Crystal Roller Bottles & Essential Oils; Falling Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole + A Giveaway

Enter to Win a Set of 5 Roller Bottles, a Copy of Essential Healing Crystals & 3 Essential Oils
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Whimsy & Wellness crystal roller bottles, Waiting on Martha

When I first got into essential oils, I never imagined just how big a role they’d play in my everyday routine.  I also had no idea essential oils would be my gateway into anything remotely “woo-woo” like healing crystals.  

Fast forward a few steps into my wellness journey, and I here I am, using 15+ oils every day, and am a true believer of the benefits of having a holistic health practice, with countless healing crystals lying around my house to boot.  

But because I know there’s still some skeptics out there, and because I know once you give everything a chance you’ll be as hooked as I am, I’m giving away this set of five crystal roller bottles, our favorite books on healing crystals and essential oils plus four Young Living essential oils to get you started! 

I first caught wind of Whimsy & Wellness, an Etsy shop ran by Haylee in Sacramento, over the holidays when I was getting really “oily” and looking up dozens of DIY essential oil roller bottle blends.  Whimsy & Wellness is the center of genius for the covetable roller bottles that I kept seeing everywhere.  So of course, I just had to get my hands on the holiday set in gold.  And since then, I’ve embraced every excuse to stock up on more including her amazingness including her cleaning bottles. You didn’t think essential oils where just for diffusing did you?

Anyway, ever since Haylee went to the huge Tucson gem show, we’ve impatiently awaited the release of this set of gorgeous crystal roller bottles.   Perfect for all our essential oil combos, each one of the 10-mL crystal roller bottles feature a matte gold lid and 2-3 grams of healing crystals hand-chosen and crafted.  Below, I’ve broken down each crystal, its meaning, and an easy DIY roller blend to try with each!  

Plus don’t forget to enter to win your own set of five crystal roller bottles, a copy of Essential Healing Crystals, a copy of Essential Oils for Beginners and a bottle of Sacred Frankincense, Blue Cypress, Tangerine Vitality and Lemongrass via the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good luck! Truly, MKR

P.S. If you’re interested in adding essential oils to your wellness journey, check out our close-knit group and all the FAQ’s over at HERE.  It’s impossible not to fall down the rabbit hole with all things “oily” and we’d love to be part of your journey.  In fact if you end up signing for a Premium Kit…11 of the best Grade A, Therapeutic Essential Oils and diffuser, DM us and we’ll refund your shipping costs! Truly, MKR

Garnet: This deep red stone is very uplifting, giving off a positive energy and inspiring love and devotion.  If you or someone you know is suffering from the post-baby blues, try this easy blend with your garnet crystals. 
DIY Roller Blend to Try: 5 drops Lemon + 5 drops Lavender + 2 drops Frankincense + carrier oil of choice such as rosehip seed oil to top it off

Tangerine Quartz
: This golden orange crystal can encourage you to let go of the past, while offering emotional grounding and soothing vibes.  It also may boost self esteem and creative energy, which is always welcome by us!  If you’re looking to soften your or someone else’s heart and promote feelings of calm and confidence, give this easy blend a try with your tangerine quartz. 
DIY Roller Blend to Try: 3 drops Grapefruit + 2 drops Lavender + 1 drop Clary Sage + 1 drop Geranium + carrier oil of choice such as jojoba oil to top it off 

Aquamarine: A vibrant, blue-green crystal, Aquamarine helps promote feelings of courage, while calming the mind and promoting self-expression.  It is often used for closure. Try the following essential oil blend if you’re looking for some help grounding yourself. 
DIY Roller Blend to Try: 3 drops Vetiver + 2 drops Orange + 2 drops Ylang Ylang + carrier oil of choice such as fractionated coconut oil to top it off

Tourmaline: This dark stone promotes an understanding of self, while attracting inspiration and compassion.  If you’re looking to take a peek inward and realign, try the following essential oil blend. 
DIY Roller Blend to Try
: 1 drop Frankincense + 1 drop Sandalwood + carrier oil of choice such as vitamin E oil to top it off 

Apatite: This beautiful cool blue stone promotes a feeling of motivation, energy, goals and growth.  Try this essential oil blend and enjoy feelings of spiritual nourishment as you accomplish goals on your personal path. 
DIY Roller Blend to Try: 2 Bergamot + 3 Orange + carrier oil of choice such as vitamin E oil to top it off 




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  • Julie Crouch / 04.28.2017

    I chuckled at the falling deeper down the rabbit I continue to learn more about and use essential oils I am so amazed at how my body responds. I will forever be hooked and will continue to expand my knowledge and use of essential oils. I look forward to your posts about them and will try the recipes above! Xoxo


  • Carly / 04.28.2017

    Would love this!!!!!

  • Valentina Torres / 04.28.2017

    AHHHH so excited for this! I am currently loving Frankincense, Lavender & Geranium in my DIY beauty routine. Really looking forward to hopefully trying out the blends you mentioned and learning more on crystals!!! <3… xo- valentina

  • Andrea M / 04.28.2017

    I love to fill up my bedroom with Lavender to put me to sleep at night.

  • Molly / 04.28.2017

    My favorite oils currently are grapefruit (can’t get enough!) and idaho blue spruce – such a get up and go combo! These rollers are so gorgeous – I’ve been eyeing them on IG for weeks! A little bit of woo-woo never hurt anyone 😉

  • Tyler Hammond / 04.28.2017

    What an amazing give away! My always, go to roller is P&C, joy, and stress away! Amd my frank mixed with my witch hazel to help my skin!

  • Jaclyn Basta / 04.28.2017

    I am obsessed with oils! Just recently started my research on crystals and gemstones as well. (per seeing it on The Well Code’s Instagram, of course) I rely on peppermint to wake me up and motivate me before a long run. Lavender is my go-to sleeping oil, and I use an insane amount of frankincense on my face for a perfect complexion. I use a lot of DIY products as well such as chapsticks, bathsalts, and soaps. Can’t imagine my life without oils now!

  • Sandy P / 04.28.2017

    Love essential oils. I use tree tea oil for scrapes and cuts. I diffuse lavender, valor or peace at night. My new favorite is the Thieves toothpaste and mouthwash.

  • Pamela / 04.28.2017

    I haven’t tried oils before, but have heard SO MUCH about their benefits. This seems like as good a time as any to give it a whirl!

  • Mindy May / 04.28.2017

    I am LOVING all the Oola oils! I actually have them all now. Oola Grow and Oola Balance are my favorites!

  • Entered the giveaway! Such a generous one! We love oils in this house. I think our household favorite has to be lavender since we have a baby in the house now! Also…Cedarwood! Sooooo good.

  • Rebecca / 04.28.2017

    My favorite oil right now is Frankincense and Purification. My 22 month old daughter has special needs and it’s been one of the hardest roads I have ever had to walk. One of her disabilities is microcephaly and frankincense is good for cell growth. While being grounding for her tantrums it’s also grounding for me to handle them. Purification because my home smells clean when there’s a slight chance it’s actually not 🙂 We just started this journey and it can be overwhelming. But I am thankful for the emotional support my heart desperately needed.

  • Samantha Spraggs / 04.28.2017

    I would love to win this! I have a few rollers from Whimsy and Wellness. But I would love these gemstone rollers!!! I would also like to win these books to learn more about essential oils.

  • I love using lavender for calming!!

  • Kim Deacon / 04.28.2017

    I currently use doTERRA, but am checking into other options available.

  • tara / 04.28.2017

    Yay! So excited about this! Love all the recipes!!

  • Melisa Southworth / 04.28.2017

    LOVE Essential oils!! I have too many favoirtes but a few are Valor, Stress Away and Frank. 🙂

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole / 04.28.2017

    I don’t currently use essential oils, but I’m curious. Everyone seems to be raving about them & I like the idea of using a diffuser in my rooms…

  • Jeanette krebs / 04.28.2017

    I have the YL starter kit. I love stress away and frankincense!

  • Suzanne / 04.28.2017

    I have coveted these rollerballs for so long nevause tgey are so beautiful!

  • Kerry / 04.28.2017

    Amazing giveaway!

  • Christine / 04.28.2017

    I absolutely love oils! I find myself reaching for lavender, frankincense, and sacred mountain the most.

  • Emily / 04.28.2017

    Everyone should definitely enter! I entered and hoping to win 🙂

  • Sarah / 04.28.2017

    hi beautiful humans!!! I use essential oils mostly for the holistic health benefits (who doesn’t though??!) and speaking as someone who got into EOs because of chronic illness, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue, etc., I have found so much peace and goodness from the fragrant liquid golds. I have been following whimsy and wellness for a little while now and couldn’t be happier that you are teaming up with her for a very generous giveaway! If I had the incredible gift of receiving this giveaway, I wouldn’t keep it all to myself… that’s the beautiful part of essential oils!!! .. I love sharing my oils with friends and hope to become a distributor soon before leaving for college. To have the book for research purposes, so I can grow in EO knowledge, and to become better equipped to pursue holistic healing via crystals would be a dream come true! Honestly, I hope to use my own experiences with illness and finding alternative medicinal treatment in my future career as a nurse, to love others well and help them find healing in their own way. ❤ So much love to you!!! AHHH ALL THE FEELS. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jenny / 04.28.2017

    My favorite oils currently are Valor, Sacred Mountain and Thieves – always Thieves. Can’t get enough! These days I like diffusing it with Lime. I like wearing Valor or Sacred Mountain as perfume. They are also heavenly in the diffuser.

  • Kristen hess / 04.28.2017

    I am so excited about this generous giveaway!!

  • Elena / 04.28.2017

    My favorites are peppermint, thieves and joy!

  • Katie / 04.28.2017

    I love oils! I started using them on my daughter when she was I’m obsessed!

  • Michelle / 04.28.2017

    The recipes are amazing! So excited to try them and these beautiful bottles

  • Kristin / 04.28.2017

    Such a great giveaway! Big fan of whimsy + wellness rollers over here! I’ve been using oils for 3.5 years now and I’d have to say my current favs are Sacred Mountain, Bergamot, and Valor because it’s back in stock now!

  • Rachel / 04.28.2017

    My favorite essential oil is frankincense.

  • Jessica / 04.28.2017

    I love lavender and cedarwood!

  • I have an essential oil diffuser that I rarely use. I need to find some essential oils that I love.

  • Kimberly C / 04.28.2017

    I currently don’t use essential oils but I’ve been reading a lot about them and I’ve been wanting to try some, I just don’t know where to start though!

  • Charly Smith / 04.28.2017

    I love using essential oils! My favorites are Joy and Stress Away!

  • Marifer Quevedo / 04.28.2017

    The rabbit hole!!! Hilarious! Actually, the rabbit hole brought me to your blog, so YAY! Started the oils journey a couple of months ago, and I am obsessed, especially the rollers! Trying so hard to build my collection because I want them ALL! My current favorite: Stress Away, because, kids. Also, I can’t live without Lavender, Cedarwood, and P&C for bedtime. Xoxo!

  • Sarah / 04.28.2017

    Loving joy, grapefruit, valor!

  • Terica Revels / 04.28.2017

    I’ve just started to dabble in essential oils. I’m loving anything citrus and have found lavender to be a miracle worker for burns.

  • Allison / 04.28.2017

    Great giveaway!

  • Mandy castillo / 04.28.2017

    This is awesome!!!! I really enjoy all that is going on here I will be bookmarking your blog!

  • Leslie / 04.29.2017

    I have been using oils for about 6 months. I’m still learning, and I love the idea of a healthier, more natural way to care for my family and home. I apply them, diffuse them and am beginning to make my own cleaners. My favorites are thieves, lavender, sclaresence and Christmas spirit!

  • Sarah G / 04.29.2017

    Would live to learn more about these oils and crystals. What a great giveaway!!!

  • Lavender, Frank, & Envision are my most used, favorite oils.

  • One of my favorite EO combos is a serum I make including frankincense & neroli with rose hips. It smells divine!

  • Caitlin Myers / 04.29.2017

    I am new to oils and so far my favorite is lavender to help me relax and sleep.

  • I do use essential oils- in a cold diffuser I have on my desk next to my computer, and also topically. Some of my faves are Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Tea Tea, & Bergamot… and I love the roller bottles!!!

  • I love using essential oils and although I love so many of them, right now my favorite oil is Francincense.I also have tried the tea tree oil and find it is so good as a skin cleanser and disinfectant if I get a small cut.I am so in love with the smell of it because it reminds me of a forest of trees

  • Stephaniekmunday / 05.01.2017

    My favorite oil that I cannot do without is purification blend from young living. It makes me happy. I then read the emotional benefits of purification. One being anger the opposite side of anger is laughter, it makes me happy!! I just love ❤️ oils so much.

  • Leslie Tarazi / 05.02.2017

    LOVE to work on my wellness journey!

  • Megan / 05.02.2017

    I haven’t used oils yet because I feel a little overwhelmed to be honest!

  • Dee Johnson / 05.02.2017

    Yes, I love lavender oil for de-stressing.

  • Melanie Huttner / 05.02.2017

    I have a diffuser and love to use oils. My favorite one is lavender because I love the smell and it always calms me!

  • Cassandra / 05.02.2017

    I haven’t started using essential oils but hoping to win this! I have been doing research on them

  • HilLesha / 05.03.2017

    I use essential oils. Some of my favorite essential oils are frankincense, jasmine, bergamot, geranium, and lemon.

  • Arre / 05.03.2017

    I love frankincense for skincare and copiaiba, cedarwood and bergamot applied at bedtime for restful sleep. Gentle baby was amazing for skincare during and post pregnancy and lavender is super helpful with my children. Oh and thieves on our feet to ward off sickness! Oh and lavender, lemon and peppermint for fighting seasonal allergies. And RC and ravinstara for congestion.

  • Edward W Willis / 12.30.2018

    I’mnew to all this at my 68 years and all info and help getting all the right things I need to remain healthy and continue to work building bridges will be much appreciated.

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