The Envelop Sectional of My Dreams

And just like that our living room is finally complete
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Envelop Sectional c/o, Art, Draperies c/o, Blinds, Rug c/o, Chandelier c/o, Floor Lamp, Coffee Table, Tray, Candle, Calligraphy BrushesLarge Bowl c/o, Blessing Beads (call the store for availability)

If you remember correctly, my last One Room Challenge was left incomplete.  The reason; the envelop sectional I’d been dreaming of for months, that was the perfect fit for the room would not be able to arrive in time.  Well friends, I’m hear to say the wait was well worth it.

Technically my Bassett Envelop Sectional arrived about a week after the ORC wrapped. But by that point the holidays were in full swing and between WOMH, hosting friends and family and all the Christmas decor there was no way I was going to be able to do it justice by having it photographed for the Blog then, so here we are.

Having lived with this sectional since November I feel I can better share why it’s truly the perfect fit for me.  A few things I really love about this Envelop Sectional;  it’s BEYOND comfy.  Like it’s name, it really does envelop you. The frame is fully encased in foam for extra softness, and the seat toppers and back pillows are a blend of down which mimics my bed pillows perfectly.  And they’re removable which makes them much easier to clean.

Second, the Envelop Sectional is modular.  Meaning you can move the pieces, at any time, to create the sectional of your dreams.  I like to move the center pieces in to create almost a full square during movie night, and then move them out during every day.

Third, I loved the overall modern, yet cozy look and I really really love the light Bone color.  A lot of lighter fabrics tend to come off too warm which is a big turn off for me.  But, this Bone coloring was cool without being cold, and just made the whole room feel bigger, lighter and more airy.

I know, I know when talking about the light bone color the next thing I’m bound to hear is, “oooooh it’s so beautiful, but I could never get a sofa that that’s light, it would get ruined”.  So let’s talk about this.

First things first, this is our only living area in our home, which means this sectional is VERY lived on. While light in color, the Bone fabric is a performance grade fabric meaning its more stain resistant than most. Bassett also has amazing warranty policies that I implore you to check out and should put your mind a bit more at ease. I do take some precautions by laying Addison’s blanket down during the day, though she still finds her way on to every pillow and cushion.  And I’m extra careful when eating and drinking red wine on the sofa. But other than that, I don’t do much else to ensure the sectional stays stain free.

My main thought on this point though is you should always design your home based on what makes you happy. Decor that you love, and that you will absolutely live on and in. For me, I didn’t want anything dark which means my only option is a lighter fabric.  Embracing the fact that stains are inevitably going to happen is something I had to let go of in order to make my home feel the way I yearned for.  Besides, cushions can be flipped.  And the cushions, as mentioned above can be removed and professionally cleaned! 

So with this space finally being complete I can honestly say I’ve never loved my home more.  Just by transforming this one room, the whole home feels lighter and calmer.  And with this challenge I feel like I’ve finally pinned down the design that makes me the happiest.  Truly, MKR




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  • christine / 03.18.2018

    I love, love, love this room. I am a big fan of using chests/trunks as a coffee table. The only thing I would change is adding castors to this trunk. This makes it easier to clean and if the sectional is a sleeper-sofa, to move it out of the way. For this one, it would be a shame to drill holes in the metal. I would build a frame that the castors would be attached to and I would probably have the frame end at least 3-5 inches from the edge so it is not visible.

  • Lauren / 05.08.2018

    Do you still love your sofa? No issues with cushions or pilling?

  • Mandy Kellogg Rye / 05.08.2018

    Yes, still LOVE it!

  • Michelle / 08.30.2018

    Just wanted to check in to see if you are still happy with your sofa if the fabric/cushions are holding up? Also, we have wood floors, so I’m concerned about the pieces shifting when you sit down. Has that been an issue or do they have connectors?
    Love the room!!!!

  • Mandy Kellogg Rye / 08.30.2018

    We still LOVE it! It does shift just a tad from time to time, but no major issues at all. The fabric still looks brand new!

  • Ashley Pickerill / 11.10.2018

    Just curious if your sofa pillows and backing reflate after sitting as the YouTube marketing shows or are you constantly puffing them back up? Also if you have an ottoman is the topper removable. Looking to buy this amazing looking sectional.

  • Tracy McCleerey / 12.31.2018

    I have owned this sofa for around 2 years and have not liked it from day one. Just wanted to give some additional feedback, not necessarily negative, maybe the couch just isn’t for me. I always looks messy. I constantly have to fluff the cushions back up, after even one sitting. They don’t stay in place against the back of the couch either, they tend to slide forward and make for uncomfortable sitting. I have been very unhappy with the look and comfort of this sofa, especially for the price and I would not recommend it. On the positive side, it seems very well made. If I could figure out a way to re-stuff the cushions with foam or wrap the feather inserts with batting and have it look OK, I would do that.

  • Marg / 06.11.2020

    I am curious how you feel about the sofa now and if you have had it cleaned yet? We have had the sectional in the same fabric for about 2.5 years (same dog too, btw). I was told the cushion covers could be machine washed (I have not yet). I’ve noticed many large “water spot” like stains and the feathers make a huge mess popping out of the cushions. The dark feathers against the white fabric makes it look dirty (or like bugs!) I don’t allow eating or drinking on the sofa, nor do I generally allow anyone to sit without a throw blanket. The mysterious water spots are puzzling. I decided to seek guidance from the Bassett website, just to find the collection is gone. Thought I’d look for other owners to see if they have the same experience and/or solutions. It does look messy after use (especially during a quarantine!) We have to fluff and rearrange cushions constantly. Otherwise, it still looks great. Love how you arranged yours.

  • brandi / 09.11.2020

    Oh my goodness this is so interesting. We have the SAME water spots as well. Have no idea what the heck they are and we’ve tried cleaning it numerous times. It’s a bummer because the sofa is beautiful and other than that and yes the feathers pop out but I can deal with that its the water spots that I can’t deal with. Sorry wich I was of more help!

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