Hanging Wreath Chandelier Tutorial

Besides the gorgeous VIETRI place settings that adorned my Christmas Day brunch table, the other star of the show was the hanging wreath chandelier.  I had seen wreath chandeliers for years now and had been dying to have one of my own.  What I didn’t realize, and was pleasantly surprised to find out, was just how easy it was to make rather than buy.  So Loves, I’m sharing this easy DIY with you all today.  And if you take on this project I’d love to see so make sure you tag me in any of your Instagram pics!  truly, MKR

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What you’ll need…

  • 2 Wreaths (I used fake wreaths and added natural trimmings to give it a more real and full look)
  • Wire (preferably green)
  • Rustic rope
  • Trimmings such as pine cones, berries, holly leaves, and branches
What to do…
  1. Set one wreath on top of the other and tie together using your wire.
  2. Secure 4 pieces of rope evenly to the top wreath and bring those pieces together and knot.  Make sure you leave plenty of rope to hang the wreath from the ceiling.
  3. Once hung, simply add desired trimmings to give the wreath a more full feel.

Photographs via Rustic White Photography


5 thoughts on “Hanging Wreath Chandelier Tutorial

  1. I love this idea! I’m getting married this December and it this would be a fun way to decorate wedding events. I am so excited to share christmas traditions with my new hubby this year! Mainly homemade cinamon rolls and cozy pi’s!

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