Winter Layers

My Favorite Layering Pieces You'll Wear Season After Season
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Winter LayersWinter Layers Winter Layers Winter Layers Winter Layers

When it comes to my wardrobe, the one thing I’m really great at is layering. I love layering because it’s one of the easiest ways to add interest, and depth to any outfit.  And when done right, and with a few key layering staples, you’re able to make the same pieces feel brand new each time they’re worn. 

This is especially great for me since I find I’m constantly drawn to the same types of clothing: button down shirts, leggings, oversized sweaters, sneakers…basically everything you see in todays outfit.

While every piece of today’s entire outfit can be considered a key layering piece; the gold stars really go to my Spanx Faux Leather Leggings and Striped Shirtdress

The leggings are a win because the faux leather finish is an upgrade from your standard leggings, but can still be dressed up or down, worn alone as pants or layered underneath a skirt or long shirt.  Plus they’re Spanx so they hold me in in all the right places.

The Shirtdress, meant to be worn alone during warmer temps, doubles as a skirt or extra long shirt in this particular look.  Would this outfit have worked with the leggings and sweater; of course.  But how more fun is it with the blue and white striped dress?!  Pro tip…when layering match up tops with different sleeve lengths and neck shapes.  For example, my black sweater has a large cowl neck and shorter arms while the dress can be buttoned up and has the classic long sleeve.  This allows the tops to complement one another rather than fight to be seen. Win win.  Truly, MKR



When In The Windy City

An easy dress for traversing the streets of Chicago
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Recently, I made a trip home to Chicago for my bestie’s wedding.  I couldn’t wait to be back walking those windy streets, especially since the temps had begun to drop and snow was on the verge of falling.  I love that in-between; you can almost smell the first snow before it hits.

The problem though, for me is always what to pack? I mean I’m a terrible packer in the best circumstance. But add in bridesmaid dresses, hot to cold temps, and outfits that would have to be comfortable, and warm enough, to walk around plus fabulous enough for wherever the wind may blow me. Enter my go-to combo: long dress, high boots, and a hat.  Warm, comfortable, and almost always a “no fail.”

I love this W by Worth dress for a few different reasons.  First, it’s extremely comfortable.  Second, it’s extremely light which makes it the perfect outfit to take when traveling.  It doesn’t take up too much room, or weight, in my suitcase plus it’s easy to steam if it wrinkles during the journey.

And third, it’s extremely versatile.  Technically it’s an “off the shoulder” dress, and looks completely the part accessorized with heels and something shiny.  But here because I was going for a bit more relaxed look I wore the dress on the shoulders rather than off and paired it with my over the knee boots and favorite Rag & Bone hat. This allowed me to walk around Chicago comfortably during the day, but felt ready for drinks with friends later that evening.

All in all, it was the perfect outfit for what turned out to be the perfect week in Chicago.  Tell me, do you have a go-to outfit when traveling?  Truly, MKR



Location, The Waldorf Astoria Chicago | Photography, Luke Schneider

What’s Old Is New Again (If You’ve Been Around Long Enough)

An Easy, Comfortable & On-Trend Outfit with The Best Black Bodysuit & Duster
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Tan duster, black bodysuit and ripped jeans outfit via waitingonmartha.comYSL bag, tan duster, black bodysuit and ripped jeans outfit via waitingonmartha.comBlack quilted YSL bag with tan robe duster, waitingonmartha.com The best black bodysuit and tan duster robe outfit, Waiting on MarthaTan duster robe outfit with black YSL bag and ripped jeans, Waiting on Martha Tan duster robe outfit idea, Waiting on Martha

When I was putting this outfit together in my head, I felt very on trend.  I was proud of myself for stepping a bit outside my comfort zone.  I almost felt a little Kardashian-esq…which actually kills me to write as I’m not a sucker for most trends.  But when I was actually getting dressed, I realized these weren’t new trends at all.  No, they were all things I’ve worn before, or remember my mother wearing, in my much younger years.

This black bodysuit, for example which I’m convinced that it’s the best black bodysuit around.  It’s inexpensive, made of soft cotton from J.Crew…and it happens to be 30% off right now with code BIGSALE.  It’s long enough for my torso, unlike most other bodysuits that I’ve found.  If you’ve ever worn a bodysuit that’s not long enough, you’ll know that there’s nothing worse.  You’ll be talking or walking, and feel it go snap-snap-snap, and then your bodysuit is suddenly creeping on up.  Anyway, this bodysuit is exactly— like exactly—like my capezio ballet leotard I wore for 13+ years of my life and really is the best black bodysuit I’ve found.

And these jeans are another example…they’re faded, ripped and high waisted.  I’m pretty sure that I had a dozen of these back in high school.  I paired the casual jeans with my go-to Stuart Weitzman heels to dress up the look a bit more.  I have these heels in nude, silver, and the patent black shown; they are absolutely worth the price tag.  You’ll have these ones for years and years, while less expensive versions I promise, will not last.

And this flowing robe-like trench reminds me exactly of one from London Fog that my mother used to wear all of the time.  I loved that jacket; it was soft, flowing and feminine.  This one is super old from COS—I was serious when I said everything comes back around—but I’ve linked a few very similar options in the widget below, and I especially love this one on the high-end, and this one on the low-end. 

Lastly, this beautiful YSL bag is a major investment, but there’s no denying the power of a great bag that you’ll probably pass down someday.  And one of my favorite features is actually its large leather convertible strap so that you can wear the bag over your shoulder in a more casual sense. The effect is actually so much more my style!  After all, a fancy bag with a casual outfit always tends to bring an unexpected I’m-not-really-trying vibe.  

But all in all, I can’t deny how easy and comfortable this outfit is; it just made me feel good.  And that’s an outfit win-win in my book. So basically, all I need is a scrunchie, and I’d swear it was 1995 again.  But I’m not complaining.  Truly, MKR

P.S. I heard scrunchies are actually making a comeback!? xo




Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha

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