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Every year after the clock strikes midnight and the confetti is cleaned up I take some “me” time to reflect.  Reflect upon the past year.  The good, the bad, the successes, and of course the failures.  I write my resolutions, and pick my “word” for 2014.  For those that haven’t ever picked a word before your word is supposed to encompass a desire, a want, a goal that you hope comes to fruition in the new year.  Last year my word was connect.  And 2013 was definitely a year of connections.     

How I choose my word is really more instinctual than anything else.  I simply grow quiet and go through THIS list writing down every word that speaks to me.  Then from those chosen words I start crossing each word off until only one remains.  What tends to happen is a theme begins to form.  An interconnection of words reveals itself.  And without even knowing it your left with what you, your soul, your life needs most.  Journey.  Seek.  Experience.  Explore.  Adventure.  Go.      

These pictures are from a business trip I recently took to New Orleans.  I had very little time for anything other than work, but during the most perfect free afternoon I grabbed my camera and indulged in my favorite activity.  The activity of nothing.  There were no plans.  Just me, my camera and streets to wander.  I gazed at the architecture.  Read about New Orleans history.  Sipped wine at an outdoor cafe.  Listened to street artists play and entertain the tourists.  Ducked in and out of shops.  It was a perfect moment in time.  

Times a funny thing isn’t it?  I thought a lot about time during my blog break.  Or rather moments.  The truth is life is short.  It’s fleeting.  It’s really a compilation of moments.  And what I realized was I’ll never have this moment again.  I will never be this age, in this life, with these people, in this exact space again.  And I want to take full advantage of that.  I want to hop on a plane with the Mr. and travel to destinations unknown.  I want to drive till we get lost.  I want to walk on streets I’ve never been and fall in love with cultures I’ve never experienced.  I want to be spontaneous.  I want to seek adventure.  I want to GO.  So GO I will.  Happy 2014 Loves!  truly, MKR

 P.S.  If you’ve chosen a word for 2014 I’d love to know what it is in the comments section below.

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  • Content – My word is content because I feel like we are always looking for the next thing and never in the moment. I am striving to be content in the present and value each moment.

  • Love your “word” and these photos. I couldn’t agree more with “Go”. Great choice!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  • I’ve never chosen a word for the year before, but this year I am inspired by the numerous people I see designating a word for 2014. The word I chose is fruition. This year I am getting married, completing my first year as a teacher, buying a house, and beginning the next chapter of my life. I feel like this is a year that I need to enjoy the things I worked so hard to obtain.

    I love your word AND your pictures of New Orleans. We have been considering New Orleans for our honeymoon.

  • Great idea on thinking of a word to inspire the year. I think my word would have to be “CREATE” because I want to focus on my photography this year.

  • Last year my word was find (my passion). This year my word is evolve. I like your word and I’m sure you’ll set out to do just that.

    Happy new year!

  • I love the idea of picking a word for the year! Might have to borrow this 🙂

  • I love your blog and LOVE your word for the year!! If you are feeling wanderlust-y you will want to come over and visit me – my blog is all about channeling your inner wanderlust and discovering some great new places!

    Great photos of New Orleans…such a fabulous city!

  • I absolutely love the idea of choosing a word for 2014! I’ve decided on “rise” for the coming year 🙂 Thank you for your inspiring and honest post!

  • Mandy — Thank you for the inspiration. the word for the year is something i have only been recently introduced to and this year, it is really speaking to me. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration. 2014 is going to be a FABULOUS year! xx

  • Marie Fritz / 01.08.2014

    Great blog! Never thought of using a word to describe a year before, but GO could have been my word for 2013. My word for 2014 came easily and within seconds. FULFILL. Yep, that’s it. I will turn 60 and seek to fulfill in 2014. I have made a huge dent in my bucket list and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work – and go, go, go! You are an inspiration!

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