Seven Easy Packing Tips That Will Change The Way You Travel + A Big Giveaway with Mark & Graham

Use these simple tricks the next time you pack up your suitcase or carry on bag
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Happy Friday!  We’re ending the week on a high note with a great roundup of easy travel packing tips that will help even the over-packers reading this.  Plus we’re hosting a fun giveaway that we’ve been itching to announce with our friends at Mark & Graham.  See that gorgeous white luggage in the photos?!  The monogramed carry-on suitcase can be yours; keep reading! 

I’m an over-packer.  There’s no ifs-ands-or-buts about it.  And when a work trip or vacation has me packing a small carry-on suitcase—or large suitcase, I always find myself packing and stuffing the thing until its overweight.  But recently I’ve been studying up and working on a few key, easy travel packing tips that help me maximize that coveted space. 

The most game-changing of all the travel packing tips I’ve picked up being the use of dry cleaning bags to eliminate wrinkles caused from folding clothes and them shuffling around in transit.  Plastic is our friend with packing, people. 

So as I’m literally gearing up to hit the road again today—see you soon, Ponte Vedra!—I’ll be implementing these seven easy travel packing tips I’ve outlined below.  

On a side note, I am utterly obsessed with the look of this gorgeous white carry-on suitcase, and can’t wait to put it to use on my trip.  Thanks to Mark & Graham, one of our lucky readers can win it and begin implementing our tips asap!  

Simply enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget below, and stay tuned for a great transitional flying outfit post on Monday!  Truly, MKR



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Tip #1: Avoid letting your hat get squished by stuffing a shirt in the inside of it, then fold and layer clothes around the brim so the brim stays peaking out.

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Tip #2: Save space in your suitcase by stuffing your shoes with electronic cords, socks, jewelry, etc. Otherwise, that’s wasted space inside those shoes!

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Tip #3: Pack travel size everything when it comes to beauty and personal care products…samples are great for these situations!  And buy a pill case so that you can leave your pill bottles at home too; they take up too much room and this way you can pack only the amount you need. 

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Tip #4: Eliminate unnecessary space-hogging mistakes, like rolled belts!  Instead, snake your belts around the inside border of the suitcase. 

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Tip #5: Put all of your lingerie and undergarments in your delicates laundry bag.  Then, as you wear an item, you can put it in the to-be-washed bag, and just throw it in the laundry when you get home.

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Tip #6: Layer appropriately.  Think of it like a cake; first layer should be rollable items that won’t get wrinkled like jeans, leggings, t-shirts, pajamas.  Next, layer the folded items on top. 

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Tip #7: Between your layers as we mentioned in tip #6, lay down plastic bags or dry cleaning bags between folded layers of clothes.  Since friction causes wrinkling, plastic reduces friction.  If possible, pack all of your hanger items in individual plastic bags…they’ll arrive perfect and ready-to-wear! 


Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha | This post is in collaboration with Mark & Graham, a brand we love and adore.  All opinions are 100% our own. 

As pictured: Carry-on Suitcase | Cosmetic Bag | Hat | Shoes | Shirt | Necklace (similar) | Bedding | Throw Blanket | Nail polish 

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