Will You Be My Valentine?

From top to bottom, left to right…One Canoe “I’m Nuts About You”  ||  Sugar Paper LOVE  ||  Sugar Paper XO  ||  Sugar Paper Hearts  ||  Rifle Paper “I love you in spite of your flaws”  ||  Rifle Paper “You’re the cats pajamas”  ||  Rifle Paper “We go together like salt & pepper  ||  Mr. Boddington “I have been searching for you my whole life  ||  Sugar Paper Be Mine  ||  Sugar Paper A Love Note  ||  Rifle Paper “Wanted for stealing my heart”  ||  Heart sparkler  ||  Sugar Papar “& the rest is history  ||  One Canoe “You make my heart skip a beet”  ||  Mr. Boddington “If you look closely you will see how very much I love you

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