Something Blue…Part II

When creating the look of our “bride” (Ms. Tiffany Olson) on her big day I knew I wanted to do two very different, yet equally stunning looks.  A soft classic bride and one with a little more vamp.  With the help of Claudia Mejerle and a few well placed accessories we accomplished just that…actually more than that as we ended the day with three looks.  

For the first, a softer more classic bride Tiffany wore soft loose waves, a never ending veil and a neutral lip.  The veil was worn both over her face (a personal fave of mine), and then cascading down her back and well past the train of her Junko Yoshioka dress.  For the second, vamped up version, an eye veil was a must plus a deep bordeaux lip, and of course a smoky eye.  Claudia took her hair from  soft to a messier, wavy teased look.  And lastly Tiffany’s hair was pulled back into the most gorgeous bun and pinned with a vintage brooch.  This allowed us to really showcase all of the accessories and let’s be honest…as a bride it’s much easier to dance the night away when you’re not worrying about your hair!  

Speaking of accessories.  I mean what can I say…I pulled out the big guns.  Chanel, McQueen, Olympia.  It was literally every fashion obsessed girls dream day.  The insane Chanel pearl and acrylic bracelet and pearl necklace with the iconic C’s draped down Tiffany’s back was really all the bling she needed.  But of course enough is really never enough so I had to add a navy and black leather floral Chanel brooch to the back of her sash because a bride should look amazing both coming and going.  And her Charlotte Olympia navy satin shoes and Alexander McQueen clutch made my, and Tiffany’s, jaw drop.  But the cherry on the sundae for me were the gloves.  I believe very strongly that your wedding day is yours and if you want to wear fingerless Chanel driving gloves then that’s your prerogative.  I mean really, who wouldn’t want to wear Chanel driving gloves?!  No one, thats who.  

So my Loves, there you have it.  My vision of a winter wedding.  truly, MKR

Shoot  ||  “Something Blue” Occasions Magazine, Winter 2014 issue

Location  ||  The Atlanta History Museum, Swan House

Styling & Concept  ||  Mandy Kellogg Rye, Waiting On Martha

Photography  ||  Rustic White Photography

Video  ||  Hampton Road Studios

Hair & Makeup  ||  Claudia Mejerle

Bride  ||  Tiffany Olson

Dress, Veil, Eye Veil, & Navy Sash  ||  Kelly’s Closet

 Shoes  ||  Charlotte Olympia via Neiman Marcus

Clutch  ||  Alexander McQueen via Nieman Marcus

Gloves, Necklace, Bracelet, Brooch  ||  Chanel via Nieman Marcus

Hair Brooch  ||  The Sentimentalist

Florals  ||  Lindsay Coletta

Cake  ||  Eileen Carter Creations

Rentals  ||  Crush Event Rentals

Linens  ||  I Do Linens

Invitations & Table Numbers  ||  Julia’s Poppies Design

Place Cards  ||  Ashley Buzzy McHugh

Tableware  ||  Juliska via Bloomingdales


Something Blue // Behind The Scenes of an Occasions Magazine Photo Shoot from Hampton Road Studios on Vimeo.

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