An Easter Gathering + A Juliska Giveaway

Setting a Bright and Beautiful Easter Tablescape & Chance to Win $250 to Juliska
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Planning an Easter tablescape, means setting the table for a happy, bright, and spring gathering. More importantly it means a chance to welcome loved ones around the table with great food and blessings. 

To celebrate a special occasion like Easter Sunday, I’m always eager to set the table with anything and everything Juliska.  Many of you will recognize the dinnerware as I’ve been gradually adding to my beautiful collection over the past few years.  Its Country Estate line in Flint is perhaps my favorite design of all. Country Estate is anything but generic; its design makes every day dining just special enough, and is the perfect starting point when I’m dreaming up a table that is fit for a feast. The dinnerware sits atop green straw placemats, which have quickly become my favorite accompaniment to any place setting.  Lastly, to bring a softness to the Easter tablescape, I used Juliska’s Arabella Petal Pink Goblets and Arabella Petal Pink Tumblers as the glassware. 

What else to include, you ask?  Seasonal, fresh flowers are always a must.  But they’re made more festive in a moss “grown up” Easter basket, and when they’re accompanied by plenty of tiny, sweet signs of spring throughout the entire spread.  Think delicate bird nests with festive speckled eggs, everyone’s favorite chocolate bunnies, fresh herbs, a carrot cake and macaroons I can not take credit for (thanks Williams Sonoma), but a few and mouth-watering main and side dishes I’m happy to say I can (recipes coming this week!). The table will be busy, yes, but with that busyness comes a certain vibrant energy to any space and gathering. 

So, friends, to spread the Easter cheer, I’m thrilled to announce that one of our lucky readers will win $250 to Juliska to set their own stunning table at home. Though I do wish you luck settling on your purchase; Juliska makes hundreds of beautiful items for the table and home, so the selection will be a tough one (so naturally I say: start collecting!).  Each piece is inspired by “the joy of bringing people together and helping create a happy home,” which as you know, is something I’m very passionate about as well.  A big thank you to Juliska for the generous opportunity, and I wish you all the best of luck!  Truly, MKR




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Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha 


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  • Becky W / 03.21.2016

    Country Estate! 🙂 Love it Thanks!!

  • I love the pewter stoneware…BTW – This styling is to die for!

  • lucy / 03.21.2016

    so pretttttty

  • Laurie Lowery / 03.21.2016

    I choose Berry and thread!

  • Lou H / 03.21.2016

    I would definitely go with the Country Estate in Ruby – I remember my Mom pulling our her Christmas dishes every year for the holidays and would love to have a set of my own!

  • I love the simplicity of the Le Panier, but the Field of Flowers sure is gorgeous!

  • Emily R. / 03.21.2016

    I would get Country Estate in Flint as well! I have been dreaming about it for years!!!

  • Katherine / 03.21.2016

    I adore the berry and thread pattern, as well as the ones with the bamboo edge. So lovely!

  • Rebecca / 03.21.2016

    Country Estate – Deft Blue … yum

  • Love your ideas! Wonder photos! Thanks for sharing!

  • Veronica Griffin / 03.21.2016

    I absolutely adore Juliska! I have many pieces from their Whitewash Berry and Thread collection as well as the Colette collection and mouth blown glass. I would love to win in order to add some of the Deft Blue Country Estate to my growing collection!

  • Colette D / 03.21.2016

    All of the Juliska patrns are gorgeous, but I would choose either the Acanthus/gold or the Country Estate in Flint…it would be a really tough choice! Thank you for the opportunity to win a gift certificate!

  • Country Estate in Delft Blue is lovely! Cheers to an incredible giveaway.

  • Julie T / 03.21.2016

    I would choose Berry and Thread! Lovely and so timeless!!

  • What a beautiful table!

    xo Jessica

  • Taryn Thompson / 03.21.2016

    I would et the blue Juliska country Flint estate! I wanted it ever since I got married. I didn’t know about it until after I had registered and I was devastated that I dint!

  • I would choose the Quotidien, but OH MY GOSH I might have to swap it for the Pewter collection. Both are simply amazing.

    Fingers crossed,

  • I would add to my Jardins Du Monde collection. I am lucky to live by their flagship store and outlet….I want it all!

  • Lisa L. / 03.21.2016

    PEWTER STONEWARE! I would get the Baker and serving pieces.

  • Caroline / 03.21.2016

    Love this! I’d get either the Whitewash Berry & Thread or the Delft Blue Country Estate. Both gorgeous.

  • Catalina / 03.21.2016

    I would get the Jardins du monde pattern collection

  • I would definitely get the country estate in delft blue! Have seen it previously, I think in a gwenyth Paltrow Easter dinner on Goop! Loooove it.

  • Amy C. / 03.21.2016

    I love the Berry & Thread Collection in Cappuccino Brown.

  • Kim Pincombe Cole / 03.21.2016

    Your Easter tablescape is gorgeous {as always}!
    If I won, I’d get some pieces from the Firenze Medici setting… It is amazing!

  • Laura Royal / 03.21.2016

    I would get field of flowers but it was so hard to pick my favorite b/c I love so many!

  • I would LoVe to add Country Estate in delft blue to my bamboo collection! I also love the basketweave chargers too. They would look great for any holiday or occasion! If I won I would also post all my pretty tablescapes and tag @juliskaofficial {like I already do

  • Bittan Handford / 03.22.2016

    I love Easter and this would be such a fun and pretty way to decorate for the springtime dinner on Easter Sunday

  • Caroline / 03.22.2016

    I would get country estate!

  • Anne Marie McGowan / 03.22.2016

    Juliska is so beautiful. Works so well in my home and love the quality.

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I have their tulipiere and have had so much fun with it!

  • kelly tupick / 03.22.2016

    The patterns are all so elegant looking. I think i would go with the Firenze Medici pattern.

  • Sonya Berry / 03.22.2016

    Field of flowers is my favorite. I envision using it starting early spring and through the summer, before bringing out fall dishes. Didn’t realize they offer lighting as well. Some beautiful pendants.

  • Cindy A. / 03.22.2016

    I would choose the new Puro Whitewash. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  • Laura mueller / 03.22.2016

    Country estate is absolutely beautiful!

  • Andrea McAtee / 03.22.2016

    I love Country Estate! All colors.

  • Anne Marie McGowan / 03.22.2016

    Lpve the country estate line of china. Would work so well in my dining room.

  • I would have to say the berry and thread pattern for sure

  • stacey grantham / 03.22.2016

    Jardins du Monde is beautiful and elegant. I would pick that, but Juliska has gorgeuos items, so it would be a hard decision.

  • Ella / 03.22.2016

    I LOVE all of Juliska’s glassware!

  • I love the Field of Flowers print.

  • Jennifer / 03.22.2016

    I love the Emerson, with the wide grey band around the edge

  • Holly / 03.22.2016

    I’d pick the Le Panier pattern; not too busy, but lovely and elegant 🙂

  • Maritza / 03.22.2016

    It’s all such lovely dinnerware! I would go with the Acanthus/Gold or the Pewter.

  • Sharon Haas / 03.22.2016

    I’m in love with Field of Flowers!

  • Kellie / 03.23.2016

    I love the Field of Flowers pattern!

  • Angela M CUlbertson / 03.23.2016

    I love all things Blue and White. Would absolutely love Country Estate in Blue and White.

  • Alex R / 03.23.2016

    If I won, I would get the “Le Panier” pattern – simple and timeless.

  • It’s hard to decide which pattern I would select. I love them all! I think I would have to narrow it down to Country Estate. Probably the Blue Deft. I love your table décor. Thanks for the give away!

  • christine burke / 03.23.2016

    Berry & Thread was my wedding pattern. I love it and would definitely LOVE more!

  • I love their new line, Puro, and would love to start collecting…:)

  • I love the Le Panier dinnerwear!

  • Julie McCoy / 03.24.2016

    I absolutely love Classic Bamboo! Perfect for entertaining.

  • Ashley Lazo / 03.24.2016

    My Juliska items have held up so well! I love each of their lines and look forward to adding to my Berry & Thread collection!

  • Kaitlin McCafferty / 03.24.2016

    Berries and Thread is so classic, but I like Le Panier!

  • Nicole Huckins / 03.24.2016

    I love the quotidien line!

  • Tyneisha / 03.24.2016

    I love the styles in the Purist Curation setting! Right up my alley with the minimalist design. Thank you for the chance!

  • Veronica / 03.24.2016


  • Tina W / 03.25.2016

    I love the Berry and Thread in blue and ruby.

  • Ali Celestino / 03.25.2016

    I love the Acanthus/Gold that be my choice.

  • Darlene Wetzel / 03.25.2016


  • Rust / 03.26.2016

    The Forest Walk and The Field of Flowers are two of my top choices. I love quite a few of them.

  • Janelle / 03.26.2016

    I love the puro!

  • Tracie Cooper / 03.26.2016

    I love the Emerson!

  • Kelly / 03.27.2016

    I’ve been lusting over the Pewter Soneware for years!

  • Miranda Bashwinger / 03.27.2016

    I LOVE the Field of Flowers design. I would buy it in a heart beat if I won this giftcard.

  • Ummm, I would love Classic Bamboo, Firenze, Field of Flowers and Country Estate. #commanderinchic #IWantItAll

  • I love the Ice Blue Berry & Thread!

  • Grace Kim / 03.27.2016

    What lovely pieces! Their dinnerware is beautiful, and so elegantly timeless! Thank you so much for sharing! xx

  • Allison / 03.27.2016

    I would love a couple serving pieces in Pewter ❤️❤️❤️ It pairs well wth everything

  • Bridgett Wilbur / 03.27.2016

    I just love the country estate in flint.

  • Michelle / 03.27.2016

    I have some country estate pieces and thread and berry. Love to mix and match! Juliska truly is the most beautiful tableware!

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