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DIY Succulents

These Easy Homemade Pots Make the Best Gifts
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This tutorial is one of our most popular posts from the archives, and for good reason, too!  Our DIY succulents make for an easy, thoughtful homemade gift any time of year.  
The beauty about succulents is that they can really be all different shapes and sizes…and any type of pot or container will work as long as there’s a drainage hole (love these, these and these). 

As MKR taught us in the original post, you’ll want to stick to gritty, sandy, rocky soil.  Fill your pots 3/4 full with soil.  Next, remove succulents gently from containers, tapping off extra dirt, and arranging the succulents however you want inside the pots. If needed, add additional soil and gently pat around the arranged succulents. 

Succulents are pretty hard to kill, but you still do need to water them. However, don’t drown your arrangement with a cup of water, instead pouring a little and wait until the dirt completely absorbs the water, repeating 1-2 times once a week (during the warmer months). The rest of the year, the plants need much less water. 

As for sunlight, succulents do want it (and may lean towards the light if they aren’t getting enough).  But it’s best to keep them out of all-day sun.  If the succulents begin to yellow, that can mean too much sun or overwatering.  Happy planting!  Truly MKR




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How To: Succulent Arrangements

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succulent arrangements#DIY succulent arrangementsSucculent arrangements make the perfect giftDIY succulent arrangementsDIY succulents

The next time you need a hostess gift rather than showing up with the same bouquet of tulips why not hand your host succulent arrangements you created yourself?  Succulents are one of the most interesting and beautiful plants, plus they’re practically impossible to kill.  And their recent popularity have made finding them easier than ever.  I purchased mine at my local Home Depot store.  All you need are some terracotta pots (or these guys or this if you’re feeling fancy), some rocky soil, and a few different types of succulents.  Voila you have a unique gift ready to make someone’s day.  Below I’ve included my recipe for succulent success below plus a few helpful tips to get your arranging on and I highly suggest this book.  Happy almost weekend Loves!  truly, MKR

P.S.  These would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift!


How To: Succulent Arrangements
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  1. Succulents of all different shapes and sizes
  2. Soil; gritty, sandy, and rocky soil only.
  3. Pots; any type of pot or container will work as long as there is a drainage hole.
  1. Fill your pots 3/4 full with soil
  2. Remove succulents gently from containers tapping off access dirt. Arrange the succulents however you see fit.
  3. Add additional soil and gently pat around the arranged succulents.
  4. Water lightly (see below for watering instructions)
  1. Sunlight. You want your succulents to have sun, but not all day sun which is surprising as these plants are known as dessert plants. Things to look for; yellowing of color can mean too much sun or overwatering, but leaning towards the light source can mean not enough.
  2. Water. During the warmer months succulents go through their growing phase and should be watered once a week. Don't drown your arrangement with a cup of water, pour a little and wait until the dirt has completely absorbed the water, then repeat 1-2 times. When it cools down succulents enter their dormant phase and need much less water.
  3. Re-potting. Though it may not look like it succulents are growing and should be repotted once a year.
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