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Skillet Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls & Coffee with Dunkin Donuts

A Caramel Pecan Glaze Creates an Irresistible Base for Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls
In Partnership with Dunkin' At Home
October 18, 2016

Skillet pecan cinnamon rolls via @waitingonmartha @dunkinathome #spon #recipewomblogs10_5_16_rusticwhite_005 blog-pecancinnamonrolls Dunkin' At Home bakery series coffee is SO good. @waitingonmartha @dunkindonuts #spon #coffee Skillet pecan cinnamon rolls recipe via @waitingonmartha @dunkindonuts #spon #cinnamonrolls #coffee

Life is pretty insane right now.  But in all of the hustle and bustle, in all of the “busy”, in all of the late nights, there’s one thing that always keeps me going: my quiet “me time” mornings.  Now those mornings don’t often mean more than 20 minutes, but that’s 20 minutes of time that is all mine.  It’s 20 minutes where I don’t question where my phone is, whose email I need to respond to, what shop customer I need to help, or what time I need to meet my photographer.  It’s 20 minutes where the only concern I have is if the coffee has begun brewing, and what chapter I left off on the morning before.  And it’s 20 minutes I’ve come to depend on to get me through the day ahead.  In short, it’s my ritual.

If I’m being completely truthful, a huge part of that ritual is the coffee itself.  Each morning I stumble downstairs, half asleep, and make a bee line to my coffee maker.  Like clockwork, I flip the switch (my kind, kind husbands preps the coffee the night before), grab a mug and sit there with anticipation while the coffee percolates down into the glass pot.  The aroma fills the air, and waves of heat billow out of my mug, and for a moment all is right with the world…I have coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

And with the colder weather finally here, lately I’ve been getting up a bit earlier to steal a few more of those “me time” minutes.  Starting my day, of course, with a cup of ‘jo and recently a little homemade treat that makes the coffee just a bit more cozy.  So it was pretty perfect timing when Dunkin’ At Home invited me to try their Bakery Series® coffee.

With flavors like Cinnamon Coffee Roll, Chocolate Glazed Donut and Caramel Coffee Cake I didn’t think twice before saying yes.  Especially since I’ve been a fan of Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee for years (DD got me through many a long night in college and law school).  It’s been a little over a week since I’ve added the Bakery Series® to my morning line-up, and I’ve got to say perfect and cozy doesn’t even begin to sum up my love for these new coffees.  I love them so much in fact, my latest morning obsession was inspired by them: Skillet Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls.  And friends, let me tell you these pecan cinnamon rolls will be reason enough to get up on those crisp, chilly mornings this fall.  The rolls pair perfectly, of course, with DD’s Cinnamon Coffee Roll coffee plus they only take about 15 minutes of prep time, which is perfect for me because I don’t remember a time when I’ve had enough time to make cinnamon rolls from scratch on a weekdaymorning!  Ha!  Find the full recipe below, and tell me, do you have a morning ritual?  Truly, MKR

P.S. Keep your eye out for Dunkin’ At Home’s Bakery Series® coffee on your next grocery run.  I’d love to hear which flavor you plan to pick up!  xo

Skillet Pecan Cinnamon Rolls with Homemade Caramel Sauce
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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
1 hr
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
1 hr
  1. Whole Pecans (enough to layer bottom of your skillet - varies by size of skillet. I had a large skillet and used about a bag of pecans).
  2. Caramel sauce*
  3. Cinnamon rolls**
For the Caramel Sauce
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Layer the bottom of your cast iron with pecans.
  4. Pour the caramel sauce over the pecans in the skillet to create a gooey base.
  5. Arrange cinnamon rolls** on top of the caramel pecan base.
  6. Bake the cinnamon rolls uncovered in skillet for 30 minutes, or until golden brown.
  7. Let cool for up to 30 minutes.
  8. Ice the cinnamon rolls with your icing.
  9. When serving, scoop each cinnamon roll with the gooey base of caramel pecans. Enjoy!
  1. *You can substitute the homemade caramel sauce for store-bought if you prefer.
  2. **When I'm strapped for time, I skip the homemade cinnamon rolls and use the big organic kind that's pre-made from Whole Foods.
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Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha  |  This post is in collaboration with Dunkin’ At Home, a brand we love and adore.  All opinions are 100% our own. 

The Importance of Finding The Perfect White Tee

Testing Tried-and-True Favorites Against Designer Duds to Find the Perfect Everyday Staple
October 17, 2016

The perfect white tee, @waitingonmarthaFinding the perfect white tee shirt, @waitingonmarthaThe perfect white tee, @waitingonmarthaHow to find the perfect white tee, @waitingonmarthaHow to find the perfect white tee, @waitingonmarthaWhite tees, @waitingonmarthaHow to find the perfect white tee, @waitingonmarthaThe perfect white tee, @waitingonmarthaThe perfect white tee, @waitingonmartha White tee, @waitingonmartha How to find the perfect white tee, @waitingonmartha

It all started as a standard issue, a simple white cotton jersey crewneck during World War II.  But it wasn’t until the nineties did we see the white tee become a fast fashion staple.  Since then, we’ve seen it on everyone from your runway walking fashionistas to your most laid-back dressers on a daily basis…and it’s one of my go-to items in my closet for as long as I can remember.

It’s undeniable; the perfect white tee has staying power.  I find myself reaching for it season after season, year after year.  It’s the thing I hunt for when I complain about having nothing to wear.  Paired with my go-to leather jacket,  a pair of booties and my favorite jeans, I’m out the door in five.  But the problem is I feel like I cycle through at least a dozen of these bad boys every few months, so I knew it was time to take a few moments and find out just what white tee is really the best…and then stock up of course. 

Like finding the perfect pair of jeans, it can feel like quite the hunt to settle on the perfect white tee.  And with so many options ranging from $6 to $125+, it’s easy to fall for the wrong tee, only to realize it too late after a few wears and washes (believe me, I know).  So the WOM team recently set out to find the perfect white tee, hoping to take the guesswork out of it for good.  We brought out your low to mid priced basics: J.Crew, Old Navy, Madewell, Gap, Target, H&M, and Splendid.  We then pulled in the more expensive crew: PAIGE, Rag & Bone, James Perse, J.McLaughlin, T by Alexander Wang and Kit & Ace.  And we tried, and we tried, and we tried on all afternoon.  But we didn’t stop there, we also chose are favorites and test drove them for a month to see how they would stand up when it came to wear and tear; would they shrink, fade, or lose their shape?

The team agreed on a handful of factors that can define the perfect white tee.  Factors like the overall fit (do you want it to be loose, tight, semi-fitted?).  The material (cotton, tissue, spandex content?).  The weight (is it more on the sheer side or thick?).  Will it last or fade in color (pilling threads and snags should be the last of your concerns with a good everyday tee).  What about the neckline: boatneck, crewneck and v-neck versions can feel like entirely different shirts, with a give-or-take a few pounds effect on any body.  Lastly, cost verses just how long the tee will be in your daily wardrobe rotation before it gets shuffled to your nightly pajama or workout rotation.

We all of course had our different opinions, and I’m thinking we should do a Snapchat or Facebook Live to talk about which style we really loved best and why.  But until we get those cameras rolling here’s at least what I landed on.  

For my every day tee it seems history will repeat itself.  I’ve been wearing J.Crew and Madewell for years (and I buy practically in bulk when I order) and even after a dozen try-ons and wears of different brands, I’m most likely sticking to these two tried and true brands.  At $19.50,  Madewell gives you their best-selling white tee shirt, in an “airy slub cotton” that nails that perfectly lived-in look.  The weight of the shirt feels substantial when you’re wearing it too, helping it to drape in all of right places.  Like Madewell, J.Crew offers a similar rendition with its “vintage cotton scoopneck t-shirt” and it’s dependable, easy, and doesn’t break the bank ($29.50 but almost always on sale).  

I loved the long length on H&M’s white tees, but being on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to actual quality you’ll likely only get a few solid wears out of them.  And lastly while I’m a big fan of the  T by Alexander Wang tee’s fabric and high quality they shrink, like really shrink which doesn’t justify the cost.

The Rag & Bone basic white tee, PAIGE’s stretch knit tee and were absolutely beautiful, but likely fit the bill as an “everyday white tee” for those of you who will throw them in the dryer with the rest of your whites on laundry day (costing around $85+).  The sheer materials on both of these led the team to agree that they were too thin for everyday wear and the almost slinky effect of the sheer fabric on the torso wasn’t the most flattering on bra lines.  However these designer digs would be great for date night (with a pair of heels and a great lace bralette).  And speaking of dressed up versions, the J.McLauhlin Signature Tee and Kit & Ace’s stunning technical tee would be a great splurge for under a blazer or vest, as they have the comfort of a tee but function more as a top when it comes to the actual material.

Speaking of bra lines, the importance of a great t-shirt bra hit home for all of us on this shoot day.  Tell me friends, have you found your perfect white tee?!  What brand are your go-to’s?  Truly, MKR


Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha | LOCATION, AMBIENT + STUDIO | White tee’s, BLOOMINGDALES, J.McLaughlin c/o, J. Crew, and Kit & Ace c/o

A Weekend in the English Countryside with Farrow & Ball

Visiting Dean's Court & Stepping Inside the iconic Farrow & Ball's homeland
October 14, 2016

Seeing London with @farrowball via @waitingonmarthaSeeing London with @farrowball via @waitingonmartha@farrowball wallpaper via @waitingonmartha@farrowball paint via @waitingonmarthaSeeing England via @waitingonmartha @farrowball #travel #england #dorsetSeeing England via @waitingonmartha @farrowball #travel #england Seeing England via @waitingonmartha @farrowball #travel #englandLondon details via @waitingonmartha @farrowball #travel #england Seeing England via @waitingonmartha @farrowball #travel #englandTouring @FarrowBall with @waitingonmarthaTraditional desk details spotted at @farrowball via @waitingonmartha Seeing England via @waitingonmartha @farrowball #travel #england #dorset 

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting England for the launch of Farrow & Ball‘s latest (and I’d say most gorgeous) wallpaper line.  I had spent a few weeks in London and the surrounding English countryside before (in my college days), but I was eager to escape the Georgia heat and return, this time with fall in the air and design on my mind.  And F&B‘s invitation to celebrate its 70th anniversary gave me the perfect excuse to jump the pond.

With it’s unparalleled paint and beautiful wallpaper designs, F&B has always been an iconic brand and mainstay for us here in the design industry (and beyond).  So I was delighted at the opportunity to step into F&B‘s world and experience where it all began and learn just what makes Farrow & Ball truly the best of the best.  

The history proved to be fascinating; F&B was founded in 1946 by John Farrow and Richard Ball, two true paint pioneers.  They met working at a local clay pit, then went on to build their first factory in Dorset.  From there, the brand began its bespoke offering of beautiful paints and a hand-crafted wallpaper line.  In the 60s, the duo sold the company to Norman Chappell (yes, THE Chappell of Chappell Green), and the company was moved to Wimborne, where it currently resides, and where my story begins.  

Arriving to Heathrow, a bit jet lagged but excited, the Mr. and I quickly jumped in our car navigating the English roundabouts and wrong-side-of-the-road driving to arrive in Wimborne in just about two hours.  We walked around town, ate fish and chips, but called it an early evening as the next day I’d be joining F&B at the stunning Dean’s Court.

Dean’s Court, with a 1,300-year story, is a beautiful, traditional manor house that boasts gorgeous grounds and 13 acres that have been at the center of a rural English community for centuries. It’s even been in the same Hanham family for nearly 500 years, with the current Hanham descendants still living in it!  Fortunately for us, the estate is open to the public through tours and events, as well as through private weddings and events. During our morning at Dean’s Court, we noshed on scones, were introduced to F&B’s latest wallpaper line, and toured the manor, getting lost in its history.  I was immediately taken with the perfectly manicured lawns and the feeling like I was walking inside history at every step.  

After a lovely lunch in town, we headed down the road to where the magic happens; Farrow & Ball headquarters.  We made lampshades with the gorgeous wallpaper, and watched F&B’s custom paint and wallpaper process.  A process that I was thoroughly fascinated by.  Hopefully you were following along on Snapchat and Instagram while I was there, because I shared behind-the-scenes footage of F&B’s process when creating its paint and hand-crafted wallpaper.  The paint process was top notch of course, but the wallpaper was truly mind blowing.  F&B hand-stamps all of its wallpaper, using just three colors.  The paper is first painted with F&B paint, then stamped with a traditional block and trough method (versus your typical ink printing).  Each print has texture to the touch, turning each wallpaper design into an individual work of art in that sense.  The result is simply breath taking.

I walked away from the trip appreciating the by-hand process and procedure behind everything that F&B makes.  While the brand periodically releases new paint and wallpaper collections with limited edition colors, you have to wait every two or three years!  If you remember Chappell Green, you’ll recall that it was an extremely stunning, extremely popular limited edition paint color.  I was crazy about the color when it was released, but grew worried that I couldn’t get it once it was pulled.  BUT what I learned on my trip was that F&B allows you to directly order previous selections through them with the serial number and color code.  So you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to your signature shade when needed years and years from now.  Talk about dedication to the craft and to the design!  Truly, MKR


Fireplace: Hague Blue | Kitchen walls: Strong White | Kitchen shelving: Lamp Room Gray | Purples: Calluna | Blues:  Arsenic

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