Sharpie Easter Eggs Part I

I am not artistic.  Not at all.  So when I started gathering ideas for how I was going to decorate my Easter eggs this year of course everything I loved took some serious time and some serious artistic skills.  Two things I really don’t posses.  What I did posses however was a brand new set of metallic Sharpie markers.

Oh how I love Sharpies.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my custom Sharpies…I mean perfection.  I also have a serious love for metallics and this years Easter table setting star are these West Elm rose gold flatware sets.  So when thinking about what I was going to do for place cards I had a lightbulb moment.  I’m going to Sharpie (bronze color) initials on my eggs and put them in the cutest nests ever I got from Williams Sonoma last year.  Done and done, two birds with one stone…festive eggs and my place cards for our Easter dinner.

Make sure to come back on Thursday and see what I did with the gold Sharpie…mind blowing I promise.  Happy Easter egg decorating! xo

**Please note it is suggested that you do NOT eat eggs once you have dyed, or in my case drawn on them with a Sharpie**


2 thoughts on “Sharpie Easter Eggs Part I

  1. I love the metallic sharpie idea on the eggs! Did you hard-boil these, or blow the yolks/whites out of them first? Curious, because I want to remind you if you hard-boiled them and plan on refrigerating until your Easter event to be careful when removing them and laying them out as your place cards. As they become room temperature again they will gather moisture on the outside, and yes, even the sharpie will smear on egg shells. My Grandfather used to do beautiful Sharpie artwork on our eggs as teenagers/adults and he discovered this the hard way.

    • Hi Amy,

      They are hardboiled. I took them out early and let them dry and then sharpied them and put them in the nests. Blowing out the yolk/whites would be a good idea as well. Thanks for the idea!


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