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A Blue and White Living Room

Revisiting This Masterfully Styled Space, Straight from The Archives
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Blue and White Living Room via Waiting on Martha
Foo dog X benches via Waiting on Martha
Living room decor with X benches via Waiting on Martha
Waiting on Martha's living room decor with x benches and colored book shelves
Blue and white living room inspiration via Waiting on Martha | Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Blue Painted Ceilings, Red Area Rug, X Benches

You know those rooms that never quite look as good as the photographs? Well this blue and white living room isn’t one of them.  I can personally attest to MKR’s incredibly styled living room that’s just as comfortable as it is beautiful, so I wanted to bring it out of The Archives to revisit in all its glory today. (It really does look like this all of the time!) 

MKR originally shared this peek into her home as part of One Kings Lane’s Style It Challenge and the debut of these amazing foo dog X benches. While working on the project, I quickly learned how versatile these benches really can be, on top the fact that I’m utterly in love with their look as well. 

But all of the design feels don’t stop at the X benches.  The plethora of designer pillows atop a large cream sectional sofa create a truly stunning effect, and it’s my favorite part of the room. The variety of blues calm, inspire and welcome you to cuddle into the sofa’s depths. For the record, after sitting right here, I’m forever cursed with the never-ending hunt for a deep, comfortable sofa like this one. 

You’d think the design would stop there, but alas there’s a fantastic silver-trunk-turned-coffee-table (this is MKR we’re talking about here, after all) and the thing is styled to perfection. It sits happily atop a grand area rug that I could only hope to own a similar one someday. 

Lastly, and of course, a thriving fiddle leaf fig tree peeks out among the furniture in MKR’s living room like in any designers’ impeccably styled home. Though I’ve heard her joke many a time about how hard it is to keep those fickle things alive. (I know what you’re saying…maybe this would be a better option?!) 

So what are you waiting for? Get to pinning! It’s a blue and white living room for the ages. Cheers, Kat




Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

Styling a Dramatic, Yet Cozy Sitting Room

Take a Peek Into My Personal Refuge
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Dark grey sitting room with dramatic armchairs, Waiting on Martha #interiors #bedroom #coffeetableBar styling ideas, Waiting on MarthaCoffee table styling, Waiting on MarthaFiddle fig tree, Waiting on MarthaStaffordshire dog on bar cart, Waiting on MarthaGrey sitting room with dramatic arm chairs, Waiting on MarthaBlog-Interiors-SittingRoom5
Coffee table decor ideas, Waiting on MarthaDramatic armchair in sitting room, Waiting on Martha

When envisioning how I wanted to style the dark grey sitting room in my master bedroom, I knew I wanted it to be a truly relaxing refuge.  Being it’s an extension of an already tranquil room, I wanted to create a space that welcomed cozy nights to watch movies by the fire, and slow mornings to sip on coffee cuddled up with a book or magazine.  

My bedroom (as seen here, here and here) dons a warm, dark grey on the walls and ceiling.  This color has an obvious dramatic effect on the room (because when have you known me to shy away from bold design?), but a dark grey room is also incredibly calming.  Word to the wise, though… it’s hard to pick the perfect paint shade of grey, so be sure to test out a few swatches near and away from the light.  Light matters a LOT with grey paint as it has a tendency to pick up and reflect color, tones and hues.  Try to think of grey in two different families; warm and cool.  Warm grey will sometimes appear green while cool grey can seem sometimes blueish.  Always keep that in mind when choosing your perfect grey.  

For the accompanying decor, I wanted to highlight the juxtaposition of dark and light while still embracing that calm feeling.  By choosing classic light linens, warm ivories, lacquered whites and bright gold, as well as a tiny pop of red (because every space needs that a pop of red!), I feel I accomplished just that. I kept the drama alive with these statement armchairs which are are surprisingly incredibly comfortable.  Pull over my all-time favorite furniture staple, x-benches, and I promise you’ll quickly find yourself embraced in a bear hug and perched up in one of them in no time. The white and gold coffee table (similar here) houses all of my current reads, and always shines with a few fresh blooms.  And of course what room of mine would be complete without a bar cart?  I snagged this black bamboo gem from Pottery Barn and it’s the perfect size for the space.

Our sitting room is full of drama, but still so cozy and incredibly inviting…something that was important to the Mr. and me. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result, and find myself sneaking up to the room to unwind with a glass of wine earlier and earlier these days. Truly, MKR




Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

AS PICTURED: Armchairs | Side table | Coffee table (similar here) | X Bench Ottomans | Coffee table books here and here | Staffordshire dogs | Bar cart | RYE acrylic accents | Monkey Dish | Carpet | Gold candle 

Sweet & Spicy Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Here's What To Do With Those Leftover Pumpkin Seeds...A Great Recipe From The Archives
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Sweet & Spicy Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

While staring at some tired-looking pumpkins on my mantel (or does it just appear that way because Halloween has past??), I remembered our super easy, super yummy recipe for both sweet and spicy toasted pumpkin seeds, and knew I had to pull it out of the archives to share today.  If you find yourself with a few pumpkins you’re tired of looking at, or simply want a recipe for a great festive snack with some pepitas, you’re in luck with this one.

MKR originally whipped up both batches while craving something with a mouth-on-fire and cinnamon-sweet effect.  And while the spicy version is definitely calling my name, having both options in front of you is nothing short of addicting…something you’ll quickly come to find out.  As you saw on MKR’s snapchat (username WAITINGONMARTHA) this week, she’s already whipped up her batch of both sweet and spicy.  Cheers, Kat



Click Here to View The Recipe

Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha – “Spicy & Sweet Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

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