This Week I…

…worked with one of my favorite brands, Yes To Carrots, on their February campaign, Yes To Great Loves.  I’ll be sharing some of my great loves with you bright and early Monday morning, but in the mean time head on over to their Facebook page where they’re giving away some of their new fragrance free product line.  It’s amazing!

…obsessed over my friend, and crazy talented photographer Gray Malin’s new Antartica collection at One Kings Lane.  I want them all, but I think I have my sights set on THIS one.  Wait, maybe THIS one.  Maybe both?

…found my summer sandal.

…had the most amazing lunch with the ladies behind the  Atlanta Food & Wine Fest.  And believe me when I tell you this year is going to be insane.  Within the next few weeks I’ll be talking about my game plan for the weekend and providing you with some of my favorite options for your consideration.  Plus don’t forget early bird tickets are happening now and only for a few more weeks so hurry, hurry.

…got my favorite flats on major sale.

…fell head over heels for Kelly Wearstler’s tabletop collection.  I mean I seriously need THESE, THESE and of course THESE.

…thought a lot about the future of WOM and the path that I’m on.  I’ve got to tell you, being an entrepreneur is both exhausting and exhilarating.  And this past week, month really, has been more on the exhausting-swimming-up-stream kind of side.  However, I recently had a thought.  “Just because I’m following my dream, just because I’ve found my passion, doesn’t mean it won’t be hard.”  Or in better words, the dream is free, the hustle is sold separately.  So keep swimming my Loves.  truly, MKR

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4 thoughts on “This Week I…

  1. I love what you are building with WOM and you are a wonderful inspiration for us to keep it moving forward! But be true to yourself and take a breather when you need to! xo

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