Waiting on Martha’s Holiday Gift Guide No. Two

Everything to Gift this season + A Major Giveaway You Don't Want to Miss
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The Holiday Gift Guide, including the perfect skillet, a coffee subscription and at home calligraphy set!

If you missed yesterday’s big news, you’re in for a treat this week here on Waiting on Martha!  We’re sharing a handful of holiday gift guides this year, and including a MAJOR giveaway with EACH to truly celebrate the season with all of you.  Today, my friends, marks Gift Guide Number Two. 

Since we’re sharing everything we’re planning on gifting this year (the what, the to who, and the why we’re gifting it), we thought it would be fun to give it all away, too.  One lucky winner will receive everything you see in this picture! That’s right…one lucky winner will be picked for each gift guide! 

So what are you waiting for?!  Get all the details from everything in Gift Guide Number Two below, and of course the giveaway entry form widget.  We couldn’t have done this one without our generous friends at Williams-Sonoma, Thimblepress, Mark & Graham, Inkspot Workshop, Smithey Ironware, Oui Shave, Waiting On Martha Home, and Drift Away Coffee!  

Be sure to read about all of the products included below, who we’re gifting each one to, and of course enter via Rafflecopter. Good luck, good luck and let’s cheers to a great start to gift guide season!   Truly, MKR

P.S. Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway (Gift Guide Number One) HERE. xo 

Maybelle Calligraphy Set

Mark & Graham, $199

Shop Now >

Mark & Graham gives us a gorgeous handmade, wooden keepsake box with the basics to get your creative juices flowing to master calligraphy at home. This calligraphy set includes a wood pen with steel nib, three extra nibs, wood pen rest, miniature ink vial, 1 oz. bottle of black sumi ink with dropper, practice booklet, letterpress alphabet sheet.

We’d gift this to a friend who’s in a creative rut.

*Giveaway winner will receive one calligraphy set. 

Leather Bound World Travel Journal

Mark & Graham, $70

Shop Now >

Perfect for the jetsetter (or local wanderer!), this leather travel journal includes pages for journaling, full-color maps of major cities, world weather info, international dialing codes and more.

We’d gift this to the person in our life who has the most frequent flyer miles.

*Giveaway winner will receive one journal, customized and monogrammed if desired. 

Copper Measuring Cups, Set of 4

Williams-Sonoma, $39.95

Shop Now >

We’re big fans of these elegant measuring cups that instantly elevate your kitchen routine.  The copper offers a heavy-duty construction with low-maintenance finish, and the sturdy stainless steel means you won’t be replacing these anytime soon. The set includes 1 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/2 cup. 

We’d gift this to the baker in our life.

*Giveaway winner will receive one set of measuring cups. 

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Kit

Williams-Sonoma, $19.95

Shop Now >

Celebrate two of our favorite things (wine and chocolate) with handcrafted chocolate bars that have been made to perfectly pair with different wines. An easy stocking stuffer, and a simple gift for just about anyone on your list!

We’d gift this to the person who always has a glass of wine in their hand and orders dessert first.

*Giveaway winner will receive kit of four 2 oz. bars. 

CinnaMint No. 7 Chewing Sticks

Waiting on Martha Home, $7.50

Shop Now >

These all natural, premium batch cinnamon toothpicks have a subtle hint of mint, creating a sweet sensation while chewing. Chewing sticks are an American tradition, and prove to be a great stocking stuffer for the boys.

We’d gift this to the man in our life.

*Giveaway winner will receive two bottles of chewing sticks. 

No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet

Smithey Iron, $160

Shop Now >

As any Southerner will tell you, true Dixie cooking is done with cast iron. What’s destined to become an heirloom houseware, this No. 10 cast iron skillet by Charlestons’s Smithey Iron is US made and crafted with care. 

We’d gift this to the Southern chef.

*Giveaway winner will receive one skillet. 

Blood Orange Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, Aftershave Toner, Bikini Body Ingrown Relief Serum, & Lavan Shave Oil

Oui Shave, $92

Shop Now >

Oui Shave is seriously changing the shaving game with luxurious, all natural products that your skin will love.  We rounded up four of our favorite essentials from the brand (a body scrub, an aftershave, ingrown serum and shave oil), so you can start enjoying shaving once and for all, too. 

We’d gift this to our bestie who eats organic, but doesn’t wear patchouli.

*Giveaway will will receive all four products.

Love Taco Matches, Set of 3

Inkspot Workshop, $9

Shop Now >

Taco Tuesday (our favorite day of the week) just got better; just grab your margarita and you’re set. These orange matchboxes are stamped with ♥ TACOS in sparkly gold foil and couldn’t be cuter. 

We’d gift this to our work buddy.

*Giveaway winner will receive a set of 3 matchboxes. 

The Prayer Partner

Thimblepress, $32

Shop Now >

The Prayer Partner is a great way to keep track of the blessings in your life.  The journal provides easy spaces to fill in (even if you only have five minutes!) your thoughts, desires, dreams and prayers, along with prayers and bible verses to help inspire you on your path.  It’s simply a stunning book (188 pages!) with 20 art prints included. 

We’d gift this to our Mom or MIL, (Mother In Law).

*Giveaway winner will receive one journal. 

3-Month Coffee Subscription

Drift Away Coffee, $48

Shop Now >

We think a life upgrade comes in the form of a freshly roasted coffee subscription, delivered straight to your doorstep!  Drift Away Coffee offers great subscription plans (customizable and flexible for your lifestyle) that would make anyone smile this holiday.  

We’d gift this to the coffee lover in our life who prefers local the pour over method to red cups.

*Giveaway winner receives one 3-month coffee subscription. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


PLEASE NOTE: Giveaway items will be shipped directly from each retailer. xo 

Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

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  • Sj Dc / 12.06.2016

    i’m gifting personalised baked goodies

  • Julie / 12.06.2016

    Monogrammed wallets!

  • Hannah Kleinhans / 12.06.2016

    Im working on making gifts for everyone this year. So far I’m about halfway through.

  • Erin / 12.06.2016

    I’m giving my husband the most amazing whiskey advent calendar!

  • Laura Lee / 12.06.2016

    Throughout the year, I’ve paid attention to what my family & friends “like” on Instagram, so that I’d be giving them things they actually want/like!

  • Brittani / 12.06.2016

    With the Dallas Cowboys killing it this year, I plan on giving my entire family all things Dallas Cowboys!!

  • Sarah / 12.06.2016


  • Colette / 12.06.2016

    Fabulous gift ideas! I love gifting books! Especially ones that I have read and enjoyed; classics are always a great choice.

  • Stainless mugs and water bottles!

  • Gina George / 12.06.2016

    Super excited about a coffee subscription!

  • Angela / 12.06.2016

    homemade body scrub

  • Caroline / 12.06.2016

    This year I’m giving pajamas and Echo Dots! A gadget and a luxury. Love everything in this giveaway!

  • I’m really excited about the dish I got from your store that I’m giving to my Mother-in-Law. She’s always saying “I need a day between Saturday and Sunday,” so it’s perfect!

  • Hannah / 12.06.2016

    Such a generous gift! I would love to give the cast iron skillet to my mother; as a native of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky she would certainly put it to good use!

  • Liz A / 12.06.2016

    I’m gifting a lot of diy-related supplies for people. For example, my dad wanted some home brew supplies and I’m happy to oblige 🙂

  • Thanks for bringing these products and companies to my attention!

  • Abby L / 12.06.2016

    Love all these ideas! I am buying those taco matches for my fiancé immediately!

  • Coby / 12.06.2016

    Love all these ideas!!

  • Kate B / 12.06.2016

    S’well waterbottles! One for everyone on my list 🙂 Would love to gift any of WOM’s though…

  • Whitney Littlejohn / 12.06.2016

    Love this!

  • Emily R / 12.06.2016

    I am not sure yet….which is a problem!! I do know what I will be getting my baby niece though!

  • Angela Saver / 12.06.2016

    I am gifting Drift Away Coffee, Brentwood Home pillows, & a chef’s knife, as well as video games and clothes for the kiddos!

  • Stephanie / 12.06.2016

    This Christmas I am gifting my friends, family, and colleagues all the festive treats that I am working hard on to complete.

  • Rachel / 12.06.2016

    I’m planning on gifting craft beer, slippers and candles.

  • Debbie F / 12.06.2016

    I’m giving both my brothers football stuff. I myself can’t see the appeal of football but to each their own. 🙂

  • Amy C. / 12.06.2016

    I will be gifting lots of Legos to my kids this year!

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole / 12.06.2016

    I’m gifting my husband a new Apple series 2 watch. Shhh….

  • ginette4 / 12.06.2016

    Is this giveaway open to everyone?

  • Vickie / 12.07.2016

    Munki Minki PJ’s..my new crush!
    A spice bar subscription.
    A mini vacation on Anna Maria island.

  • What a fabulous “gift away”….love the prayer partner….love the skillet! I could make my favorite cornbread in that puppy!

  • I’m gifting my friends with a mini gilded painting from my new series (www.janaflemingart.com).

  • Jennie Hawes / 12.07.2016

    I’m making lots of photo books/calendars to give as gifts to my family.

  • Sophie Schrader / 12.07.2016

    I’m gifting good wine!

  • Kellie / 12.07.2016

    We are gifting Holiday cookies and fudge!

  • lucy / 12.07.2016

    great gift guide! a got my sister in law a copper french press- a coffee subscription is idea to pair with it!

  • Lacy= / 12.07.2016

    The cast iron skillet!!! Hoping to win…

  • Bianca / 12.07.2016

    Nerf Guns


  • Christianna Giordano / 12.07.2016

    that prayer book is such a wonderful idea – great collection of items! (per usual!)

  • Martha Susan / 12.07.2016

    Vintage board games!

  • Cindy A. / 12.07.2016

    I am gifting my mister a new watch.

  • Sarah / 12.07.2016

    Those measuring cups are so pretty!!!

  • Sarah / 12.07.2016

    Duh, pressed enter before I could say what we’re gifting!! We’re giving lots of homemade goodies and slippers!

  • Kelsey / 12.07.2016

    Another day, another amazing giveaway! Loving that chocolate and wine pairing!

  • Sharon / 12.07.2016

    I am gifting Sleep sweaters.

  • Delivery coffee? Yes please!

  • Sharon Haas / 12.07.2016

    I’m giving kitchen stuff this year

  • Mary J. / 12.07.2016

    The best gift guide!!

  • Joanna A. / 12.08.2016

    I don’t know yet! I still have lots of shopping left to do!

  • I am loving the Alex and Ani bracelets!

  • Janice Lacy / 12.08.2016

    Cinnamon toothpicks!

  • Jolene S / 12.08.2016

    I’m making jewelry for my friends

  • Framed photos and a Legacybox!

  • Mary Margaret / 12.08.2016

    I’m gifting lots of custom framed wedding photos!

  • we love homemade gifts over in this house– the “gingerbread” cowboy ornaments you can scent with oils may just be making a comeback again this year 😉

  • Kelsey Shumaker / 12.08.2016

    I am gifting wedding pictures, candles, & kitchen items this year!

  • Joanna A. / 12.09.2016

    I am gifting clothes!

  • Just got The Prayer Partner for my daughter!

  • Alysafarrell / 12.09.2016

    Blown over by your clever generosity! Ive been wanting to create the beautiful habit of calligraphy! A few of this years gifts are inspired by you! Thanks!!

  • Rebecca / 12.09.2016

    Lots of kitchen essentials!

  • Kelly D / 12.09.2016

    I am giving cakes, chocolates and gift cards so far.

  • Caitlyn Cousino / 12.09.2016

    This year I am gifting a snowboard helmet and snowboard jacket to my boyfriend.

  • Elizabeth W / 12.09.2016

    I’m giving away things people never get for themselves – lovely beauty products, etc.

  • Elena / 12.09.2016

    Pinch Provisions emergency kits and Luci lights!

  • Kathleen Kuykendall / 12.09.2016

    New kitchen gadgets,shoes, and a new kitten top the list

  • ashley e / 12.09.2016

    little things i’ve bought throughout the year as I hear friends & family say “i really love ___”

  • Oprah tickets!

  • Kimberly C / 12.10.2016

    I’m gifting jewelry and gift cards this year!!

  • I bought each of the women in my family a keepsake ring. Its a fun thing to have matching rings. Reminds me of the love I have for my family.

  • I’m giving my niece a set of Madeline books. They were some of my favorites growing up 🙂

  • Rust / 12.10.2016

    This year I am gifting some tech, and lots of homemade goodies.

  • Casi Selph / 12.10.2016

    I’m gifting YL Essential Oils, Green Beauty Products, clothes & toys

  • Jordan Troublefield / 12.10.2016

    Made my niece the cutest dress up trunk!

  • Kara / 12.11.2016

    The O-ring

  • Ashley S / 12.11.2016

    I’m gifting Lake Pajamas to my mom and mother-in-law!

  • Katie Payne / 12.12.2016

    I’m gifting a coordinate necklace to my mom with her childhood house’s coordinates because her mother just sold the house. Another favorite gift I am giving is a pair of Hunter boots to my sister!

  • Vi Nguyen / 12.12.2016

    I am gifting electronics!

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