10 Ways to Go Green(er) Around Your Home

Easy Tweaks in Habits & Chores You Can Do Today
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Going Green At Home

Here’s another idea to “refresh” this month; nothing drastic, but one that’ll hopefully inspire a few better habits to stick.  I’m sharing ten easy ways to go green around the house, and I think you’ll find that they’re all totally doable and reasonable.  A lot of times, we get so stuck in our ways that we don’t even realize small, subtle changes that can do us better in the long-run (and save us money!!). 

Below, check out a few of the goals I’m setting for myself in the new year.  They include easy things like switching out the chemical-laden cleaning products, swapping paper towels for dish towels, as well as introducing green alternatives to my personal care routine like all natural toothpaste, oil-pulling and smudge sticks.  See?  Nothing too crazy or life-changing, but all helpful ways to go green around the house.  But I’d love to add some more to this list; comment below with your favorite way to go green(er).  Cheers! Kat

Ditch the Paper Towels

Baker Stripe Dishtowel Set

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My household is guilty of going through a few rolls of paper towels per month.  In 2017, I’m introducing wash rags and dish cloths to our countertops instead.  For even the smallest of spills, instead of using an entire paper towel, we’ll be using these dish cloths that we can then later throw in the wash. Easy-breezy. 

Use Reusable Water Bottles

Traveller's Pure Copper Water Bottle

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Instead of using wasteful plastic water bottles (full of BPA too!), opt for reusable water bottles you can refill throughout the day.

We’re big fans of these copper water bottles because they have countless health benefits (and they look pretty cool).  Copper water helps you maintain good digestive health, killing bacteria and washing the gastrointestinal tract.  It flushes kidneys, stimulates digestive process and overall reduces fat. Convinced yet?! 


Swap Out the Hand Soap, Mouthwash & Toothpaste

Cocopull Oil Pulling Coconut Oil Packets

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Harsh synthetics and toxic chemicals can be found in your tried-and-true personal care items like hand soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant and more.  To give your personal care routine a green overhaul, consider gentle, safer hand soaps (like Thieves), oil pulling packets (your teeth, gums and breath will thank you!) and nontoxic toothpaste (again, Thieves for the win!). 

Stop Using Dryer Sheets

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Say no to the disposable dryer sheets that are laden with chemicals and synthetics. Instead, use reusable wool dryer balls to soften fabrics the natural way.  The not only shorten drying time and save energy, they are better for sensitive skin and are completely eco-friendly. 

We love using these wool dryer balls with a drop or two of Lavender Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil or Thieves Essential Oil to keep laundry smelling extra fresh!  

Use Cloth or Canvas Grocery Bags

Monogrammed Essential Tote Bag

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I know I’m guilty of stashing plastic and paper grocery bags in a random cabinet in my kitchen…either to pile up or be thrown away later. Instead of doing this, use a cloth or canvas grocery tote!  These are reusable and perhaps even easier to deal with than the disposable alternatives.  A lot of places will give you a discount when using them, too. Win-win. 

Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Philips Energy Saver CFL Bulb

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Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) use 10x less energy than normal incandescent bulbs!  It’s time to switch yours out for these ones, and rest assured that they’ll last a whole lot longer (read: you won’t have to replace them as often!). 

Stop Wasting Excess Water

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Did you know that dishwashing generally takes 27 gallons of water, compared with the four gallons in the dishwasher to wash the same number of dishes?!  So next time you think you’re doing better by hand washing, put that stuff in the dishwasher! 

Another scary fact about water waste: about five gallons of water are wasted when you brush your teeth with the water on!  Turn the water OFF while you brush. 

Use All Natural Air Fresheners

California White Sage Smudge Sticks

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Air fresheners’ packaging causes waste, and there are better ways to purify and freshen the air.  A lot of big-box brand air fresheners contain harmful chemicals that actually only mask the odor, rather than neutralize or clear the air. 

A good alternative when you need to freshen up and clear the air? Diffusing essential oils like Thieves, Lemon and Purification, using smudge sticks to purify the air and having plants to naturally detox the space (and get rid of that formaldehyde lingering around!). 

Use Cloth Napkins

French Stripe Napkins

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This will be an easy adjustment when you start using your dish towels like I mentioned above.  Using cloth napkins (chic French stripe ones if we’re getting specific) at mealtime instead of paper towels or paper napkins is a game-changer in terms of waste (not to mention, they look so much better!). 

Switch to Chemical-Free Detergents & Cleaning Solutions

Thieves Dish Soap

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Go green around the house with safe, clean products that don’t include harsh chemicals and ingredients.  Start with any products from the Thieves line; they truly are wonder products that go so far (the cleaner is highly concentrated and can be used for countless DIY recipes) It’s time to swap out the laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and more. 

More on this tomorrow! 


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