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Happy Monday Loves!  I promised you on Friday that there would be a big giveaway happening today, and I wasn’t kidding!  Drumroll please…(insert sound of drumroll here) Waiting On Martha is thrilled to be giving away a brand new Amazon Kindle Fire and $50 Amazon Gift Card !  Cue massive amounts of cheers and shouting from the roof tops!

I’ve had 2 Kindles now, the original which I stepped on and broke, and now the Kindle Fire, and to say I’m obsessed would be putting it mildly.  Now just to be clear I love the publishing and book business.  Like physical, old school books.  I have 17 monthly magazine subscriptions, shelves and shelves of cookbooks, and I collect coffee table books on art, fashion, and various other things.  So I do not believe that print publishing is dead and I value it tremendously.  However, everyone needs an e-reader as well, and my personal fave is the Kindle.  It’s the perfect way to house all of my paper backs and salacious reading, not to mention a much need travel companion.  And the Fire takes it to another level with the color screen and access to the internet for social media, browsing and movie downloading.

Therefore, without further ado one lucky reader will with the Amazon Kindle Fire ($159) and an Amazon gift card worth $50.  The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents and will run through Saturday night with a winner announced Monday.  And I’m thrilled to be now using Rafflecopter which makes it 100 times easier to enter and allows you to get so many entries with a simple click of the button.

So I hope this starts your week off on the right foot, and good luck!  xoxo

P.S. Don’t you love that Twilight is the book in the pic?  I so read all four of those babies…this is where it would have been nice to have a Kindle because I didn’t need the world to know I was (am) obsessed with some teenage vamps.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Melanie / 03.11.2013

    That is too funny about wanting to hide the Twilight books…so tried to do the same thing!

  • Emma / 03.11.2013

    There are tons of books/mags I would be able to read with a Kindle, but Lunch in Paris keeps catching my eye so I think that would be the first one I would read. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Stephanie G / 03.11.2013

    I would buy the autobiography of Emily Dickinson! 🙂

  • Kelly D / 03.11.2013

    I would purchase The Racketeer by John Grisham

  • sydney85 / 03.11.2013

    I would read the latest Deborah Crombie book.

  • Hmmm… Fifty Shades of Grey

  • Monica K. / 03.11.2013

    Harry Potter! Always good to have those books for on the go.

  • Happy Monday! What an awesome giveaway Mandy! Fingers & Toes crossed. I’m a teenage vamp addict, read them digitally so I won’t get teased by the hubs. xoxo

  • Amy C. / 03.11.2013

    I would download the Bible.

  • Elena / 03.11.2013

    I would get the Twilight books

  • With a Kindle you can even watch the Twilight movies incognito 🙂

  • What a fabulous giveaway! I loved seeing you featured in Lonny magazine:)

  • Katie Gibson / 03.11.2013

    I’m dying for a Kindle! I love buying actual books but when reading multiples while travelling it becomes very cumbersome. Next on my list … The Power of Starting Something Stupid By Richie Norton and Grace A Memoir by Grace Coddington also The 4-Hour Chef by Timothy Ferris… Moveable Feast By Ernest Hemingway….Paris…

  • I think I’d buy book 2 in the Hunger Games series. I’ve been wanting to read it before the movie comes out!

  • SARAH / 03.11.2013

    Dying to get my hands on Then Again- Diane Keaton, Advanced Style-Ari Seth Cohenand and The Things That Matter-Nate Berkus! LOVING the blog! x
    PS. you can add my name to the secretly TWILIGHT obsessed!

  • Fabulous giveaway!! Love it! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Kindle Fire!

  • Courtney / 03.11.2013

    I would love to download Brideshead Revisited for Book Club 🙂

  • Dominique / 03.11.2013

    I would read “Gone Girl.” Haven’t gotten there yet…

  • Macy Stewart / 03.11.2013

    I have been wanting to read Gone Girl so that would be my first purchase!

  • I would purchase The Great Gatsby!

  • Melissa Frances / 03.11.2013

    i would buy a german dictionary/translator as my daughter is coming home from germany after being an exchange student this year..i better learn some words…lol
    thanks for an opportunity to WIN BIG!!

  • Elizabeth / 03.11.2013

    I would love to use the amazon kindle to read in bed. Looking forward to reading Happy at Home by Gretchen Rubin.

  • Kelly R Klug / 03.12.2013

    I’d squirrel away all of my romance novels so people won’t see the cover’s lurid details.

  • Linda / 03.12.2013

    I would definitely purchase The Garden of Good and Evil to read! Hope to win!

  • Heaven is for real book

  • Jay M / 03.12.2013

    Maybe the LOTR or something by Dean Koontz.

  • Tricky! There are so many! Maybe, Wise Men, or Tiger’s Wife, or The Patriarch, or a cookbook… so many options!

  • michelle pickett / 03.12.2013

    THe new jk rowling book Ive been wanting to read.

  • Angela / 03.12.2013

    I would download The 12 tribes of Hattie.

  • I have Gone Girl on my to read list… I’ve been slacking lately!!

  • Amanda / 03.14.2013

    Great giveaway! New to your blog – saw your feature in Lonny – love it!

  • Amanda / 03.14.2013

    Oh, and i would purchase Gone Girl if I won

  • Amber / 03.15.2013

    I would get Mockingjay so I can catch up on the entire Hunger Games trilogy finally! 🙂 Thanks so much! My birthday is in a few days, and I’d be thrilled to win!

  • Sydney D / 03.15.2013

    Catching Fire!

  • Rebecca / 03.15.2013

    I am desperately needing to get back into reading something other than Parents magazine and work emails!

  • renee / 03.16.2013

    I’d start with digital copies of the go to books I already own… probably starting with the ESV bible.

  • The Game of Thrones series.

  • Andrew P / 03.16.2013

    Game of Throne series!

  • Shannon / 03.16.2013

    Little House on the Prairie!

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