Tazo Lemon-Zen Iced Tea

I’m obsessed with Starbucks iced and unsweetened Tazo Zen green tea.  I get it at least 4 times a week, if not more.  However I ran into a little conundrum this Monday because the Mr. and I are doing a “drought week” (thanks Amanda).  What’s that you ask?  It’s a week where we don’t spend any money.  Not a dime.  On anything.  Not even a necessity such as Starbucks.

With decorating the new house and our lives being as crazy as they have been lately it seems we’ve been spending money like it grows on trees.  And more importantly than the money grows on trees part, I’ve gotten away from one of the things that I love, and truly soothes my soul…cooking.

So in preparation for the week I whipped out my recipe binder and we loaded up on tons of fresh and healthy food from Whole Foods, plenty of wine and of course coffee.  But I forgot about my tea! Thankfully I had the Tazo tea bags in the pantry and a large lemon in the fridge.  Within about 15 minutes of prep and a couple hours cooling in the fridge I was enjoying a new spin on one of my favorite drinks.

Who needs Starbucks when you have fun striped straws and polka dot coasters anyway?  Don’t worry Starbucks you’ll still be seeing me for my Venti Americano with toffee nut flavoring no dairy next week.  xoxo

What you’ll need…

1 large lemon

5-6 Tazo green tea teabags (1 teabag per 8oz of water)

What to do…

1.  Cut lemon into wedges and add to a glass jug, mine is the Quadro Jug from Crate and Barrel.

2.  Fill teapot full and bring to a boil

3.  Once boiled pour entire contents of teapot into your jug with lemons.  Add teabags last making sure the strings are hanging out.

4.  Put in fridge to cool.  Once cooled pull out teabags, pour over ice and enjoy!


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