This Week I…


…splurged on some sparkle for my feet after obsessing over them for weeks on Dallas Shaw’s blog.

…read an amazing article about following life’s little (or big) nudges in Oprah Magazine called “Off the Beating Path,” by Martha Beck.  You really must read it, but if you just can’t find the time here’s the takeaway…”If you’ve had a run of horrible luck, you can tell yourself you’re being tortured or punished. Or you can decide you’re being steered.”

…longed for a new t-shirt collection, preferably one that involves Boy Scouts, Love and some space to Evolve.

…determined I have a deep love for antique Staffordshire dogs and am going to start collecting them.  The Mr. doesn’t get it, but I’ve got my eye on a pair at Peachtree Battle Antiques if anyone wants to get me an early birthday gift.

…added more and more covetable goodies to the boutique.

…fell in crazy, crazy love with Tory Burch’s new spring line.  I want it all, but I really want THESE and THESE.

…felt the first signs of spring with daffodils and cherry blossom trees blooming.  I am SO ready.

Happy Friday Loves, xoxo! 

Image courtesy of Lonny Magazine 

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