The Top 15 Essentials Every Bar Cart Must Have

Top 15 Bar Cart Essentials

We’ve had a lot of love lately for our Bar Cart both HERE on the Blog and HERE on Instagram.  We’ve also had a lot of questions, about building a proper bar cart.  So I thought I’d share with you all my top 15 essentials that every bar cart must have.  Cheers!  truly, MKR

One.  Display worthy glasses.  I’m loving these from One Kings Lane…what a great price!  ||  Two.  A shaker.  I collect shakers, but every bar cart needs at least one shaker and I’m loving this one complete with anchor picks for a fun gift or this tried and true shaker.  ||  Three.  Cocktail Napkins, the “cheekier” the better.  ||  Four.  Some flair.  ||  Five.  A proper tool set.  ||  Six.  A Muddler.  ||  Seven.  Fresh flowers.  ||  Eight.  An ice bucket.  ||  Nine.  A candle, because candles really can (and should) go everywhere.  And splurge on one that once done burning can be used to hold something, like swizzle sticks or straws.  ||  Ten.  Cocktail Napkins (yes again) or coasters to mix it up.  ||  Eleven.  A bartender’s dictionary.  ||  Twelve.  Beautiful wine.  While my bar cart doesn’t house the majority of my wine (4 wine fridges do, don’t judge) some of the most beautiful and decorative bottles are out on the cart.  ||  Thirteen.  A Decanter, I’m loving this skull from Pottery Barn.  ||  Fourteen.  Matches.  ||  Fifteen.  A decorative bowl for all the corks because every cart should have a personal collection of some sort, like corks you’ve collected from great bottles opened or vintage swizzle sticks.  Just something that’s personal, and interesting.

*Image Rustic White

3 thoughts on “The Top 15 Essentials Every Bar Cart Must Have

  1. Okay, so what is the wine bottle (#12) above? From one wine lover to another, it looks familiar but I can’t place it!

    I love bar carts and they have made a huge comeback. We built a bar with wine two wine coolers in our dining room and have no room for a bar cart … but still love the look!

    I enjoy your site!


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