A Spanish Themed Dinner with Williams-Sonoma & Le Creuset

Celebrating the traditional flavors of Spain with a vibrant, yet laid-back spread
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A Spanish themed dinner, @waitingonmartha Spanish themed spread with Le Creuset Carribean. @waitingonmartha A Spanish themed cheese plate with Le Creuset, @waitingonmartha #ad Spanish seafood paella, @waitingonmartha A Spanish themed spread with Le Creuset, @waitingonmartha #ad A Spanish themed dinnerwith Le Creuset, @waitingonmartha #adSpanish inspired dinner with @waitingonmartha Spanish themed dinner, @waitingonmartha

Today’s dinner (and MAJOR giveaway) is not only an ode to the traditional, yet vibrant flavors of Spain, it’s a celebration of the Spanish laid-back approach to dining.  Let’s just say they know how to sit back, pour a glass or two of wine, nibble on some tapas and savor really great food.  And since I’m a big fan of all of those things, I decided it was due time I payed homage to the beautiful Iberian peninsula with a casual dinner spread and Spanish inspired menu. 

I tried my hand at two Spanish staples: a seafood paella and hearty spinach with chickpeas.  Both dishes I’ve enjoyed at restaurants for years, but have been nervous about recreating at home.  So to say I was thrilled and just a tad surprised at how simple they actually were to prepare is an understatement.  I’ll be sharing the recipes for my Seafood Paella and Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach & Chickpeas) tomorrow, but I’d be amiss to leave you hanging about the cheese plate.

I knew I had to have a cheese plate when planning this Spanish themed dinner, but I wanted to avoid what seems to be the current cheese plate trend of the “bigger-the-better.”  Yes, we all love cheese and all that accompanies it, but unless you’re throwing a full blown party, when entertaining for 10 guests or less, keep it on the small and simple.  The cheese plate is just something to nosh on before the main event.  You don’t want it to be so complex and filling because it runs the risk of taking away from the meal itself. 

So with that being said, I kept it simple with two Spanish cheeses (Manchego & Mahon), roasted red peppers, a mix of Spanish olives, marcona almonds, two different marmalades and two Spanish meats (Jamon Serrano & Salami).  I arranged it all on this Le Creuset Tray, which is part of a 2-piece casserole dish and tray.  The tray serves as the top of the casserole dish, so you can use them separately or together…genius!  

Speaking of Le Creuset, how wonderful is this cool Caribbean blue?!  I love Le Creuset, that’s all there is to it.  Cast-iron kitchenware is just one of those things you’ll have forever, and Le Creuset is my absolute favorite brand when it comes down to it.  When I saw this collection, I knew I had to have it.  I mean, by now you know my love affair with all things blue and white! See, when it comes to blue, I don’t discriminate.  I’ve found that all blues truly go together, and I knew this bold, island-blue would be the perfect pop to my table for nights like this.  Paired with a mix of other tabletop favorites, the Caribbean dinnerware collection infuses a welcoming, bright feel to any table…something I’ll be looking to do all year ’round.  Truly, MKR

P.S. Because Mondays are always better with giveaways, I’m so thrilled to announce our week-long giveaway today with your chance to score a 16-piece Le Creuset set in the color of your choice!  All the details are listed below in the widget, and I’d love to hear: what color would you choose?!  



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Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha  |  This post was in collaboration with Le Creuset, a brand we love and adore.  All opinions are 100% our own. 

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  • Sj Dc / 09.19.2016

    love the set in ‘Ocean’ color

  • Hello there:

    As the granddaughter of a Spanish I have been exposed and loved Spanish cuisine. My boyfriend and I are in the making of our move in together and this would mean the world to me to have in my new kitchen. my favorite color is classic white or french grey.


  • Betsey M / 09.19.2016

    I would pick the anchor grey. It is so pretty and classic.

  • The French Gray is beautiful, but I also love Ink. So many great choices!

  • I would pick the color anchor grey.

  • Heather / 09.19.2016

    I can’t wait to see the recipes tomorrow! I’d pick the white plates and let the Le Creuset shapes speak for themselves.

  • Ah this would be so lovely to win! I think the Marseille color is absolutely perfect and would love to own that! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!


  • Ah what a fantastic giveaway, love your Spanish feast! It looks as good as the Paella you snapped about last week! I would choose Marseille blue! I love the classic French blue for cookware.


  • Rachel / 09.19.2016

    I would pick french grey.

  • Abby L / 09.19.2016

    I would pick Caribbean blue! Such a beautiful color!

  • Amanda / 09.19.2016

    Marseille is dreamy.

  • Emma / 09.19.2016

    I’m really liking the Marseille color!

  • Vickie / 09.19.2016

    I have both palm and Caribbean cookware..therefore one of those. Probably, palm..perfect for my vintage Florida beachy, tropical style.

  • Kim Pincombe Cole / 09.19.2016

    Wow – another great giveaway!
    I love the ‘Ocean’ and ‘French Grey’ colors!!!

  • Jeanne Mallett / 09.19.2016

    I would get the palm green color! Just moved to Savanah and need everything for my new place!

  • Awesome post and giveaway! I would choose the white to pair with my gold accents.

  • Leslie / 09.19.2016

    I would love pink or grey!

  • Maree Sperle / 09.19.2016

    All the Le Creuset colors are gorgeous. I would pick the Palm color.

  • patti / 09.19.2016

    Beautiful Le Creuset! MARSEILLE BLUE is my favorite.

  • Heather / 09.19.2016

    I’ll keep my ocean collection going. Would love to score more.

  • Amy C. / 09.19.2016

    Beautiful dinnerware! I would choose the Palm color.

  • Alex T / 09.19.2016

    These are beautiful! I would choose lapis or french grey!

  • That Caribbean blue… Wow!

  • Melissa / 09.20.2016

    I would choose the ocean color. Beautiful!

  • Mimi Stevenson / 09.20.2016

    I would pick grey or lapiz. Both go perfectly with our decor. I hope I win!!!

  • I would choose either flame or the ocean color, because either would match perfectly with my table decor and tablescape I already have! Would love to host and share my own dinner party, inspired by yours!
    Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway!!

  • Anna Hoffstetter / 09.20.2016

    I would die for the Palm color! So gorgeous!

  • Connie / 09.20.2016

    I love everything Le Creuset and WOM! Right now my favorite is the Marsielle, but I also love the white!

  • Beautiful photos! I would pick Carribean Blue. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Heather West / 09.20.2016

    Definitely the Lapis!

  • Whitney / 09.20.2016

    Probably the red; though the greys are very sophisticated!

  • Bridgett Wilbur / 09.20.2016

    I would love the palm color set.

  • Jillian Too / 09.20.2016

    I’m torn between the Flame and the White sets. I think I would choose the white set.

  • Geoff / 09.20.2016

    I’d choose the French Gray color.

  • Kellie / 09.21.2016

    I would choose the Lapis color!

  • maryann / 09.21.2016

    I love everything about Le Creuset. This set is beautiful. I love the Caribbean Blue!

  • Brittany / 09.21.2016

    This set is gorgeous. I love the color “ocean”!

  • Jessica / 09.21.2016

    I would love french grey or lapis to compliment my sets already!

  • Rebecca / 09.21.2016

    My daughter just graduated from culinary school and we bought her some Le Creuset Caribbean pots for graduation. She will be moving out in a few months, but doesn’t have any plates yet. I would probably give her this set in Caribbean as a housewarming gift to match her cookware.

  • Emily R. / 09.21.2016

    I would either get white or Marseille blue!

  • We are just about to start renovations on our kitchen this week! I told my husband that I plan to paint the kitchen and design theme colors around whatever color I end up picking for my dinner ware from Le Creuset! I can’t decide on a color, having a hard time. I love bright colors everywhere 🙂

  • Sharon Haas / 09.21.2016

    I love the Soleil!

  • Shayla / 09.21.2016

    The island blue will match my dining room accents perfectly!

  • Keri Justice / 09.21.2016

    I would pick the color “Flame”, I love it!!

  • Tina W / 09.22.2016

    Like all things Le Creuset, my first choice would be flame.

  • I’d go with the classic white. It’s gorgeous!

  • I would choose French gray!

  • Christina Ziegelmeier / 09.22.2016

    I would pick the Marseille Its Georgeous!

  • Catie / 09.22.2016

    I would love to win a set in the French Grey or Caribbean. Both are stunning! What a wonderful dinner party and generous giveaway. Xx

  • Scott / 09.22.2016

    I would love to win the white set for my wife.

  • Kara / 09.23.2016

    Wow, great giveaway! Thanks!!

  • Dana Esker / 09.23.2016

    I would pick the FRENCH GREY, absolutely lovely!

  • Christina A. / 09.23.2016

    I love the Palm Green choice!

  • Tracy Lewis / 09.23.2016

    I would choose the Caribean Blue.

  • Love the teal color!

  • Bianca Andrea / 09.23.2016

    I love white but I just bought some white dishes, maybe french grey

  • Nicole Vosburgh / 09.23.2016

    I would love to have the ocean colored setting!

  • carol clark / 09.23.2016

    CARIBBEAN BLUE i love it id pick that one

  • Jill Kornegay / 09.23.2016

    I would have to choose the French Grey! I love to pair subtle dinnerware with colorful napkins and table design.

  • Steve Weber / 09.23.2016


  • Kelley / 09.23.2016

    Love the Caribbean blue! So gorgeous in an ocean setting!

  • Megan / 09.23.2016

    I would pick white because I’m a psycho and everything needs to be white. If I’m not feeling OCD i would pick marseille

  • Brandie / 09.23.2016

    Le Creuset is the best!!

  • Jeffrey / 09.23.2016

    I like the Cherry color, but I’m guessing my wife would have the final say!

  • Kathleen Kuykendall / 09.23.2016

    I love the Lapis. I would love a pop of color in my dishes!

  • Beth L. / 09.23.2016

    I think the classic white would have to be my choice. I can just picture the glorious meals being served, the colors of the food vibrant in contrast.

  • Rust / 09.23.2016

    I would choose Marseille.

  • Cindy A. / 09.23.2016

    I would choose Cherry. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  • I love the Carribean color! It would look perfect in the new kitchen I am renovating.

  • Jessica To / 09.24.2016

    I would pick the lapis color.

  • pushingpaperdc@gmail.com / 09.24.2016

    I love the anchor grey!

  • Jenny blnc / 09.24.2016

    White or light blue

  • kelli / 09.24.2016

    i’m gonna go with white because it would match everything i already have, although all the colors are gorgeous

  • I choose the turquoise! Such a happy color!

  • Lori Reilly / 09.24.2016

    Fantastic giveaway!!! I am such a huge fan of Le Creuset; I have coolest old vintage mustard yellow piece from my Grandmother. Really digging the French Grey,

  • ginette4 / 09.24.2016

    My colour of choice would either be the French white or the Marseille

  • Carrah / 09.25.2016

    I’d choose the Caribbean Blue for my lake house home in Michigan!

  • Veronica / 09.25.2016

    I love the matte White and the matte mineral blue!

  • Rachael / 09.25.2016

    I would love any of their white or grey choices !!

  • Annie Cook / 09.25.2016

    Great giveaway! I would select White, it’s not as bold and beautiful but I’m a sucker for classics.

  • I seriously couldn’t decide between the Lapis or the White. Both are so dreamy! Thank you for such a generous giveaway. <3

  • Allison / 09.25.2016

    Palm would be such a fun color in our kitchen!

  • My Le Crueset are some of my favorite pieces in my kitchen! That Caribbean blue is gorgeous but if I had to picked I’d go with the Marseille blue or crisp white for the set!

  • Tee Anderson / 09.25.2016

    Marseille Blue is my favorite!

  • Sarah Mayer / 09.25.2016

    I would pick the french gray color.

  • John P / 09.25.2016

    This will be a gift if I should win.
    Probably, one of the colors of the sea. Blues or green. Meditttterean colors.
    Thank you.

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