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An Easy, Fail-Proof Hostess Gift

You Can Never Go Wrong Gifting Simple Flower Arrangements
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Flowers make the best gift!
An Easy, Fail-Proof Hostess GiftPeonies
Simple flower arrangements for hostess gifts
An easy hostess gift, Waiting on Martha

If you’re finding yourself at a loss for a good, easy hostess gift, consider gifting a simple flower arrangement.  But I’m not talking about a store-bought bouquet from the grocery store down the road.  Instead, by taking the time to compile and curate a bouquet, you’re able to put a personal touch on a super quick solution (and who doesn’t love getting fresh flowers?!). 

MKR originally shared these great tips when gifting a simple flower arrangement, which I’ve leaned on for many hostess gift opportunities.  First, keep the bouquet simple and in-season. When in doubt on what to mix with what, compile a single-flower arrangement. Second, tend to the stems, trimming any excess leaves, twigs, etc. Third, use pretty wrapping paper, rustic kraft paper or ribbon to tie your bouquet together (roll into the paper at a diagonal for best results). Be sure to trim the ends of your stems with scissors or pruning shears to keep ends clean and tidy. Lastly, if your bouquet needs an extra pop (which I usually don’t think it does), consider adding fresh herbs or a stock varietal.

Tell me, are you bringing flowers to hosts this upcoming weekend?  Cheers, Kat




Photography, Haley Sheffield for Waiting on Martha

The Best Cinco de Mayo Recipes

From the archives, our most popular Mexican-inspired recipes
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Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

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DIY taco bar for Cinco de Mayo \ Waiting on Martha
Roasted corn skillet queso fundido recipe | waiting on martha
Homemade tortilla chips recipe | Waiting on MarthaThe best ever guacamole recipe | Waiting on Martha

I know what my dream Cinco de Mayo entails...a DIY taco bar, corn queso fundido, homemade tortilla chips and of course, the best ever guacamole. Well okay, maybe that and about five or six classic margs on the rocks (let’s be honest here).  Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate because a) everyone is feeling extra festive with the great weather b) the tasty spread is easy to plan and delegate among a group c) any and all margarita recipes are more than welcome. 

DIY taco bar is quite possibly the easiest way to feed a crowd, while keeping things casual.  My favorite part is that you can prep all of the ingredients the night before too, if you’re busy finding a sombrero the day of the fiesta. And who doesn’t love a good taco?! 

I have a deep love for anything that has corn in it.  When MKR shared the original recipe for her corn queso fundido dip, I couldn’t make it fast enough.  This recipe is addicting (don’t say we didn’t warn you).  Think roasted corn in a skillet with fiery poblano peppers, red onion, garlic, Monterrey Jack cheese.   

And what’s a Mexican fiesta without some good guacamole?  But don’t even think about dishonoring the recipe with store-bought tortilla chips.  MKR shared how easy it is to make homemade tortilla chips, and I’m forever hooked. 

So now we’ve corralled all of our best, festive recipes for you in one place, the question is…how will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo?! Cheers, Kat





The Mint Julep: 3 Ways

A Festive Sip for A Day at the Races
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WOMStrawberryJulep The Mint Julep: 3 Ways WOMJulep WOMTangerineJulep (1)

There’s nothing more festive for the Derby than mint juleps, am I right?  Since I limit my mint julep intake generally to Derby season (whiskey reminds me of college if you know what I’m saying), I must admit I never remember just how to make them when the time has come to whip one up. Luckily MKR shared her take on the classic mint julep recipe here, and I keep coming back to it every year!  As I’m sure you’ll agree, with three ways to enjoy your mint julep (my favorite being the tangerine, but strawberry is delish too), you’ll be set for a fun-filled day of horses, so many great, big hats and plenty of pastels.  

Head on over to the original post to find all three recipes. Enjoy! Cheers, Kat

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Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

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