

  • Andrea / 12.15.2013

    My must have tech device is a tablet! Perfect for on the go!

  • FraNcisca m / 12.15.2013

    Without a doubt is my phone.

  • Abbey / 12.15.2013

    You have to have a tablet! So easy for traveling around the holidays!

  • Kelly / 12.15.2013

    My phone is my life! …unfortunately.

  • This is such a perfect giveaway! My must have device is my phone, I really can’t live without it.

    Mostly Lisa

  • Sara / 12.15.2013

    My phone, but only because I don’t have a tablet 🙂

  • Allison / 12.15.2013

    My phone and you’ll laugh….I still have a flip phone! Life has been hectic this last year and it’s time to step into more modern times. I would love to win the Chrome Book! It would be one step in the right direction! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • my must have device is definitely my iphone. i’m lost without it! so sad, but so true!

  • Courtnie / 12.15.2013

    My cell phone is my must have item.

  • Martha / 12.15.2013

    Have to have my iphone on me…

  • Katherine / 12.15.2013

    Must have tech item would be the chrome book this season 🙂

  • emma s / 12.15.2013

    if i had to get an electronic device surgically attached it would have to be my canon camera. don’t know where it would be attached to, but it’s a keeper. cheers for a great giveaway.

  • Thomas Murphy / 12.15.2013

    I have to have a ipad.

  • jessica pitchford / 12.15.2013

    Must have a tablet! Hoping to pursue my administration degree and a tablet would be so helpful

  • zahra premji / 12.15.2013

    My must have tech device is my laptop which I take everywhere…good for school and more.

  • Beth S. / 12.15.2013

    A computer. Any computer

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