This Week I…

…streamed basically every moment of New York Fashion Week from the comfort of my home.  Favorites…Zac Posen, Tory Burch, and Oscar de’ la Renta.  Shocking I know.

…did some damage at Madewell thanks to the perfect boyfriend jean (I LOVE a boyfriend jean), everyday tees, and THIS entire outfit.

…added lots of new  art and kids items to The Shop.

…drooled over the $55,000 Oscar swag bag.

…said it before, I’ll say it again, you are who you hang out with.

…was feeling a little blue thanks too Warby Parker.

…swooned over Bijou & Boheme’s gorgeous home on SMP Living.

…died over these ice cream like cupcakes.  Did I tell you I’m not eating any sugar, or dairy, or basically anything this month?  I’ll report back on how that all turned out in about two weeks…counting down the seconds.

…celebrated Saint Valentine by taking 20% off EVERYTHING in The Shop, today only ! Use code XOXO at checkout.  

…solidified a lot of new collaborations and partnerships for 2014.  While I can’t quite share the details yet, I can say this year is shaping up to be truly a realization of the dream.  And a big reason is because of all of you.  The support and love you all show me everyday humbles, and quite frankly shocks me.  So to all of you…thank you.  Happy Valentines Day!  truly, MKR


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