5 Valentine’s To Try

I had grand plans for my glue gun and Valentine’s Day this year, grand plans I tell you.  Then I learned I had 3 weeks to pack up our entire house and move down to Atlanta and my grand plans fell apart.  But just because my glue gun is temporarily in storage doesn’t mean I should deny all of you crafty people a little Valentine’s Day inspired DIY’s.  So take a look and get your craft on this weekend with these 5 marvelous projects.  xoxo

Valentine’s Day In A Box from You Are My Fav (tutorial here).  Perfectly customizable for your valentine and doesn’t reek of all that Valentine’s Day red roses and babies breath cheesiness.

Cupcake Liner Wreath from Tatertots and Jello (tutorial here).  This is an oldie, but a goodie I recently stumbled upon thanks to everyone’s favorite addiction, Pinterest.  Why I love this adorably whimsical wreath so much is because you could do it for any occasion…Halloween, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, you get the drift.

DIY Mirrored Caked Stands from Tradewind Tiaras (tutorial here).  Like above I’ve been holding on to this DIY for awhile because it’s perfect for practically every occasion…though red velvet Valentine’s whoopie pies would give some amazing coloring contrast to the mirrored top!

Valentine’s Day Surprise Crackers from Not Martha (tutorial here).  Who knew crackers were so easy to make, and again not just limited to Valentine’s Day, (if you’re not sensing a theme here you haven’t been paying attention)!  And though candy is great if you really want to make Valentine’s memorable fill it with something that has a little sparkle, diamonds perhaps?

Valentine’s Friendship Bracelets by Dandee (tutorial here).  I don’t have children, but I loved this idea so I had to share.  And quite frankly friendship bracelets aren’t just for the tots, I personally have quite a few and always appreciate more.  Just one suggestion on this one moms, I would throw in some candy to go along with the bracelet so your kid isn’t like the house during Halloween that gives out peanuts or toothpaste…nobody wants peanuts and toothpaste!

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