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The iconic fashion staple defined & the perfect pair discovered
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How to find the perfect pair of jeans, @waitingonmarthaHow to find the perfect pair of jeans, @waitingonmarthaHow to find the perfect jeans, @waitingonmarthaFinding the perfect pair of jeans, @waitingonmarthaHow to find the perfect pair of jeans, @waitingonmartha An ode to the perfect pair of jeans, @waitingonmarthaHow to find the perfect pair of jeans, @waitingonmarthaFinding the perfect pair of jeans, Waiting on Martha

The perfect pair of jeans (n.): Perfectly worn-in, hugging you in all the right places.  A pair you can move in; a pair that makes you feel good the second you pull them on.  The perfect pair will never have you tugging at belt loops every time you stand up, but may require that cute shimmy as you get ready for date night.  A pair you’ll have forever. 

We tried Seven for All Mankind, we tried Gap, we tried Madewell and AG.  We brought out our tried-and-true favorite pairs from Old Navy, PAIGE, J.Crew, Rag & Bone, FRAME denim, Blank NYC and Current/Elliott.  The team’s mission?  To find THE perfect jeans.  We looked at high-low options of this iconic fashion staple  (from $32 all the way to $295) and inspected each pair’s fit, material and wearability.  At times throughout the afternoon we felt a little weary (trying on pairs that made us swear we were getting back into the gym starting tomorrow), but at other times we were wiggling around in joy over the fantastic fit.  

We quickly found that each of us had our favorites, and by the end of the day, we all agreed that the perfect jeans looked different on everyone.  From flares to skinnies to boyfriends and bootlegs, the options are virtually endless when it comes to jeans.  And we also agreed that very much like dating; it takes a lot of wrong fits before you find the right fit.

Below, you’ll find a break-down of the team’s picks plus their favorite tip on how to find the best jean for you.  Tell us, have you found the perfect jeans?!  Truly, MKR

Mandy Kellogg Rye, WOM Founder & Creative Director: “Stick to what works.  It’s easy to fall into each year’s trend.  Please by all means, try those high waisted, frayed, ripped, uneven hem pairs on.  But don’t let the season’s trend sway you to spending big bucks on a pair that doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks.”  

Self-described body type: athletic with wider hips

My Favorites: Current/Elliott I discovered thanks to my recent Trunk Club delivery.  But over the years, I’ve always had my tried-and-true Hudson skinny jeans.  My favorite less expensive options include Gap boyfriend and J.Crew boyfriend jeans.”


Kat Neunaber, WOM Editorial Director: “Always note the material content of the jeans (some jeans are way stretchier than others).”  

Self-described body type: tall, with skinny legs and wider hips

My favorites:  I’m pretty consistent with my love affair with 7 for All Mankind when it comes to skinny jeans…they simply fit me the best (skinny legs with wider hips), and the material makes them easy to move in.  When I’m on a budget, I turn to Gap because I think the entire line looks just as good as any designer versions. But since I am OBSESSED with jeans, I tend to invest in only one or two great pairs per year (to then wear the heck out of them).  When that’s the case, I don’t mind dishing out the cash for a solid pair.  

While I always need a good pair of skinnies, I’ve actually found that I really just love nonstretchy jeans…they hold me in all the right places!  As stated above I’m careful to check out the material description whenever trying a new pair online (cotton with only a hair of elastane is the magic equation). I have a pair of nonstretchy Joe’s (the Cooper Skinny Ankle to be exact) that I literally cannot part with, and I can’t find available anywhere.  What was once a distressed boyfriend jean is now a worn-in, loved staple pair with holes a little too big.  They’re the best!” 


Liz Bargamian, WOM Business Manager: “Always read customer reviews when purchasing online, it will help you suss out true coloring, size, and overall fit.”  

Self-described body type: slender, less curves

My favorites:  I just bought this pair from Madewell; the high-riser skinny skinny in the Hammond wash.  I felt a little crazy because I’ve never had high-rise jeans before (they go up to like an inch under my belly button) but the girl at the store assured me that once you go high rise you never go back, haha.  I kinda believe her!  I wore them this weekend and really liked that they were high rise but didn’t feel restricting at all.  I also really love the undone hemming at the bottom.”


Kate Moore, WOM Associate: “Stock up on a style when you finally find the right one!”

Self-described body type: petite, with a little junk in the trunk

My favorites: I would have to say my favorite brand is FRAME denim. For me,FRAME jeans have been the most figure- flattering and I like that the back pockets are discreet, without any obvious branding. Even though they’re pretty expensive, it’s easy to find them on sale, and I think the quality matches the price. If I’m getting specific, their Le High Skinny Jeans are my favorite pair!”


Photography, Kathryn McCrary | Location, Ambient + Studio | Jeans, Bloomingdales

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  • Teresa / 09.15.2016

    I know what the search for a favourite is like so wanted to let you know that the Joe’s Coopers is available at Hollywood & Vine. See:

  • Kat Neunaber / 09.17.2016

    Teresa! Omg! Thank you so much. I’m definitely going to snag another pair. xoxo

  • J. Hall / 05.02.2017

    When I was 16 years old, I walked into a boutique named “Glad Raggs”, (think 1975). I bought my first pair of real jeans. I was a parochial school girl and really had no need for jeans prior to then. I tried on a pair of WIDE leg Levi’s. The fit was so perfect I wanted to wear them out of the store. That was how many pairs ago? Through college, becoming a wife, a couple of kids, 5 grandkids with a new one on the way, Levi’s have never disappointed. They get like a comfortable glove and remember how my body is shaped. I’d put them up against any jeans, any time. My daughter and I went shopping several months ago and she talked me into an expensive pair of PAIGE jeans. They fit well enough, but after 6 months, and extra good care (hand wash in Woolite and hang dry) they have forgotten their shape, one leg opening is larger than the other and they’re just not welcoming anymore. Last week I bought a couple more pair of Levi’s, in different styles and legs and when I put them on, I knew I’d bought the right brand. I can’t believe Levi’s weren’t mentioned in your piece, are they not high brow enough?

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