This Week I…

 (pure joy on the beaches of Sea Island…please note I’m running with my coffee in hand…now that’s what I call multi-tasking)

…attended Gucci’s celebration of it’s iconic Horsebit Loafer.  Can you believe it’s 60 and still looking that good?  The new men’s patent leather colored loafers are out of control amazing and I’m completely smitten with this new floral pair.

…shared some boutique and discount code love over on my gal pal Ashlyn’s blog, Let It Be Beautiful.

…became obsessed with Loren Hope’s entire spring collection.  It’s SO good!

…was totally impressed with Gaby from The Vault Files ikea dresser makeover.

…got back to my morning routine by reading Jesus Calling Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young. Thanks to my Instagram family for suggesting it!

…prepared for my bestie to arrive in town this weekend.  Dinner on Saturday at Barcelona and Saturday-day you better believe we’ll be getting some signed Viva Diva Moscato.  I can’t even handle it.

Happy Friday y’all!  xoxo

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