Design Camp Las Vegas Giveaway

Design Camp Las Vegas

There’s been some hinting about a Vegas size giveaway, and today I’m thrilled to be partnering with celebrity interior designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis to give one lucky reader a ticket to Design Camp Las Vegas ($1,297 value)!  

While most of you need no introduction to Lori, Kelli or their Design Camp seminars, let me elaborate a little bit more about what they’re calling the Las Vegas Super Design Camp.  

The two day Design Camp will be hosted during the Las Vegas Market (July 29th-31st) and will kick off with a tour of the World Class Vegas Showrooms and a pre-camp cocktail hour to mingle with your fellow campers, hosts, sponsors and speakers.  Wednesday starts bright and early with speakers who will guide you through the foundation building, fundamentals of today’s design processes, tools and trends.  Thursday’s schedule forges ahead with the building of design relationships, how to acquire and monetize an envied social presence, marketing your projects and brands, to publishing a future book.  Plus plenty of cocktail hours and time to cement those new found relationships.  

Each day of Camp will provide you with the opportunity to learn and network with the most well respected professionals in the business.  An opportunity I plan on taking full advantage of by attending in July and I really hope to see some of you, and of course the winner of this giveaway there as well!  So good luck my Loves and I’ll see you by the Wheel of Fortune machine!  truly, MKR

The legal mumbo jumbo...this giveaway will run through Sunday the 6th with our winner announced Monday the 7th.  We’ll be running this all through Rafflecopter (below) which allows you to earn points for each item you complete with a simple click of the button.  The more points you earn the more likely you are to win (and remember you probably already have entry points if you’re a regular reader of the blog).  This post and giveaway is sponsored by Design Camp, but my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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This Week I…

…fell in love with this wedding.  I mean that table!

…decided a crepe cake is an obvious must.

…was amazed by this DIY which might be the best DIY I’ve spied.  I know bold words.

…continued my love affair with Kelly Wearstler, Lonny, One Kings Lane and Paris.

…continued my other love affair with SJP and decided that all interviews should go a little something like this.

…chatted about the art of setting a table over on Occasions.

…found a new signature pink.

…drooled over these.

…escaped to the mountains and had a little spring break sale over in The Shop since me being in the mountains means you’re packages get a slight shipping delay.  TGIF Loves!  truly, MKR


We All Scream For Ice Cream

top atlanta bloggers top atlanta bloggers top atlanta bloggers top atlanta bloggers top atlanta bloggers

Shirt, J.Crew (last seen here)  ||  Pants, J. Crew (I also bought THESE)  ||  Sneaks, Prada  ||  Sunnies, Marc Jacobs  ||  Bag, Givenchey  ||  Essie, Ballet Slippers  ||  Watch, Cartier  ||  Bracelets, Gold & Gray

So this was probably the hardest couple photos I’ve ever had to pose for.  Let me walk you through why from top to bottom.  Photo 1, pure jubilation to try Jeni’s ice cream.  I love ice cream.  Like love.  Photo 2, taste testing at least 10 flavors.  Photo 3, I’m giving Chelsey the death stare because she’s making me take pics instead of eating said ice cream.  Photo 5, thinking just one more smile till I get to devour this cone.  And devour it I did.  So yes, these were the hardest few photos I’ve stood still for, but at least I stood in the comfiest pants I own.  Like no joke, bought them in 4 colors and will be wearing them all summer, plus they’re on sale.  Anyway…yay for ice cream, double yay for Jeni’s Ice Cream, and triple yay for stretchy pants to eat ice cream in!  truly, MKR

Photos by Chelsey Heidorn

39 x 43 Pop Up Shop

waiting on martha promo code waiting on martha promo code waiting on martha promo code waiting on martha promo code waiting on martha promo code waiting on martha promo code waiting on martha promo code waiting on martha promo code waiting on martha promo code

Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining forces with other small business owners to participate in the 39×43 Pop Up Shop here in Atlanta.  Though I’ve participated in a pop up once before this was the first time where I really put together a true “shop feel.”  Which was such fun.  I mean such fun.  Granted, it was one of the craziest and most difficult weeks I’ve had in a long time.  Cliff notes version…3 days of setting up “Shop”, delivery driver mishaps, U-Haul rentals, Ikea trips, getting sick (like flu sick), my car getting hit in the parking lot (but the person did leave a note), oh and did I mention I also pulled off a full editorial shoot for Occasions Magazine all day on Thursday?  Yes it was a crazy week and I was truly practicing what I preach in Brand Market Workshop.  Being an entrepreneur is the toughest thing you will ever do.  But guess what?  It was all worth it. 

First and foremost when weeks like this happen you know what else happens?  You feel so supported and loved.  The amount of people that show up.  That are in your corner.  Well it always blows my mind.  From the people who helped me schlep really heavy boxes (The Mr., The Parents, Kat, Blair, Emery, and Zack) and rushed orders to make sure product arrived on time (Roxy & Julia), to the people who took time out of their busy schedules to pop in (friends, colleagues, people I’ve never met before other than “digitally”).  I mean Mama Te even drove all the way from North Carolina with cookies in hand just to support Society Social and WOM.  See mind blown.  

And while this is enough to make all the planning and pain worth it, the other thing is it reconfirmed why I’m doing what I’m doing.  Because I love it.  I loved it all.  Every second of it.  In fact I think we should do it again!  Though I’m pretty sure I’m the only one screaming that at the moment and I’m pretty sure I need a nap.  Actually I know I need a nap, a long one which brings me to my next point.  

I’ve escaped to the mountains for a week and will not be shipping anything from The Shop until we return on Tuesday, April 1st.  And because of this little delay we’re having a sale to thank you for your patience with shipping.  You’ll find everything currently on the site is 20% off with code SPRINGBREAK.  Again, this applies to what is currently on the site.  And because I know you’re going to ask no a lot of the WOM goodies you’re seeing in these pics are not on The Shop site yet as they are brand spanking new.  If there’s something specific you’ve got your eye on, like one of the animal heads (most popular item of the weekend), email to reserve.  Make sense?  Good, now I’m going to get to relaxing while you all get to shopping!  truly, MKR

All images original to Waiting On Martha

What I’m Packing…Bachelor Gulch

bachelor gulch

Today is a happy day.  Why you ask?  Well from beside it being another day where I get to wake up and be with all of you, today is especially happy because it’s the day before I leave for Bachelor Gulch.  That’s right.  Tomorrow I’ll be swishing down the ski hill, drinking hot toddys, and disconnecting from the world.  I. CANNOT. WAIT.  

But before I can enjoy happy hour on the mountain I have a few last minute boxes to check off my list.  Namely, packing.  Packing for a ski trip is always tough as there’s so much gear I need to take and since I’m an over-packer in general I always end up with about 3 checked bags.  Though truth be told I’ve learned to embrace my over-packing spirit and just roll with it.  So my Loves, here is what you’ll find in 1 of my 3 suitcases.  truly, MKR

  1. My new favorite Harding Lane throwback ski hat.  So cozy and warm, plus I love the old school vibe.  I’m VERY casual on the hill. 
  2. Red’s sunnies.  Bold and fun, plus polarized which is a necessity for spring skiing.
  3. Flask to aid in chair lift warmth.
  4. Bobbi Brown beach body oil.  Yes it’s called beach body oil, but it’s the most amazing for dry skin.  Plus I love the smell of beach and suntan lotion no matter what the weather.
  5. Buddha necklace, because I need a little sparkle and shine.
  6. Madewell muscle tee.  The perfect casual throw on.
  7. The Goldfinch to read by the fire.
  8. Laceless sneaks.  The easiest thing to slip on after being in ski boots all day.
  9. Rifle Paper Travel Journal to capture the memories.
  10. Hot Toddy.  No explanation needed.
  11. Rebecca Minkoff for Frends headphones.  These come with interchangeable plates and a must for the plane and hill.
  12. Star sparkler wand to celebrate the Mr.’s birthday on Thursday!
  13. My signature pink lip.
  14. Bkr water bottle.  It’s all about hydration.

This Week I…

39x43 pop up shop

…loaded, hauled, schlepped, tagged, you name it to the Shops Around Lenox for our 39 x 43 Pop Up Shop this coming weekend.  You may or may not have heard by now (I mean we’ve kind of been screaming it from the rooftops), but myself and many other fine Southern establishments have banded together to bring you a weekend of amazing shopping and so much more (like a cookbook signing and live demo from Callie’s Biscuits).  You can find out the details here, but just know Saturday and Sunday doors open at 10:00 am Shops Around Lenox, there will be wine, there will be treats, and of course there will be plenty of Martha!  Hope to see you this weekend!  truly, MKR 

Cheese Plate 101

cheese pairings cheese pairings cheese pairings

When hosting any sort of gathering where food is involved (and lets be honest what kind of gathering doesn’t involve food), my number one go-to is a great cheese plate.  A great cheese plate, or board, is truly an essential and one of the easiest items to prepare for your guests.  In fact I feel I’ve got my cheese pairings down to a science.  A variety of cheeses with different tastes and textures + something sweet and something fresh + a warm baguette to put it on.  Oh and a few snacks (nuts, olives, etc.) to nosh on doesn’t hurt.  Below you’ll find a few more specifics to help, but don’t feel overwhelmed.  If you’re a cheese plate novice simply visit your local cheese shop and talk to the cheese monger.  He or she will gladly help you on your journey.  truly, MKR

Photos Rustic White

The Perfect Cheese Plate
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. A variety of cheeses (goat, sheep, cow) with different textures (hard, soft, crumbly)
  2. 1 spiced or flavored cheese; I used a goat cheese topped with fresh hot spices
  3. 1-2 types of fruit; apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, raspberries
  4. 1-2 types of chutney; fig, mango, strawberry lavender or a spicy pepper jelly
  5. Mixed Olives
  6. Nuts; candied pecans, marcona almonds, walnuts
  7. Fresh french baguette and/or crackers
  8. 1-2 meats; salami, prosciutto, spiced pepperoni
  1. Lay the ingredients out on a cheese board or large platter, grouping similar ingredients together.
  2. Slice the fruits and meats right before serving and provide cheese knives and small serving spoons for spreads.
Waiting on Martha

Currently Coveting

top atlanta bloggers

From left to right, top to bottom…“Eat more cake”  ||  Halsbrook clutch  ||  Gap striped pants  ||  Charlotte Olympia anchor sandals  ||  Gold & Gray rosewood necklace  ||  Bow earrings  ||  Williams Sonoma egg platter  ||  kate spade new york luggage yellow & pink  ||  Ahoy & Oui matches  ||  VIETRI Maremisto charger  ||  Smathers & Branson needlepoint flask  ||  Spodee wine

One Last Spin

top atlanta bloggers top atlanta blogs top atlanta blogs top atlanta blogs top atlanta blogs top atlanta blogs top atlanta blogs top atlanta blogs top atlanta blogs

Coat, Three Floor (sold out)  ||  Blazer, Theyskens Theory  ||  Shirt, Madewell  ||  Pants, Madewell  ||  Shoes, Cole Haan also love THESE ||  Bag, Givenchy (old, similar HERE)  ||  Sunnies, Ray-ban  ||  Rings, Michael Kors and ASHA   ||  Necklaces, Gold & Gray and Van Cleef ||  Polish, Essie Ballet Slippers

As anxious as I am for spring to arrive for good, I can’t say I’m not just a tad happy about the current cold front blowing through town.  Reason being, I get to layer up and take my favorite winter essentials, namely my Three Floor coat (best purchase every), for one last spin.  And yes when you live in the South your winter essentials become short sleeved coats.  Long live the South!  truly, MKR

Location, Star Provisions  ||  Photos Chelsey Heidorn

The Tupelo Honey

best southern cocktails

With today being St. Patrick’s Day there’s no doubt we’ll all be enjoying a libation.  And while some will be drinking Guinness and others Irish Whiskey, I’ll be partaking in my new favorite, The Tupelo Honey.  With a mix of honey bourbon and plenty of lime this beverage is sure to become one of the best southern cocktails around.  So cheers to the South, cheers to the Irish, and cheers to Mondays!  truly, MKR

Photograph Rustic White

The Tupelo Honey
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Prep Time
3 min
Total Time
3 min
Prep Time
3 min
Total Time
3 min
  1. 2 oz. Honey Bourbon such as Jim Beam Honey
  2. 4 oz. club soda
  3. The juice of 1 lime plus more for garnish
  4. Cilantro sprigs for garnish
  5. Honey for garnish
  1. In a rocks glass full of ice (or I prefer 1 or 2 large ice cubes, try the spheres or large cubes) add lime juice, whisky, and club soda.
  2. Stir lightly, garnish with cilantro, limes, and a dash of honey.
Waiting on Martha