New Year New Food

Like pretty much everyone on the entire planet I too have made the resolution to eat better. For me it may be a tad different, because after 2 years of being a pescatarian I am now 100% vegetarian.  This won’t be a huge change for me as I rarely ate seafood, but I know unlike giving up meat it will prove to be a challenge at times.

So with the full on veg lifestyle in effect I checked out some of my favorite food bloggers for some inspiration.  And I’d love to hear (in the comments below) if you have a favorite vegetarian dish.  xoxo

Simple vegetable paella from A Couple Cooks

Spinach and artichoke linguine from How Sweet It is

Quinoa harvest salad from Camille Styles

Spicy tofu scramble with red peppers from Going Home to Roost

Creamy tomato soup with brown butter garlic croutons from How Sweet It Is

Persimmon and cranberry baked oatmeal from Spoon Fork Bacon


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